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    IGN: Snerus

    Character Name: BurgerKing

    I used to rule the world

    Chunks would load when I gave the word

    Now every night I go stow away

    Hide from the mobs I used to slay

    They once were terrified

    Every time I looked into their eyes

    Villagers would cheer my way

    For a hero I was, that's what they'd say

    One minute we had it all

    Next our world began to fall

    Away from all that it had once become

    They all cried for my help, but I stood there numb

    I gaze off into the boundless skyline

    Noteblock choirs playing in the sunshine

    Turn 'round pick up my sword and wield

    The blade that once forced evil mobs to yield

    And hope one day that this chaos and

    Destruction turns for the better

    Never a bow in hand

    And that was when I ruled the land

    It was the creepers and Skeletons

    Blew down the doors and boxed us in

    Arrows whizzing by like streaks of light

    I tried all that I could to stay and fight

    As the undead roamed the street

    Families broken at my feet

    Life itself suspended by a thread

    Oh, why is it that I wasn't dead

    I gaze off into the boundless skyline

    Noteblock choirs playing in the sunshine

    Turn 'round pick up my sword and wield

    The blade that once forced evil mobs to yield

    If this battle should leave me slain

    I know that Herobrine calls my name

    Better to take a stand

    And that was when I ruled the land
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    Name: Orbznot Kraggt

    Age: 53

    Race: Wrothgarian Mountains Orsimer

    Gender: Male

    Stance on the War: Neutral

    Like many Orsimer hailing from the Wrothgarian Mountain range, Orbznot's skin is rather green, but even more than a regular Orsimer, with his cheeks and arms becoming a very green and lush hue. by his right cheek a large scar is carved, still pink with exposed flesh, and wrinkles slither in around all outstanding features of his face. His eyes themselves are usually dulled, lacking any sort of pupil or iris. They constantly flare a bright orange light, when Orbznot performs his devastating Magicks.

    Orbznot is quite a big-boned Orsimer, his hands larger than most others, with arms resembling those of an Orangutan, he was considered to be quite the remarkable specimen. All he dons is a tattered low hanging pelt made from multiple furs, with skulls on chains hanging from the side, much like the dress of the evil Forsworn, though he is not associated with them. He wears but a skull of a large sabre-cat long dead around his head, and two steel studded leather straps around his chest, His feet wrapped with Troll hides, and a white skull painted on his face.

    Orbznot carries a large, wooden staff, carved from large evil willows, skulls of different creatures impaled upon it by large steel nails, some of them with flesh still rotting, others with blood still bleeding and even more hollow and bleached white. It resembles the fabled Wabbajack, with some of its many properties, including the permanent transformation of those who Orbznot has defeated in combat, but doubles as a great staff that breathes grand flames and shoots large bolts of red and orange lightning from its many skulls, each one containing one more surprise. He also has found himself quite the neat little Orcish dagger, and three billowing blue potions as well as a debt of 50 Septims, which he has yet to pay off.

    Orbznot is a great mage, rivaling even the professors of the College of Winterhold, his skill able to fell even dragons with ease. His feats of greatness are known throughout the Wrothgarian Mountains, but few other places, besides some small towns in Hammerfell. But with great power, as the the saying goes, comes great responsibility, something Orbznot finds himself greatly lacking in. You see, a follower of Sheogorath and one of his many aspirants eventually finds himself, to... Well, not be the most sane person on the entire planet, and thus, Orbznot at times may be the strongest and one of the greatest opponents one may encounter, whereas other times he can be as weak as a common peasant.

    Orbznot is highly adept in the schools of Destruction, Illusion and Alteration, but is proficient, and more of a match, in the schools of Restoration, Conjuration and is mildly decent at Enchantment.

    Orbznot has many, mixed emotions, all coming all so suddenly and leaving just as suddenly, a humorous man who laughs at the struggles of others, no matter how dire, assisting them as he needs to. He is, like his master Sheogorath, an Orsimer of his word, and rarely lies. Orbznot however, is also very fierce, his great anger expressed along with his other jumble of emotions, many times randomly rambling of things he experienced in his youth and other times openly preaching to Sheogorath.

