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    No point. Really. Even if you do that, so what?
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    Quote from Vechs

    Yeah I ran out of vertical room to make a proper floor and ocean with varying terrain. If I remade the map right now, one of the first things I'd do is make it easier to stay up in the actual canopy, and have natural wood / branch bridges between all the trees.
    Or you could just remove the floor and replace it with bedrock.
    Yeah, just at a glance, I see:

    1) Where do I go?
    2) This canopy looks cool, but I either have to bridge (bleh) or run around on the floor (meh).
    3) lol beaches
    4) Seriously, where do I go? Did you seriously just stick a chest randomly on one of these trees and call it a wool?

    If you guys only knew what went on in my head. Trust me when I say I am my own worst critic. Srsly.

    Feels a bit nostalgic though. That big "fortress" is just a box on legs with 4 rooms. And I called it some kind of grand monster castle... it's so... quaint.

    1) Real elven treetop cities have wooden bridges everywhere. You could label the bridges.

    2) See 1)

    3) As I said, make the floor void.

    4) See 1)

    Big Monster Castle Problem) I suppose you could make it a lot of rooms connected by bridges and call it an elven palace? Also, remember to add many traps below the palace, to make it seem like there are elven guards!
    Naw, that will not work. Big fat stuff are an eyesore in trees. Seriously.

    OR you could abandon the whole "GIGATIOUS HUMONGOUS BROBDINGNAGIOUS DUNGEON" thing and just make a bunch of tiny rooms. Wait. Didn't I just suggested that?
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    Am I supposed to kill one wool zombie, or a lot of them? Also, am I supposed to build a in the magenta wool zombie spawning area to help kill the zombies for XP bottles, iron chestplates, and bread?

    Shouldn't there be more non-wool zombies to farm?
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    Soarean Sign-off centers are OP. Zombies, skeletons and creepers cannot jump over glass panes with brick stairs under them and spiders cannot pathfind over them (though they can still climb it). The sign-off stations can be used as a healing bunker/barricade for whacking mobs.
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    Quote from Michael7123


    *insert slowpoke meme here*
    Um...I just joined. Like, today. One second-ish ago.

    I guess it is time to feed the Vetches!


    Replace shortcuts with teleporters (command blocks in bedrock linked to button). Make some lead to the void, the bedrock box, a bunch of TNT or other evil places.

    Replace lava pitfalls with teleporter pitfalls that teleport players to the bedrock box (I don't know why, maybe because it is just evil?

    Make fake VMs that explode after five-ish in-game days later.

    Make spy chickens that set off TNT traps by walking over them (Die Paul!)

    Make a piston door, only that it is flat on the ground, retract downwards, and is triggered by a proximity detector near the middle of the door. Put lava/evil teleporters/creepers below.

    where . is the player, - is the piston door, o is the detector, and | is the killer.

    Make a chicken spawner that spawns chickens that spawns primed TNT on death (don't know if it is possible).

    Announce the existence of a trap, and put hidden proximity bombs to blow the player up when they try to disarm the trap.

    Oh, and before I forget, here is how to make an exploding bed from hell (you probably already know this, but I interpreted your "but...but how am I supposed to make exploding beds from hell" as wanting to make an exploding bed pre-placed by you (beds in super hostile maps are only useful for setting spawn points)).

    First, place a bed. Then, dig a 2-deep hole next to the bed (preferably concealed by a wall, and put a wooden pressure plate in the hole. Link the pressure plate to TNT. Put sand/gravel/anvil directly above the hole, adjacent to the bed. When a player sleeps, the sand updates, causing it to fall and drop as an item on the wooden pressure plate. The TNT then go BOOM!

    Some people are too stupid to click the "leave bed" button. Haha.
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    Quote from Vechs

    Hold on one second, let me get set up properly.


    ... okay there we go.

    Please, continue.
    Best thing ever. Wow, Vechs. It is so filled to the brim with pure awesomeness that I set it as my wallpaper to savour the awesomeness every time I open the computer.

    P.S. I hate minecrafter8857 a lot and want him to die in a fire too. Actually, I want him to die in a fire, teleport into your bedrock box, and get splashed by hunger filling, regen and poison potions so that he have to endure the evil noise endlessly. In real life.

    Also, I just started playing Black Desert, and I died a lot.

    I realized that, by forcing the player to combat mobs to gain items, you made the mobs as strong as the player. The golden axe at the start is really, REALLY, useful, however, it breaks too quickly. Also, custom mobs kept dropping on my head literally, making the game miserable (and me happier for some reason).

    For some reason, I have absolutely no sense of direction in the map, so a bunch of signs on the Soarean Sign-off centers will be pretty useful (I am not sure if not adding them is part of your evil agenda, or whether you just forget to add it.

    The light level is a pretty troublesome issue (though it might be part of your evil agenda), rendering the game literally unplayable without maximizing both Minecraft's and my computer's brightness.

    The cacti are actually helping me, occasionally sending a few troublesome skeletons to their death. They are especially useful when I am retrieving my stuff that I dropped when I died. They will just choke skeletons and zombies to their death while I run past them.

    I am not sure what the melons on the ground are for, as I can just eat rotten flesh to regain my health, and some zombies drop lemons.

    All in all, I will give the map a 70/100 in evilness and 90/100 in difficulty. some zombies are as powerful (damage) and resilient (armor) as me.
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