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    posted a message on [-PAY-] [REQ] [SMP] Instant-break, and extended reach!!
    I too would like these 2 hacks! Not fpr griefing purposes, I do not grief, but for spleef, I wanna beat my friends with extended reach and, even though someone said it doesnt work on SMP, instamine. Also, dont Team Avolition use an instaminer, or DID use an instaminer?
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    posted a message on [REQ] [SMP] Sneak Hack
    Quote from Tanthny43

    Why would you need that?

    I would need this mod if I am stealing. No. I don't steal on servers that don't allow stealing, but I like to play on a lot of PVP, Stealing servers. I also built a HUGE arena. which we always sneak so noone can see us when we fight and do spleef.
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    posted a message on [REQ] [SMP] Sneak Hack
    Hey guys, I'm requesting a modder to make this mod for me.
    It doesn't sound particularly hard to do, but what would I know? I suck with this sort of thing. I would like a hack, or a mod, whichever sounds best, I want a hack that will, do three things.

    1st thing: Make me sneak at a normal speed. As if I didn't even have sneak on.
    2nd thing: At the press of the button 'Z' A small thing in the top right hand corner of my screen (Not the left because flymod and things like that use the left) and it would say in green "Sneak Enabled" and if I press Z again it will say in red "Sneak Disabled". Also, when I press Z I don't want to have to hold it down, so it would be a toggle.
    3rd thing: This part could be hard, probably the hardest, so if you can't do this, don't. I wanna be able to walk around normally, so it is just like normal, except no one can see my name above my head. So that way I can walk off of cliffs and everything.

    I dunno if this is very possible, but I would love you if you could do this for me.
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    posted a message on [SMP] [SSP] [REQ] [IDEA] ElementalCraft ☣
    Hello and welcome to my second mod idea! The first idea sorta failed and I gave up on it. But I may add it to this later on.

    This mod welcomes the elements to your minecraft. And hopefully it wouldn't only be SinglePlayer but also MultiPlayer. If you grab a piece of paper and right click, it will open a GUI, with a selection of the elements. And you may select one of those elements.

    Here are the elements:
    -- Air
    With air, if you use your wand on someone or a mob after selecting the air element on your spell page, you will use your wand on the player or a mob, and that person or mob will fly 10 blocks into the air, then drop down and get hurt.

    -- Earth
    Earth would be pretty wierd, I think, to be honest. You could use earth to save yourself or bury others. If you left click with your wand on a mob or a player, it will make 2 blocks where they are standing and they will get buried, being hurt until they escape from the dirt. If you right clik with it, if will surround the person or yourself with a box of dirt. Making you unharmed from all the nasty things minecraft brings to your doorstep.

    -- Water
    Water is the healing skill, or a killing skill. Like earth. With left click, a person will shoot into the ground, just 3 blocks, so they cant get out, but there is no roof on the little tomb they are in. And then water will come and start drowning them, and they can escape unless digging their way out. Also, if using right click with your wand, you will heal people by 1 heart.

    -- Fire
    Fire would be the obvious best, except for air, which I have alot of ideas for, with fire, it's simple, you burn people.

    So guys, I dont want this thread to crash and burn, or be involved with a horrible accident involving running with scissors or something, so please post feedback! I haven't thought about it too much, because I want some of your ideas. So, before you tell me how crap the idea for whatever idea you think is crap is, just tell me what you think you would do with it.

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    posted a message on ★-WilderCraft-★
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    posted a message on ★-WilderCraft-★
    Cmon guys! Gimme Feedback!
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    posted a message on [SMP HACK] [REQ] [IDEA] InstaStick
    hey, this is just a small thread, because it only needs to be small.

    This is a hack for both SP and SMP.
    When you hold a stick, you instamine. Im looking for that.
    Or just a instaminer.
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    posted a message on ★-WilderCraft-★
    Please post feedback!
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    posted a message on ★-WilderCraft-★
    this is a good idea.
    except the concept of runescape i turn away from :/
    would it look something like this??

    Wow, thanks for the feedback.
    I don't like Runescape either, I don't want to completely base it off runescape, but I got the idea off of runescape. Because the only reason I liked runescape was the pking, and when you Pk you risk items, but not everything. That screenshot you sent me wasn't what I thought it would look like, but now it is! I love that! Thanks for the feedback, may I use your screenshot in the thread for an example of what you will keep on death? Or would you edit that picture a bit for the thread so I can put it on? I'll PM you my ideas for a picture if you want.
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    posted a message on ★-WilderCraft-★

    Welcome to my first Mod Request! Being my first, I have never made one before (As you probably guessed)
    I'm no good with modding, so I can't make my own mods, one day I'll learn to do it all, but for now this is just a request.

    WilderCraft is a mod (not really a mod, seeing as it is only a request.) that introduces new items and new mobs.
    This mod is related to Runescape. What it does, instead of dying and losing everything, you keep 3 items. These items will be your most valuable items.
    Going like this:
    Then the rest would be coming in last.
    Maybe WilderCraft could also add a GUI. Where you can select the top 3 items you would like to keep, or what items get kept in order.
    Here is a screenshot I edited, the idea of putting the bar on the side was someone elses idea.

    Here is where you can select what item you choose, or let it select upon value.

    The second thing it adds is your skill page. Your skill page is different to the normal skills mod. If you hold a page, then right click the air, it will bring up a page on your screen, like the book mod does with the book. On the page it shows all the skills of normal runescape. The skilling skills, and the combat skills. Of course some skills would be almost impossible to add, like dungeoneering and summoning.

    This is all I will put so far, please comment, telling me if you want to see more, or if you don't. I will just delete this thread if people don't like it or there is already something related to this.
    Well, thanks.
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    posted a message on SharpAndPointy Craft! ♣Creative/PVP♣ NO White-List! 24/7
    IGN: Smilecrafter
    Why You Want to Join: Cos I love building and Minecraft
    A Little about you: I like building, I help alot, I am good with redstone.
    Have you EVER been banned: (We Check your forum posts) I have been banned once for something I didn't do.
    What you have built in the past: A redstone calculator and mini clock. A arena. A city. 2 rollercoasters. Much more.
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