    Born in the Wrothgarian Mountains, in the great peaks during a time where Orsimer were highly devout to the worship of the great Daedric Prince Malacath, and Orbznot complied with them as well, visiting his shrines, his temple, every day and worshiping him devoutly. Orbznot had dedicated himself as a scholar to the great Malacath, a preacher, one the Orsimer would look to guidance when they could not find it anywhere else. It was he, who drove the Orsimer in the High Rock Province to crush several tribes of feral Bretons in the area, who proved to be a nuisance to passing Imperial soldiers.

    It was because of that action that the Imperial Legion found them, and Orbznot and his tribe invited him to stay with them, and refilled their rations until they were ready to move onwards. It was then that a massive amount of enraged Bretons had befallen the tribe and the Imperial Garrison in their tribe, under the command of their dark master Sheogorath. They defiled the statues and temple of Malacath, and slaughtered the Orsimer, but not without taking heavy losses.

    It was there, broken, shattered where Sheogorath found him, in the rubble of the temple of Malacath, a Daedra he believed had abandoned him. Sheogorath saw potential in his broken soul, and rebuilt it to his own vision. He taught Orbznot magic, and Orbznot learned fast, he learned much, too much, too fast, and soon his mind was weak, weak enough for Sheogorath to plant his seeds of chaos into Orbznot. He was controlled by his own emotions, hightened and more powerful, threatening to manifest themselves, and he acted like a madman, he was insane, or seemingly so. He followed the bidding of his master, Sheogorath, from the Wrothgarian Mountains where he hailed from, past the border of High Rock province, to the lands of Hammerfell, where he wreaked havoc in its jungles and deserts, always seeming to avoid capture. Sometimes, as survivors of his great fury reported, he would wield power to rival the greatest of mages, and devastate most foes on sight, and other times, he could barely make a fizzle. Sometimes, even the most fatal of strikes would fall upon him, and bounce off unaffected, whereas other times a simple fallen thorn on the ground could greatly pain his large feet. He toppled whole armies but had to hide and run from a mere pack of wolves. His great fury, and his talkative, lighthearted nature seeming to appear at the best, or the worst of times, dictated as Sheogorath willed.

    Soon though, Orbznot was forced to run, his master had tired of him hiding, and he had too. Orbznot fled the province, making for Skyrim. He decided for a more subtle approach in this province, and seeing as how he was not heavily pursued, the crazed Orsimer started to do something he hadn't done in a long time. He became quite friendly to the men in the area, and slowly worked his way into Whiterun, where he learned of the feud between the Imperial Army and the Stormcloaks. He then left the city, settling into a bandit den (With the heads of the former occupants now impaled on wooden poles outside the cave) and "Worked" as a sell sword, or rather, a sell staff, charging relatively cheap prices. He had since gone into debt with the bartender at the Bannered Mare.

    Other: Orbznot walks with a limp, leaping and hopping slightly. He leads this queerish movement with his right leg.

    One-liner: Orbznot, Shaman of Sheogorath
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    No, It's "In Soviet Russia, You Rob Bank, In Capitalist America, the Bank robs you!"
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    Alright, cool. Support.
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    In Capitalist America, bank robs you.
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    Quote from calebcop

    I personally think it is absolutley lame. You can BEAT minecraft by killing the dragon in The End. It's just dissapointing to me. I feel like my life has no purpose. "Hey guys, I beat minecraft!!!" DERP

    Minecraft shouldn't be a game you can beat. It's just not one of those games... Its one thing if you accoplish everything there is to do, but you should not be given a credits screen saying you beat it. To me, when a game lets me beat it it makes me feel like I shouldn't play it anymore because I beat it.

    Post your opinion!

    No, son, you can get to the Credits by killing the dragon. Minecraft cannot be beaten, but it can tell you to get a life.
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    Make a new pelt.
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    Slap him, then tell him to lock this away in an Iron chest, eat the key and throw it to the center of the earth. Then see if it grows a magic tree.
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    You have permission to use mine. You'll like it.
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    I'm afraid not.
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