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    Redstone Tutorials, Gates, Components and Creations!

    By SmileCrafter, and others!

    Colour Codes And Such:

    My colour codes: (I will use these in all my pictures in the tutorials, and as much as possible in the creations and logic gates.)

    Blue: Output.
    Red: Wiring.
    Purple: Logic.
    Black: Non-Involved blocks.
    Here is the texture pack, it's pretty nice, made by me, with help from a friend.
    Redstone Texture Pack!

    Most Recent Additions to the thread:
    ★ Updates on the look of things. ★
    ★ Added a components section. ★
    ★ Added the colour codes and texture pack. ★
    ★ Added xRush101's tutorials. ★

    Redstone Tutorials
    Well, welcome to my tutorials. I'm SmileCrafter, you probably know me more from my old dead games thread. (Oh man the rhymes).
    To begin these tutorials, I'm just going to point you straight to people that could probably be ten times more helpful.

    The RDF is the server I play on. I play on it most of the time I play MineCraft, these guys are awesome, and if you wanted to learn something about redstone, I suggest applying to them. They will be opening a school server soon to teach redstone, that'd be the place to go.

    Shrogg's Youtube Channel <-- Shrogg is also a great teacher of redstone. A few of his Simply Redstone videos could help any beginner alot.

    Tomys' Youtube Channel <-- This guy here is great with more advanced redstone, watching some of his videos will teach you a few flip flops and such.

    xRush101's Youtube Channel <-- xRush submitted some great videos, and has plenty more, he is really great with things like bugs and minecarts.

    These tutorials will continue soon enough. And when they do, I'll be doing more teaching.

    xRush101's Video Tutorials/Creations

    Thanks to xRush101 for his great videos!

    xRush101's Youtube Channel: Subscribe!

    Item stealer with BUD:

    Motion Detected Trap:

    Ultimate Chest Protection:

    Epic Death Trap:

    Button Timed Repeater:

    Logic Gates & Flip Flops
    A logic gate is basically.. Everything.
    Without a logic gate in your redstone contraption, it is a line of redstone. Something as simple as a NOT gate, is a logic gate.

    If you wish to post a logic gate, for me to put up here, leave a comment with a picture, a name of the gate and a description of what it does.
    I will post alot of logic gates soon enough.

    Creations and such will be posted soon enough.

    Components will be added soon enough.

    Alright, sorry about the wierd bug with Minecraftforums.net where the spoiler pushes down the post, and dissapears under the comments.. The only way to fix that is by moving more stuff down below it.

    So down here I will post my worlds for redstone, and all other world downloads that are submitted :smile.gif:


    - SmileCrafter's World of redstone: Coming soon!

    Full list of credits:

    - SmileCrafter
    - xRush101
    - Mort96

    That about sums it all up, if you find a problem in the thread, please post it. And please support this thread simply by pressin that little plus sign.. in the corner.. It helps! And, PLEASE comment!
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    • Currently in the spotlight: Peterc1's Paint v2.0!
    • Now designing a whole new console! Will post more info!
    • You may now submit and suggest new games and such!
    • Added a few things by imGhostOfYou
    • Connect 4 link up! Still no video!
    • Adding a LAN device and a RAM module of mine!

    Also, fellas, we do enjoy feedback, so leave a ton!
    And we are looking for suggestions for Monopoly and Space Invaders, and recommendations for other games!

    Also, I did this all on the RDF server! Check it out! Click that logo!

    -=[ Applications ]=-


    Whatsup dudes, I take it you know alot about redstone, or maybe just a little, well, it's fine either way. If you want to have a game or anything else submitted on here that has something to do with redstone.

    Please, don't give us lame crap, or stuff thats already been made 100 times before. Such as.. A 7 segment display.

    Please use this template too! For loyal submitters, if you have no pictures or videos, we may make you one.

