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    Hooray! It's not actually dead! For the time being! I'm still going to cross-post updates to PMC, anyway, so this wasn't all for naught. I'm glad to still have this forum thread at least.

    Thank you guys. :) (Though I have no idea what you mean about TF2 Zaf XDD)

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    Quote from SuntannedDuck2»

    Well glad to know the news I'll take a look at PlanetMinecraft whenever I do go to the site infrequently, I myself moved to the FTB Forums for my threads but they are daily updates (and due to similar but unfortunately limiting tools with no spoilers and a few other things which I find annoying it's the best I got since it didn't suit with PMC's forum structure, but I can use it at least for what I'm doing with it being the future of modding after all), not infrequent (for obvious reasons we know how much time these builds take).

    I'll take a look at what you have when things get going though. :)

    Thank you. :D

    Yeah, I doubt FTB would work for me considering this is... a vanilla pack, but I'm glad you found another forum for your stuff.

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    posted a message on Spyro the Dragon in Vanilla - Toasty Complete!

    So... MCF is getting nuked. Which means we gotta move.

    In the future I'll be posting major updates on my project thread on PlanetMinecraft, and smaller progress updates on my wall. You can already find one there. I'd rather have a forum post like this but since PMC posts get locked after 3 months, this is what we got. Feel free to leave a comment on my wall posts or the project anytime.

    The map will remain hosted on Curse, but if that ends up dying too, check the PMC project page to see where I moved it. If PMC also dies, check my Tumblr tag for this map and see what I've said there.

    Well, uh... I'll still be around on PMC and Tumblr if you wanna talk or have any questions (or here for the remaining two weeks we have left), so don't be shy.

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    posted a message on Disabling ALL "Wild' Mob Spawning For a Zoo

    /gamerule doMobSpawning false should always work. You don't need to do it every login. It works once and sticks. It's case sensitive but you capitalized it correctly here so I assume you're doing it right.

    https://bugs.mojang.com/browse/MC-121783 If you're playing on an older version of Minecraft, you need to upgrade to the newest version as this bug was resolved.

    Mo Creatures (which I'm guessing is your modded mobs mod) also seems to be very problematic and can break this spawn rule. Disable that mod and see if it works. If it's fixed, there's your issue, you know what to Google now at least. You can change the spawn rate of Mo Creatures mods in its settings with Notepad, though many people say this doesn't work either. Try also disabling every other plugin to check for conflicts.

    But there's no solution to this issue that I can find, so chances are you either have to disable Mo Creatures or deal with the mobs spawning. Or post/do more research here. https://www.mocreatures.org/forum

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    posted a message on Trying to Make a Specific Kind of Superflat World

    /gamerule doMobSpawning false (You can spawn whatever you want yourself.)

    /kill @e (For stragglers)

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    posted a message on Brand new to the game

    You can change your POV but that just makes your field of view smaller or larger, it's not exactly a "zoom".

    To fly you need to double-tap the spacebar quickly.

    Right-click doors to open and close them.

    You can find your controls by pressing Esc.

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    posted a message on I need red dye

    Uh... to start, what version of Minecraft are you playing on? Because single roses no longer exist in the game. If you just meant a different red flower, you can put a rose bush, poppy, beetroot, or red tulip in.

    If you don't see red dye by typing "rose red" into the search bar, none of those things in a crafting table produce dye, and you can't get at red wool for your sofa (the only thing you should even need dye for in creative is stuff like banners and armour)... Then I'd make sure I'm playing the latest version, then start looking for mods that are messing things up.

    If you're playing vanilla Minecraft and don't have "rose red" or "red wool" in the creative menu I have no idea what to tell you.

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    posted a message on How to make a Flood using command?

    /fill x1 y1 z1 x2 y2 z2 water

    Imagine the area you're filling as a cube. Start at the top left corner. End in the bottom right corner.

    Press F3 to get the coordinates of the square you're standing on. Or point your cursor at the corner block of the area you want to replace, type /fill, and press tab 3 times (that puts in the coordinates of the block you're looking at). Then go to the other corner, open the chat, press the up arrow key, and tab again.

    Always back up your world before using /fill.


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    Toasty's complete!

