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    So after a little bit of work we figured out how to create our fun little game of Hide and Go Herobrine more automated.

    The game is simple, one person is randomly selected to play as herobrine and his objective is to hunt down the intruders in his lair and mercilessly kill all of them.

    We did a few videos on them and checking them out would mean a lot and maybe we continue to work on them in the future.


    If you guys would like to do a future collaboration with us just leave a message below or add me on skype!

    Skype : Snavillust

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    Hello everyone. Just dropping by to see if anyone here wants to do a little building with me on my private server! Any skill level is acceptable as I'm willing to teach others how to build, though you'll still have to reply regardless.

    I wanna see what skills we got and try building some mock towns and nice castles etc.... If you contribute at all these builds can be counted towards your building resume. Maybe throw them on PMC for publicity! Just looking to have fun and hang out with cool people.

    The server is private and open to all who put in a decent application.



    Minecraft Name:

    Build Experience:

    Reference to past work:



    Email - [email protected]
    Skype - Snavillust
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    posted a message on Custom Game Testing! | 1.6.4 | 80 Slots | All Welcome!
    So were going to be testing our new gametype we made up for fun. The server is uber fast for the occasion and we've had a lot of fun. Just doing some testing on it to see if it needs balancing better maps etc...

    The Objective of the game is to survive in a maze... while an invincible killing machine wants to humiliate you for you're little girly screams.

    The IP is :

    We are also live streaming cause we are cool kids and deal with it.
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    posted a message on Open Vanilla Server 80 Slots Come join for Fun.
    So this server is up for now, nothing huge just a friend and I wanted to play and wanted to have others come in for some fun. We are also streaming cause why not? is the IP we are on 1.7.2

    If you wanna hop on the stream that'd be cool if not I don't really care i'm just playing the same thing you guys are.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1] AyotoCraft! Its a Thing! Survival / PvP / Community / Building / No whitelist
    Its a thing!


    AyotoCraft is a new server run by an old hardened staff of veteran Minecraft players. The Ayoto team was formed over a year ago and amassed large builds together. Which is what they wish to have here. This is a small fresh survival server in which the team will be looking for some new faces to help build! In a short time we hope to have the server buzzing with activity and a great community being creative and making memories other servers couldn't provide.

    So why not join?


    The server is mostly focused on building and creativity. All skills are welcome and we truly enjoy watching and helping in the creation of peoples things. Creative mode is available for people who are proven to not want to ruin everyone's time.


    The server is comprised of a lot of the honor rule, bans are swiftly made and very rarely are second chances permitted. We want to creative a community of people who can become friends and take their fun outside the server as well as within it. Create cities together and remember to have fun.

    Always remember to respect your staff, they are working to make your experience better, and remember we like to have fun, but it won't ruin your time playing.
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    posted a message on Hide and Go Herobrine! With Selvsleadercarson and Snavillus

    Whats there to say, we both are small channels and want some of dat youtube love <3 Hope you guys like it and if you wanna join in some time feel free to leave a comment!
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    posted a message on Need an Awesome Partner to join me and make youtube videos
    Age - 17
    Gender - Male
    IGN - Snavillus
    Skype - Snavillust
    Youtube - www.youtube.com/user/ayotocorpofficial
    Info - I've played minecraft for a very long time at this point and would love to expand some of my youtube videos into minecraft, though finding a reasonable parter to help share the experience with is hard so maybe we can do an adventure map together!

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    posted a message on Hypixel's Herobrine's Mansion Playthrough
    Hey so i did a highlights sorta video of Hypixel's Herobrine's Mansion and thought i'd post it here to help get it some views. I dunno maybe you guys will actually follow through and subscribe! We do cuss a bit in it so if that bothers you don't watch.

    If you wanna try the map go here Hypixel.net
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    posted a message on Minecraft PvP Team Showdown (Need more Lets Players)
    Ganna say one more time PM me or email me and I will get ahold of you shortly.
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    posted a message on Minecraft PvP Team Showdown (Need more Lets Players)
    Minecraft PvP Team Showdown

    Tomorrow (Sunday the 6th) I will be hosting a somewhat experimental minecraft showdown. The concept behind this is similar if you were to mix Walls and Survival Games together. The idea is to have as many as possible teams of 2 going in an attempt to crush other Youtuber's. Each team will be given about 30-60 mins to go and create a base or just simply prepare and once times up, PvP will go active and we shall battle till the last team stands. Once dead you will be removed from the server until the game has come to a close. No real reward will be given, you get to come have fun. This is a good thing if you want your channel to grow, you'll be exposed to other Youtuber's and their fan-base. Thus if you gain attention from them, you get subscribers. Easy.

