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    :Diamond: Scrap Mentapolis:Diamond:

    Server Spec's
    16 Gigabyte Host

    40 Server Slots ( Will expand if we get the traffic )


    Our server uses a plugin called Towny, This allows you the player to create towns with you friends. What this does is gives you protected land for a small amount of money, and allows you to build on it. You can invite members to your town and tax them daily (12 hour periods). You can use your money to then go and buy more land. Grow your small settlement into a mighty empire, or join one and bring it to the top.


    Now you may be wondering about money? Well, we use a special system for our money. This allows you to collect money with another plugin called Jobs. With these two you collect money which you can use for your towns or in the market to buy armor and resources.

    Jobs is a great system which rewards players for doing small everyday tasks. You can only have one job so choose carefully. These jobs range in all sorts of tasks from mining to farming, fishing and more. You are rewarded small bits of money that pile up greatly over time.


    We use a leveling system called MCMMO. This gives the player the ability to level up his every days skills to give bonus's in the long run. For example, level up your mining and you could get two blocks per break instead of 1. Simple things that make your like easier, and reward you for your hard work.

    Its not just gather either. You get bonus in combat. You can level up your swords skills and use special abilities to destroy your enemies. You can use axes to crush your enemies armor. Its all a good way to give you some more advantage in combat.


    Now all that world domination and crashing the markets can get old right? Well we have more in store for you. Our staff is full of some pretty creative people. We like to do frequent events and reward the winners. These things can range from custom events all the way to Minecraft past times like Spleef and Parkour.


    1 - Respect our staff
    2 - Griefing is allowed in small dosses, you can steal from houses that are unprotected, but don't go and burn it down and destroy it completely (different in case of towny war)
    3 - Be nice to fellow members
    4 - Cussing is allowed but don't overdo it

    Bulletin Board:

    Top Towns/Nations:
    1 - Bandit Camp
    2 - BubbleVille
    3 -

    Active Events:

    2x xp gain in MCMMO

    How to get Member

    The server is non-white-list, meaning you can join whenever. Your only problem is when you join you'll be a guest. Simply apply here on the forums, notify and admin/mod online that you have applied and we'll give you full access.

    Follow this application forum

    In game name :
    Have you read the rules :


    Wanna help us support the server? Well feel free to follow the link below to donate to our paypal. Once the Server host shows us you donated you'll get all sorts of amazing goodies in-game. Such as large amounts of money, levels, enchants and more.

    (We will add donation tiers in the future)

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    I'll have to do this soon! I'll tell you when i've started
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