    Title: The title of your creation.
    Is it finished: Is your creation in progress, or completed?
    Description: A in-depth description of what your creation is.
    Screenshots: (Optional) Screenshots of your creation.
    Downloads: (Optional) Download to a world file and schematic file.
    Videos: (Optional) Videos for your creation.

    Current project Submitters:
    Loyal project Submitters:

    -=[ Suggestions ]=-


    Whatsup dudes, I take it you don't know much about redstone, or you know heaps, well, either way, it's fine by me. If you want us to make something, that's different to anything in this thread, just go for your life! Use this.. template thing though!

    Title: The title of your suggestion!
    Description: The description of your suggestion!
    Why: (Optional) The reason why you want us to make this!

    And that's all, I don't want to stress you out too much! Just copy that and paste it, simple as pie. Feel free to include additional information if you want to.

    -=[ PAINT V2.0 ]=-


    Recently I've been taking submissions, and yet, this Paint, inspired by the original paint on this post by Tomys has amazed me. It is probably the best thing out of all these, and I am proud to have this on my thread!
    Peter had originally designed a Paint based off of Tomys modular Paint, which he added a cursor too, along with a neat piston display.
    But now, Peter presents us with his very own design, which has won this Spotlight that I've decided to make. :biggrin.gif:
    So thankyou very much Peter, and this.. Is Paint:

    I'm just going to present this my own way, not exactly what Peter has said, so read away:
    This paint was based off of Tomys's modular Paint, but now it's become it's own Painting application made by Peter. It has a cursor, which holds the two main features "Paint" and "Erase". It also holds features like "Erase entire screen" which will clear your screen (Quite obvious, I know), but you can now load 2 things! And save, of course, so that way you can save one project, load another and keep goin!

    The thing is with the cursor, he uses his very own Vertical counter, and with it, you can stand on the up or down pressure plates and it will keep scrolling the cursor up or down. But the left to right counter isnt the same, seeing as he used MineCraft addict's horizontal counter.

    That's about it for that, but as for future plans, Peter plans to make movies with it, or something along those lines, or a gaming console of sorts, or a CPU. We will see.

    Here is some screen shots:

    Anyway, here is the download link to the world I suppose: Downloads: Download to world

    And here is a very good video done by Peterc1.

    Thanks for stickin around to listen to me!


    By: imGhostofYou


    Photo of the front of the machine

    Keypad, this is where you type in your letter

    This is the buttons used to save a character


    Ticker in action


    White = Just Wires
    Blue Columns = Memory
    Orange = Wires from memory to Display
    Green = The part the Reads from the memory, (Not sure what to call it..)
    Black = Aesthetics



    imGhostofYou (Me) for - Wiring, Design, and all of the work lol...
    Graafschap.b for - Inspiration =]

    Download Here

    -=[ PONG ]=-


    Pong Finished! I don't have the schem, But i have the world save, and some pics

    Download link

    I forgot the template =/

    Name: Pong
    Is it finished: It works decent, But I may tweak in the future
    Description: I understand this has been made many times, But I wished to make my own version, and there was none on this thread yet. It's a working game of PONG.

    Pics above
    -=[ The Sims 2d ]=-

    -=[ FINISHED ]=-

    What's up guys. About 6 days ago I joined the Redstone Developement Foundation server. After about 2 days me and a guy called MaxiKing50 wanted to make a "Pet Game". Of course, we couldn't stick to calling it a Pet Game, so we named it "The Sims 2d".

    Now, I must mention that I don't take most of the credit.
    So, a list of all the credits is down at the bottom.

    Now, to the actual game.

    ^ That's the overall interface of the thing. ^

    ^ This is the game in action. ^


    The current version is:
    Beta 2.2

    The Sims 2d has three bars, a hunger bar, a bladder bar and a tiredness bar. The aim of this game is to maintain those bars, without making your sim sad. YES, there are emotions. There is a little face in the top left corner, it has 3 states, neutral, sad and happy. Neutral will happen when all your bars are at 2 or over, Sad will happen whenever it goes under that. Happy will happen when all your bars are above 3.

