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Welcome, you seem to have found my page. I shall let you know a little bit about me.
I am a minecraft lover and love all kinds of servers. I am currently a moderator on VanityPvP which is a towny server.
I am retired staff for Isolation prison server.
I am currently attending a Military Academy and plan to join the United States Marine Corps when i am of age

Currently i am waiting for a response for my sectional Moderator app. A little bit of advice for those who are waiting, I have put in a application 3 times and have been denied twice. I think the key is to just look over your application and see why you were denied because their is always a reason.

If there are any questions about VanityPvP or just have a question,feel free to pm me.
I am usually online so will respond as soon as i can.
Interests minecraft, baseball, Cross Country

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