    Well, uh... I did it. Took way longer than I meant to, but at least we're finally almost finished with Artisans Home. I'll probably be streaming again if my internet can handle it, maybe in a month or so. (Also, I removed the notebooks for reasons discussed above, if you happen to care.)

    There's a fairly primitive boss fight (which was a nightmare to create!), so... Wonder Pumpkin made it in after all! And I made a bunch of small changes like fixing broken command blocks (again), adding a wall map to each level for you to find, and making you rotate the right way when you go through a portal. Not much else to comment on, but, have fun exploring.

    Also, when 1.13 comes out, it's liable to break a lot of my command blocks. Again again. So if you install this later and find it messing up, you may need to downgrade back to 1.12.

    And hopefully I'll be able to get Sunny Flight up before 2050...

    (Also. HOLY CRAP 1000 DOWNLOADS. I don't even.)

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    posted a message on Wow. Minecraft is kinda boring in creative mode.

    I don't think creative is very interesting if you have no goal in mind, yeah.

    I rebuild levels from my favourite games. Though I have little interest in Minecraft as a whole, as a building tool, it's about the most fun thing there is. ;P Maybe you could give that a try? Kokiri Forest, Peach's Castle, Pokemon towns, whatever interests you.

    If that's too much, maybe you could try other large-scale builds like mansions or cities you couldn't otherwise make in survival.

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    posted a message on Am i crazy?

    Yep, you can post maps here.

    Creative builds, especially ones in progress, usually seem to go in this forum. But they can also go there.

    Next time you can post a forum question here.

    Finally, PlanetMinecraft is all about maps, so you could also post it there.

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    posted a message on Thoughts on this build? (and more)

    The face looks a bit... flat with the rest of the body being all blocky. And the disconnected fingers look a bit odd.

    Other than that, fantastic job. :3

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    posted a message on Need ideas for things to put in my castle

    I was going to make a game that took place in a medieval noble's mansion, so have some of the (probably mostly historically correct!) rooms from that...

    -Master bedroom

    -Washroom (off master bedroom)

    -Office (off master bedroom)

    -Guest sitting room

    -Guest bedrooms (connected to guest sitting room; a castle would have multiple of these)

    -Guest washroom


    -General sitting room (there were a lot of sitting rooms in 1500...)

    -Trophy room


    -Drawing room

    -Music room


    -Foyer (grand entrance area)

    -Breakfast room (I lost the research I did on this but I'm pretty sure nobles did indeed eat breakfast in a separate room...)

    -Dining room

    -Kitchen (castles would have multiples of these, but probably one big one)


    -Wine storage room (in the basement)

    -Maids' rooms (could be multiple of these scattered throughout, such as one near the nursery, one near the kitchen, etc)

    In the garden:

    -A solarium

    -Hedge mazes

    -A central area with a big fountain or statue

    -The stables

    Besides all this, a castle would also have living quarters for the guards, but I'm not sure if they would have bedrooms in the castle or a barracks outside of it.

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    posted a message on ¿Por qué tan mal optimizado? // Why so bad optimized?

    The problem is that optimizing code isn't fun and no one wants to do it. So no one did it. And by now, you'd basically have the re-code the whole thing.

    Quote from Miles323»
    Why? Overwacht. Modern game. . .Run fast on low graph PC's. Obviously not on 60FPS, but 30 or 25 are aceptable. MC for windows 10 runs better only because it's made in a graphic engine.

    Overwatch runs at 15 FPS for me, and it looks like this.

    Even on resource-heavy servers and whatnot, Minecraft stays around twenty. On normal maps, higher than 30. It could certainly do better, but Overwatch is not a good example. XD
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    posted a message on A Noob's village and other builds

    I think it's cute that you've put so much work into this world for your son. Make sure you save it. ^^

    For a new builder, you're not too bad either. But some things I find are a little too square. Especially the roofs. I think having a square house with a roof that's just stacked on top doesn't look too good. Such as in this picture:

    The building on the right looks fine, and the two on the lower and upper left as also fine. But that building in the middle, with the stone bricks and just a layer of yellow right on top, doesn't look as good.

    You have a pretty good idea of depth besides that though. In building, depth and dynamic shapes are the most important for your build to look interesting.

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