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Mods suggested and done:
1. Chicken ores (cock-an-ore-doo)

2. item preview before placing (placement preview)

3. Teleporting XP

Reminder for me:

Hey coder guys of this great mod,

is there a way to add stuff like: Realistic ice, changing temperatures and medicine / illness?

That means in winter ice will appear:

at rivers: only really rare ice is seen

at lakes: in the first only thick ice and the more closer to the middle of a big lake the less ice will be there

at ocean: just at the beach at really cold weather

for all more ice at very very low temperature. If temperature rise again the ice get more thin and u have to be more careful if u go on the ice.

Also ice can broken and u can fall through the ice if the temperature is in winter month rise.

If u fall through the ice ur body temperature will fall rapidly and u have to get out fast as possible, the longer u stay inside the icewater the harder is to get out. Also you have to change your cloth as fast as possible to don't starve. Also you have to make medicine to get healthy again.

For temperature:

The temperature will change every day like in real life. It can also rain in summer (but warm rain) even like in winter (when weather is warmer than normal). If that happens you have to change your clothes like in real life. Rainy weather u need rain clothes. Hot weather u need to wear summer clothes etc.

If you won't your body / healthy will react and something can happen (like u implemented already if u get to hot u will be more thirsty etc.)

Next ADDON for this cool mod would be medicine:

There is a really small chance to get ill (what kind of illness we all have to decide) but for example:

1. there is a bigger chance in autumn / winter to get the sniffles toward to the spring / summer month

2. U get headache if the weather will change (rare) to rapidly in the temperature.

3. If u are in jungle biome u can get ZIKA for example. Here u need to cure definitly within 3-6 game hours to get the medicine otherwise u will starve.

All illness will needed to get handled with medicine to cure faster.

Please respond to this idea otherwise i will request that mod in "mod ideas section".

For body temperature.. if you are in cold biomes u should also be able to warm you up when just running around or jumping. That's realistic.. If you do that you are more thirsty and more hungry.. u should implement this.

Edit 2:
Wool Armor didn't protect me against low temperatures.. the body temperature is still to low and i get dmg. This is awful!