    As you know, the sims never ends, but most of the time, the aim of the game is to maintain happiness.


    The bars dont heal one heart at a time. Instead they heal like this:
    Eating, will give 1 heart to your hunger bar.
    Using the toilet, will give 2 hearts to your bladder bar.
    Sleeping, will give 3 hearts to your tiredness bar.

    The game also has a difficulty implementation. What this does is makes your bars decrease faster.
    There are 4 difficulties. One being default, and the others easy, medium and hard.

    There are pause and resume buttons, incase you don't want to play the game.

    Altogether, it took about 3 hours to make the original up/down counter for it, and 7 hours to do the actual thing and about 2 hours to do bug fixes, so about 12 hours alltogether.

    Well, if you have read through all of this, thanks :smile.gif:

    -[ The Wiring ] -

    The wires behind this thing are pretty large, and if you aren't good with redstone, you may wanna just wanna skip all this :smile.gif:

    So the way this thing works, is pretty simple, actually. When the game is resumed, about 7 pistons will push blocks into place, depending on the difficulty, and a clock will start, thus making every 10 seconds - minute (depending on the difficulty) an output will come. This output hits the down input of all three counters.

    The counters work with pistons, two currents travel through them and make an AND gate turn on when the UP button is pressed, thus turning on a t-flip flop and making your second output, this repeats 5 times, giving you 5 outputs.

    Once it is hit down, the output of the counters then is taken by a large redstone bus into the lights at the front.

    So, when you press something like sleep, with 3 pulses, it sends all 3 pulses into the 3rd counter, making your tiredness bar go up by 3.

    With the pause button, it switches a monostable circuit on, and lowers all the pistons in the 10 second to a minute clock and thus making no buttons able to be pressed, so no cheating. Also, for your convineince, it displays that the game is paused.

    As for the face, this was definitely difficult. What happens is just a bunch of AND gates leading into a display, it was hard, but seeing as I didn't do most of it, I am surely unaware of how difficult it really was.

    Anyway, that is about it for the wiring.

    -[ DOWNLOADS ]-

    Sims 2d Beta 2.2
    (Also, the map is not the whole RDF map, just a map with the Sims 2d placed inside of it.)
    (And, the schematic deleted any extended pistons and tips all pistons upside down..)

    -[ VIDEOS ]-

    This video was actually made by the other creator of this game. He did a great job with the whole thing, and this video just tops it off.
    Please like the video, favourite it, comment, leave all the feedback you can.
    And, just to help him out, please subscribe to his channel:
    Wato0808's Youtube Channel

    Also, just so you know, that was done in the day time, so it doesn't look quite as good as at night. Also, you saw that the bars didn't go down during the video, that wasn't a bug, he just did it nice and fast.
    So thanks to wato0808 (tjwato)

    -[ LINKS ]-

    So, I thought I would chuck in some links incase you are interested =)
    This thread on Planet MineCraft!

    Tj's Youtube Channel!

    -[ CREDITS ]-

    - SmileCrafter (Myself) : Well I did make it, so I did everything except the stuff other people did..
    - Tjwato : Tj helped with the displays, including the facial emotions. He also did most of the bug fixes. He did alot more too, he is a legend!
    - Mort96 : Implementing the difficulty switches, and putting a double and triple pulse onto the buttons.
    - VxStorm : Implementing the down count on the original up/down counter.
    - Old_Custard : Helping make a monostable circuit for the pause and resume.
    - Sdurant : Making the compressed prototype of the up/down ccounter.
    - Tomys : Repairing and maintaning the counters when they were put into the game.
    Beta Testers/Bug Finders:
    - Shrogg
    - EghFelnore
    - Hex_Xeh

    So thankyou to all of the above.
    -=[ Snake 1 ]=-

    -=[ FINISHED ]=-


    This Snake is only 4x4, but does have a nice display. It also has a wonderful music option. Not only that but it's pretty simple to use!



    -[ The Wiring ] -

    I'm not too sure on the wiring.. But here, take a look for yourself.

