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    - IP Address: play.hydraxpvp.tk


    Hey you! Are you looking for a new and plugin-filled factions server, with features like mcMMO, custom plugins, several ways to make money, and prizes for the best faction and to easily win items to enhance your experience? Look no further than Hydrax!

    About us

    Hydrax is a community based server. Meaning everything about the server is designed to suit its community and is always changing and upgrading. Our goal is to give Factions and new, exciting experience while still maintaining its OG vibe. We are always taking on suggestions to improve the gameplay and will be soon be expanding to many other gamemodes, like towny, jail, etc. Our community is diverse and global, ranging from America to Australia and are very friendly and are very inclusive.


    These are only some of our features and more are to come!

    Premium plugins such as mcMMO Custom plugins to enchance your expirience A growing and friendly community Server Shop Crates Many free commands that other servers don't offer!

    What are you waiting for? Join now!

    Want a free in-game rank and $50000? Comment Below the following questions, answering them in full and join our discord and I will be sure to give you the "VIP" rank!

    in-game name:
    favourite part of the server:

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