    I will be linking all channels in the description of my teams perspective. And if you do get a chance to join us, I recommend you do as well. Once we're finished i can't force you to upload a certain style, but i would recommend highlight or just the full thing.


    - YouTube Channel (To upload your team's perspective, and a way to check up on you.)
    - Mic (For both team members preferably)
    - Skype (How we will announce the channels, and it makes recording easier)
    - Showing up, its not hard.
    - Age doesn't matter to me so long as you are mature and respectful.


    - Trash talk is encouraged but don't be flat out rude if you can avoid it.


    [email protected]

    If this all sounds interesting to you then by all means join us tomorrow. I will email you back and add you on skype. All it takes is an email describing: Your Skype info, YouTube channel link, and a bonus would be your PC specs and mic. Only because I'd like to keep game crashes to a minimum on players. And maybe some info about you. (Your email is how i will judge you and if i want you on.)


    Now i should explain some of my stuff as well. I run a 18 slot dedicated server hosted by Kerplunc gaming (Treepuncher.com) And its a fun idea I had the other day while playing with some friends. Its all about having fun and making videos so lets have the best time we can!

    Youtube - Youtube.com/user/AyotoCorpOfficial
    Mic - Shure SM57
    PC Specs (Gen) - 2.7 Ghz quad core Intel Processor, 8 gigs of DDR2 RAM, 1gig Radeon 5750 HD ATI Graphics card.
    Age - 17
    Time playing Minecraft - About 2 years by now i suppose.
    Recording Method - Fraps
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    posted a message on Help out my friend!

    You guys should chekc out my friends video! He's pretty new to the minecraft thing so maybe toss him a like and incourage him a bit? Be constructive and help him out, he has some potential.
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    posted a message on Let's play help
    1 - Get partnership and you'll have the option in uploading. You can apply fairly early on now-a-days.

    2 - Sadly no avoiding this other than purchasing a faster computer, High Ghz on you processor the faster that goes.

    3 - Moviemaker will work but expect to upgrade to Vegas (consumer grade at first) once your viewers grow. Moviemaker is fine, especially if its just for minecraft. I go to school for video editing, believe me minecraft won't require much intense editing. Depending on if your doing anything other than just playing pretty much.

    4 - Black-frame is caused by your monitor resolution, and final render. If you record on a 720p monitor you won't get 1080p resolution. Easy as that. As well as how you render it out, but in moviemaker it will default to whatever you put in.

    5 - Have them put their video in a folder, compress the file Folder > right click > send to > compressed folder (zip) and as most emails won't take as large a file size as that, i'd recommend getting a free dropbox. Just clean it out when your done. Its much faster than having them email of skype you the files.

    6 - Don't rely on a single type of game, while everyone has their (thing) on Youtube, its best to expand. Hell people may like some new stuff more than the usual. Its more fun in small groups though, you won't have as many people cutting each other off, and it will flow better. Try to pair up people who will chat often, if they are being recorded.

    7 - Your small and still getting used to YouTube as it seems. We've all been there, hell i'd be willing to say 9/10 people give up before their 50th subscriber. Even if they have potential. My best advice is seek out other LP'rs especially minecrafters, and do collaborations. You don't have to be a fan of they're and its usually better going to a channel smaller than yours or about the same size. Regardless you should gain views no matter what, their fans will watch you, yours will watch theirs. Share the youtube love. Most importantly do this because you want to. When you record don't feel dreadful for having to do it. Love what your doing and your quality will improve greatly. Eventually you'll make it, you just have to keep trying. I hope to see you one day in the big leagues :D
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    posted a message on Any Suggestions to better my youtube account?
    Nobody got anywhere on YouTube alone. OMFGcata would be much smaller without Totalbiscut, WoWcrendor wouldn't be where he is without OMFGcata. And so on. You don't have to strike gold and hit one of them but post here and find other channels much like the size of yours. If your good enough, which i believe you can be. Their viewers will sub to you. Its YouTube 101 my friend, share the views and you'll get it back.
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    posted a message on [1.4.5] [DWARFS VS ZOMBIES] CB Community DVZ [24/7] [AUTOMATED]

    Just saying holy ­.... Can't wait for December 14 on twitch.tv/rurikar22
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