    -[ DOWNLOADS ]-
    -[ LINKS ]-
    -[ VIDEOS ]-

    Subscribe and like! That's Maxiking50 right there!
    -[ CREDITS ]-

    Maxiking50 did it all! LEGEND!
    -=[ Monopoly ]=-

    -=[ WORK IN PROGRESS ]=-

    We have currently planned out some of Monopoly. We know the board is most likely going to be flat on the ground, and with each move, a coloured piece of wool will pop out of the ground of that square, depending on the colour. We have dice, so the chance part will be easy. We know that with the Chance and Community Chest cards, a light will turn on above a certain sign, and that sign will be your card.
    But unfortunately, it's going to be VERY hard to make 4 huge ALU's for the 4 different banks of each person, but, we will get there. This will be a huge project, and I look forward to it.
    -[ The Wiring ] -
    -[ DOWNLOADS ]-

    -[ LINKS ]-

    -[ VIDEOS ]-

    -[ CREDITS ]-

    -=[ Space Invaders ]=-

    -=[ WORK IN PROGRESS ]=-

    So, we have sorted out the positions and made a map for the game. So we know what we are doing. I will make a list of positions soon, with maybe a pic or something to show you, but as of now, I'll tell you.
    So, we have made the display, with Tj's help. I've pasted in the counter for health, and I made a minute clock for whatever you need a minute clock for.
    We have heaps more, but I'm not too sure on what those are, I'll get pictures and videos and stuff as soon as possible.
    Sounds fun! Doesn't it!?
    -[ The Wiring ] -
    -[ DOWNLOADS ]-

    -[ LINKS ]-

    -[ VIDEOS ]-

    -[ CREDITS ]-

    -=[ Connect Four ]=-

    -=[ FINISHED ]=-

    So, first off, please remember to take a look at the CREDITS. I didn't do any of this at all. Tj did it all. I did do the post but that is jack-**** compared to Tj's game.
    It isn't the first connect 4 people have made since pistons, but it is my favourite so far. It has a real nice board with a nice room so you can see everything well. It automatically switches whose turn it is, and is monostable so no one can over press buttons to cheat. So great work to Tj. I will explain WHAT Connect 4 is, for those who do not know.

    ^ BOARD ^

    ^ BUTTONS ^

    Connect 4 is a stratergy game where two people have to try line up 4 counters/blocks in a row. Gravity does affect the counter/block, so lining it up can be challenging. Each person takes it turn by turn and has to try line it up diagonally, horizontally or vertically.

    The redstone behind it is pretty simple, but the monostable engines and what not would've made it quite hard. Well, not for Tj's standards!
    -[ The Wiring ] -

    So, as a warning, if you don't wanna know how it was made or what's behind the board, just skip past all this, but it is pretty important, so, for you engineers that are interested, read on!

    So, first of all, pressing a button that drops a piece of gravel or sand, simple pushes a piston and makes it fall from above it. The clear all button is an extended pulse, so it manages to clear all. The swapping is different. It is just monostable so one button press switches.
    That's about all I know of. I hope you enjoy!
    -[ DOWNLOADS ]-
    -[ LINKS ]-

    -[ VIDEOS ]-

    -[ CREDITS ]-

    Tjwato did it all!
    Tjwato is his in game user, wato0808 on youtube!
    DanSayDie for making the other video!

    -=[ Redstone Processor Unit (RSPU) ]=-

    -=[ WORK IN PROGRESS ]=-

    So after some thinking last night, Nylani, Maxiking50 and myself decided to make the RSPU -Redstone Processor Unit- which is a custom console we decided to make.
    The console has a main input interface, which plugs into any programmed cubed. We call these ProCubes, people can make any ProCube and plug it into their RSPU console. Currently we are making the basic ProCubes to help programming ProCubes. Like the Logic Gate Processor (LGP) and the RAM Processor Unit (RPU). The LGP takes the inputs, selects any logic gate, and then you can insert two inputs. It holds these gates:
    AND, XOR, OR, RS-NOR, and DFF. It also has a reset switch. The output would plug into the main outputs of the console. Another handy thing it has is a output inverter. It will invert the output, so the main output will change.

