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    Currently, the Nether has one biome: Hell. Not only does it make the Nether boring, but it makes it difficult to navigate as well. Therefore, I would like to propose some new biomes for the Nether.

    Since the Nether is essentially a 'Hell Dimension', the biomes will correspond to Overworld biomes at wherever the Overworld biome would generate. For example, a Nether Portal in a Nether Forest will usually lead to a forest biome in the Overworld.

    Here are the proposed biomes:

    Labyrinth: A biome consisting of 3x3 tunnels made out of obsidian and occasionally a 13x13x13 room. Contains random Wither skulls and T-shaped soul sand. Caves can generate. Generates wherever there would be a plains biome should it be the Overworld.

    Fungi Isles: A biome with nothing but floating Soulsand islands hovering above the lava sea. Nether wart is extremely common. Occasionally, tendrils of obsidian connects the islands. Some islands have pillars of iron bars with a Ghast spawner resting on the very top. Generates wherever there would be a forest biome should it be the Overworld.

    Madness: Out of the lava lakes come tendrils of gravel and obsidian. The tendrils are thin, and disrupting a gravel tendril might very well be your doom. Wither Skeletons with bows riding Ghasts are common. Generates wherever there would be an Extreme Hills biome should it be the Overworld.

    Pandemonium: All ye who enter, abandon hope, for spawners spawning minecart spawners riding bats spawning Blaze spawners are common. Random obsidian blocks dot the air to catch the spawners. Generates wherever there would be a desert biome should it be the Overworld.

    Vechs: Hostility to the maximum, the Vechs biome contains random 3-wide platforms and Ghast-hives of netherrack placed in the air. Both the platforms and the hives are likely to be booby-trapped. A box of glass, Glowstone and bricks can be found somewhere, and it will contain naught but a stick. Generates wherever there would be a taiga biome should it be the Overworld.

    Starfall: Random branches of Spruce wood protrudes from islands of obsidian. TNT spawners dot the very top of the biome, raining down explosives on the unfortunate souls below. Generates wherever there would be a tundra biome should it be the Overworld.

    Prison of Lost Souls: The Pigmen here were once sane, but they have been zombified and turned insane. Large islands with badly-maintained iron bar fencing with angry Pigman spawners inside are common. Generates wherever there would be a jungle biome should it be the Overworld.

    Any biome without a Nether equivalent (Ice Spikes, Savannah, etc.) will have the Hell biome generated in its corresponding location.

    NOTE: Names are placeholders.

    P.S. Maybe Nether Fortresses should be the Nether version of Abandoned Mineshafts? So players who find an Abandoned Mineshaft could build a Nether Portal there to teleport directly to a Nether Fortress?
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    Quote from Rhette_Lawe

    Partial support: ie name tags are part of the game.

    I think you can do this in creative by naming a spawn egg too; this doesn't actually help keep villagers organized. Their similar manner of dress and erratic movement are also part of the issue.

    GL naming a villager.
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    Quote from Azreef

    We already got that right?

    A coal-powered steerable unguided locomotive linkable to chest minecarts.
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    Quote from XenonCreeper

    So in a multiplayer server I play on, I'm planning to build an underground base but I dont know how should I, what materials to use, what should be in it, etc. If you guys have a good idea, dont hesitate to mention it. If you have any screenshots or videos it'll be much appreciated if you showed me :D

    Stone-plated obsidian walls. Claim the area.
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    Quote from AURAvulpes
    to survival players..

    This should not be accessible from survival mode.
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    Quote from BlackAbsence

    they already have some love my friend.
    For example:
    -Leather; can be stylish, because of its unique function of being dyed a massive variety of colours.
    -Gold; is a highly enchantable set, because of its unique function which can give me those expensive enchantments for an easy price!

    #1: Learn to edit the player skin. It is even better than colouring leather armor.
    #2: Ever heard of enchanted books?
    Quote from DarkStar634

    Again, stop speaking for everyone else for something that is YOUR opinion.

    1. That is completely irrelevant.
    2. Just because it is the highest enchantability doesn't make it magical. Like sc1020 said, it is the way that the metals react with the enchantment table.
    3. Umm... no. That is not the only way to make iron rarer. It can be made slightly rarer, or even deeper to find; that does not mean that it has to be rarer than diamond. What are you even talking about?
    4. No need for the hyperboles. How are pigs nearly "unbreedable", they are as breedable as everything else. That just doesn't make sense. If you mean that carrots are hard to find, then express it like that.

    I completely agree. They don't need to be buffed; the rarity just needs to be adjusted.

    @Kholdstare: I'll reply to you later when I get the chance.

