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    BIGB (Because I Got Bored) is a very random mod, that does a little bit of everything.

    Here is a link to my GitHub page:


    Upcoming updates:

    -BIG Storage

    -Similar to the ME system, but with some differences.

    Some Major Features:

    Thorough Config Settings:
    -Virtually every block has a disable/enable setting
    -Almost all features have some config setting or another to customize at will

    Project E EMC Remover
    -There is a config option to attempt to remove the EMC concept from the game, for those who enjoy the mod, but think that EMC is too OP
    -Also for those who just want to build the tools and armor, without feeling like they cheated with EMC

    Stack Size Changer
    -In the config, you can change the max stack size for all items
    -Useful for modpack creators

    Auto Recipe Remover
    -In the config, you can tell BIGB to remove every recipe from Minecraft possible
    -Useful for modpack creators

    Update Checker

    -This mod now has an update checker, so you can know what the latest version of the mod is, and if you are out of date

    Thermal Expansion Compatability

    -This mod now has a dust for tribanium ore, to be created by the pulverizer

    Speed Block
    This block enables the user to jump on a path made of these, and go very fast.

    Clear Glass

    This block is just another glass, with a very small border

    Invisible Block

    This block is invisible. Good for pranking people :)

    Shock Proof Clear Glass

    This glass is very resistant to explosions. Good for a secure or strong base, while still looking good



    Reinforced Blocks

    These are bright color, patterned blocks that are very strong

    Tribanium Bounce Pad

    This block enables you to bounce high on it. Similar to a slime block.

    Shock Proof Illuminated Glass

    This block gives off light, looks nice, and is super tough to destroy!

    Request for Help:

    I'm currently looking for other people to help me with my mod. I could use some modelers, sound creators, texture artists, programmers, wiki managers, Translators, and designers.

    If you think that you would like to help out, comment on this page or my GitHub page.


    You may use this mod in any modpack, as long as you do not make money from this mod. If you want to, you can make a comment with a link to your pack, as I like to check out what my mod is being used in. Thanks.

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    posted a message on net.minecraft.world.World is always null (Mod Support)

    I have a class that stores a staticWorld object, and I will use this heavily in my mod. I need to know how to fetch a non null world object, for later use. I would love to just pull it from a world generation event, but I need it sooner, and there is no way around this. Any suggestions? I can post any files you might need to see.

    Thanks, SneakyTactician

    FIXED: After several hours of development, I fixed the real cause of the issue.

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