    Nylani hasnt done anything for it so far, as he hasnt been on to help me and Maxi, so we have been making all sorts of stuff.

    The RPU currently holds 5 different numbers, with a reset switch and a write switch. The RPU and LGP are going to be used for future programming of ProCubes.

    This will be huge, so prepare to program ProCubes. :smile.gif:

    -[ The Wiring ] -

    Will come soon...

    -[ DOWNLOADS ]-

    -[ LINKS ]-

    -[ VIDEOS ]-

    -[ CREDITS ]-


    -=[ Dance Dance Revolution ]=-

    -=[ WORK IN PROGRESS ]=-

    Shubshub hasnt quite finished! But is working on it, it is of course Dance dance revolution.

    -[ The Wiring ] -

    Once again, take a look for yourself!

    -[ DOWNLOADS ]-

    -[ LINKS ]-
    -[ VIDEOS ]-

    This video was done by Shubshub, so go to his channel and subscribe to him!
    Shubshub's Channel
    -[ CREDITS ]-

    Shubshub - The original creator -
    Old_Custard - Scoreboard Counter and Health Counter -
    Robin1225 & Sledger721 - Randomizer for display -
    Ace5000 - Music -

    -=[ Programmable Display Unit ]=-

    -=[ WORK IN PROGRESS ]=-

    The PDU, or Programmable Display Unit, is made up of 100 pixels. each pixel is a 3x3 piston pixel. It is programmed by buttons on a button interface, and has a reset switch.

    This will hopefully be used in the RSPU (Redstone Processor Unit) as a GPU for the console, meaning programmed games may be able to use a screen, that would take 100 inputs.
    -[ The Wiring ] -

    Not hard, RS-NORs and 3x3 piston inputs.

    -[ DOWNLOADS ]-

    -[ LINKS ]-

    -[ VIDEOS ]-

    -[ CREDITS ]-

    -=[ Paint & GPU ]=-

    -=[ FINISHED ]=-

    Tomys, a great engineer that has been making alot of epic stuff has recentlly made a good paint. It's very compact, and has a clear screen and drawing tool. It is AMAZING. Take a look for yourself.





    -[ The Wiring ] -

    Not too sure myself, so lookie here!


    -[ DOWNLOADS ]-
    -[ LINKS ]-
    -[ VIDEOS ]-

    Subscribe to: Tomy's Youtube Channel!
    ^It is better at night^
    -[ CREDITS ]-

    All goes to Tomys himself, amazing dude!
    Here! Look at him!


    I hope you all enjoy EVERYTHING!
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    Quote from ki113d

    Looking good :smile.gif:

    I can't wait to look into making games!

    Then you will LOOOOOVE space Invaders!
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    Quote from maxiking50

    @ Smilecrafter:
    1. I wanna thank you for posting snake here.
    The thing you call snake was just something to test how it will work and so on,
    but the real snake will hopefully be finnished soon (for me is also only the food system missing).

    2. I never sayed i would build Tetris, cause there are problems with building it, i dont want to handle with.

    @ shreddykiclflip:
    I would be glad to see your version of snake, cause mine isnt very good. Could you post a downloadlink to a schematic or something here,
    or a link to another site with the link, please. Would be very nice of you.

    Alright Maxi, I'll scrap Tetris, and thanks for popping by :smile.gif:
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    Quote from Kjellorix

    I don't click links unless i see pictures posted, scrolled thru all posts, only links, lot of words, NO.
    But the thread gives me some ide's, piston pussle.

    So... You didn't go through anything at all? You didn't see any single picture in there or video? How the hell did you miss them if the download link is below all of them. You sir, are lazy.

    It gave you some idea's? Piston pussle?

    I hope you enjoy having a dead sim.
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