    2. Enchanting is the closest thing to magic.
    3. Leather is nearly as rare as diamond. I am serious. They are even rarer than diamond once you get a fortune pickaxe.
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    posted a message on Efficient Crafting! Amazazing!
    Quote from ArrogantLobster

    I really dont understand what the heck are you talking about?

    Different items have the same crafting recipe.

    EDIT: Whoops.
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    posted a message on Mobs Cushioning Falls
    Considering the fact that players and mobs can pass through each other, no.
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    posted a message on new enchatment: anti creeper
    Quote from flazooni

    so a new enchantment on swords called: anti creeper. when u get it it is like shrpness on creeper. it is as rare as smite on a sword. anti creeper 1 does 3 extra hearts anti creeper 2 does 6 extra hearts and anti creeper 3 does 10 extra hearts and anti creeper 4 does 15 extra hearts and anti creeper 5 does 30 extra hearts. anti creeper is good bcuz u cant do any more damage on a creeper like smite or bane of atrhopods. thanks for reading pls support

    Maybe an enchantment called 'Eldritch Eliminator' that deals extra damage to anything that is neither an undead or arthropod (Enderman, Enderdragon, Creeper, Ghast and Blaze)?
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    posted a message on [Suggestion] Working Cars
    Quote from Azreef

    Or land Boat?

    No way..What is Minecart without Rail..

    A coal-powered locomotive.
    Quote from MineTimelapser

    This topic was from like the last day of 2011, quite old and some things in Minecraft changed (You don't say...)
    We now have Pig + Carrot on a stick, which serve the purpose of a car, making this suggestion unnecessary.
    They had no idea 2 years ago... So, pigs for the win!
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    posted a message on Throwable Bones | A new take on a ranged weapon!
    How about making it so that pressing Q will throw your weapon like a javelin, dealing damage based on the item?
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    posted a message on Villagers With Smarticle Particles! | New Actions | | More Life Like Villagers | | New Mechanics! | | Moving Blocks! |
    No toilets. All Minecraft food consists of food and nothing else. Therefore, no waste material will be produced by digestion. Besides, even though it is realistic, players WILL bust through them while the villagers are using them (to trade or to be a *******).

    Also, villagers should talk like players (using the chat). Their speech should not be bubbled.

    Also, you forgot to mention adding personality traits to villagers (look at Dwarf Fortress) so that some might be nocturnal, xenophobic, etc.
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    Quote from DarkStar634

    Your argument that nobody would make armour is completely invalid. You have no way of knowing if other people would make it or not. So, you would rather walk around with no armour? Diamond is extremely rare, and people still make armour. People would search for as much iron as they could to make armour. Making it slightly more rare could actually be good for it.

    Bottom line is that, they are called "low-tier" armours, because they are weak variants. Iron can easily be made slightly more scarce, like maybe you would have to go a bit deeper to find iron.

    And like sc1020 said; beginners would usually not go mining for a few days, and obtain enough leather from cows to make armour. Just because it takes a lot of cows to make it, doesn't mean that it is bad.

    Yes. I would rather walk armorless until I find enough diamonds. People only make diamond armor because they are the best. The very BEST. Even then, wearing unenchanted diamond armor is pretty much a waste of diamonds.

    Quote from sc1020

    And yet, it's still the same.

    That makes absolutely no sense. The materials aren't magic. Why not make diamonds turn you invincible for 60 if you right-click with one in your hand?

    1. He didn't mean rarer than diamond. Plus, armor wouldn't be obsolete if iron was a bit rarer. It would be harder to make it, but people still WOULD. Stop speaking for everyone when it's just your opinion. And he wasn't even suggesting to make iron rarer. He was saying "I could see iron being rarer" not "make iron rarer".

    2. Ok, that remains true. But a lot of beginners want the beef anyways. A lot of the time when I start a new world I quickly kill enough cows to supply me with a few MC day's food and a full set of leather armor. Sure, it takes a lot of cows, but that doesn't mean leather armor is completely worthless.

    1. It is a number nerf.
    2. Gold has the highest enchantability. Ever. Therefore, it is magic (leather is, too).
    3. The only way to make iron rarer than leather is to make it rarer than diamond, since leather is about as rare as diamonds.
    4. Good luck going through 999 worlds finding cows next to your spawn. Besides, pork is beginner food, as pigs are nearly unbreedable and not worth the effort to breed. Farming beef, on the other hand, is actually viable due to beef giving the highest saturation and leather (for bookcases).
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    Quote from Deonyi

    Not going to be added. Cars and motor vehicles in general are too out of the theme of Minecraft. It would be like adding a butter churn to Halo.

    No Support.

    What if they call it a Railless Minecart?
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    posted a message on Terrain Seeds Are Useless! And Here's Why (Poll Added)
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