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    Quote from Gergthegog»

    Hey guys!

    Are you looking for a proffesional, custom made YouTube introduction for your channel?

    My name is sidewalk, and today I bring you...


    All intros are made using blender. We will work together via kik, Skype or email to figure out exactly what you are looking for.


    All intros on sale! $5 USD/each OR 2/$8 USD


    A full refund will be issued to the buyer should the seller not deliver the payed for introduction.

    For ordering, contact me via email or comment below. ([email protected])

    Orders will be filled to request after you contact me. Intros will be delivered to you in a .mp4 format.

    All intros have music with them included and your name. NOTICE: WE DO NOT DO RENDERS OR SCENES THAT HAVE YOUR SKIN IN IT


    If you see a previously made template that you like, reference it your order with the ID.

    PREVIOUS WORK: (More to come)

    (ID: NBZ)

    (ID: 3)

    More to come, uploading a ton more examples tommorow.

    i find it hilarious that we are paying for a template when I can just download blender for free, download the template and use it.
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    Quote from justme13»

    Hello, my name is itzjustme13, known on Youtube as Alexishere13. I would like a simple vanilla server to play and create on my channel, but due to past incidents I would not want to port forward. I am looking for someone who has a strong enough server and a large enough bandwidth to run a full-time server with 20 player slots, and although I cannot offer money, I will make you an operator on the server and help you create thumbnails for your Youtube or Twitch for a month. Any help is appreciated, thank you.


    If you read Entei's format, he said your not supposed to tell them that they can be operator because not many hosting services have time to play on every server.
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    Quote from ProHost»

    Sorry that we can't meet your requirements. However, I can assure you that Prohost has no catch. We generate revenue by a few ads placed on our website. With our massive amount of website visits we generate plenty to keep our servers running.

    I'll check it out. I most likely won't use it though because it doesn't have enough slots but i will test out stuff on it

    Nevermind I can't download plugins

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    Quote from ProHost»

    Hi smexyPlaysStuff, I can offer you a server for free! Here are your requirments and what we can do.

    Your Requirements: ------------What we can do:


    Ram: 1.5GB --------------------- - All our servers include 1GB of ram.


    Slots: 28 - 32 --------------------- Our servers max at 20 slots.


    Location: Western U.S.A----- - Our servers are hosted in south east Canada.


    Plugin Support: Yes---------- - Install all the plugins you want with FTP.


    Cost: Free----------------------- - All our servers are absolutely FREE!


    Support: Skype----------------- - We do not contact our clients on Skype. If you have any questions ask them on our forums!


    Are you interested?

    Website: www.prohost.gs

    I don't trust companies that are automatically always free and stuff because they always have a catch to them. I'm looking for one that can get me more than 20 slots, etc.

    So no I decline
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    Also how do you have a server without the account?

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    posted a message on Looking for a minecraft account

    I have been playing minecraft for about 3 years now, I'm 12 and I can't afford to buy my own, is there a way I can earn one online?

    If you can program games, sell one, and then you can buy all the accounts in the world.

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    posted a message on [Sponsorship Request] Smexy Kingdom - an original idea for an upcoming factions server

    Don't call yourself smart, it makes you sound stupid. I already own a dedicated server and program games, guess how old I am? 12. Nobody is going to sponsor you unless they get something in return. Most server hosts almost never give any server away for free. All I can say is good luck.

    Didn't you see I said I was going to return a percentage of the donations?

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    Hello everybody! I am SmexyPlayzStuff, or better known in game as SmexyZagster. I have recently decided that I want to own a Minecraft server. I mean like in charge. Because I've owned a server before. Just I wasn't the Head-Owner. (I guess I was Co-Owner but meh). But yeah! I hope you guys find my idea good!

    How old am I and am I mature enough to run a server?

    I am 11. But not one of those 11 year olds who can't run a server properly and doesn't know really anything. I am a smarter, more intelligent, sexy(smexy), and a jock(Don't know how those all mix but meh). But yes I think I could make a good owner. I mean I can setup a server with good perms and prefixes and stuff. But yeah I'm 11 I know.

    Smexy, what do you plan to name this server?

    It's in the title but, Smexy Kingdom.

    What do you think would be a reasonable amount of RAM for this server?

    It's best to start out small. But not too small that I can download no plugins (It's called 1 Megabyte...). Maybe 1.5 Gigabytes? Just to get in the essential stuff. I mean I don't need much to start and I'll add more plugins as I go and maybe the RAM can get upgraded.

    How many slots do you think you need on Smexy Kingdom?

    Again, starting off small. I don't want to ask for 2 because I want to get players up in here! I think I can work with 28-32 at the start. But later, I can hopefully add more.

    Where should the server be located?

    I live in Southern California so I don't want it in The Netherlands. San Jose or Las Vegas maybe?

    Explain what Smexy Kingdom will look and be like?

    Smexy Kingdom will have a big giant castle spawn. But your mostly likely thinking, 'Psssh! That's lame and unoriginal!' BUT, what if I told you that it IS original. OH MY GOD WHAAAAAT!?!!? Yeah I know right! It's different from every other boring old castle spawn. First of all, your floating over an endless void (not really but it looks like it's a void) and you jump down into a pit of lava(you'll take no damage don't worry) and you have to roam across the world, creating a faction, building a base, and becoming the best. Yes it's plain old factions. But, you have plenty of minigames you can play at spawn. Also in spawn, there will be blocks on fire, missing blocks(there will be barriers/that unbreakable clear block in Minecraft so you don't fall), etc, etc. But as I said there will be minigames such as, Skywars, Parkour, Splegg, etc. So basically yeah. My server will be different from other factions servers so you know.

    Smexy, why do you want this server?

    It's just an interesting thing to do, owning a server, creating rules, developing stuff for the server, maybe recording a YouTube series over there, etc, etc. But yeah I mean I want to hang out with some people, create a faction, recruit members, raid bases, pvp, etc. I know you can do all this stuff on other servers such as, The Archon, CubeCraft Games(go to Free Build on the compass, and pick Factions.), SaicoPvP(WOO SAICO), CosmicPvP, etc. (I say etc. a LOT...) but what's different is that being an owner on a server makes it so you can't get banned by some one who says your hacking even though you aren't. But also you can make people have a great time, make a few bucks, and just have fun with everyone!

    On a scale of 1-10, how much do you want a server?

    I want a server so much I could bleed through my eyes, and cry through your skin. But I'd say 8, because I want it but it's not my top priority, I mean I got homework, I got stuff to do, so more on the I want it side.

    So, what plugins will there be?

    Factions, mcore(The plugin you need to run Factions), FactionChat, an auto broadcasting plugin, Essentials, PermissionsEx(I understand it more than GroupManager. GroupManager confuses me), Splegg, SmokeTrail, a crate key plugin, ClearChat, ClearLagg, PlayerVaults, and more to come. The ones I didn't name are ones that mean I haven't decided on which one I want yet.

    So how will you make money, what ranks and perks will there be?

    I will name the ranks and the perks for them now.


    That's just the normal rank you start on. Nothing too extraordinary to it. The prefix is light yellow, the nickname is white, 2 sethomes, /kit Player, /kit Weekly, /kit Daily, /kit Monthly and it's free!


    This is the first donor rank. You get /pweather, a light red nickname, 3 sethomes, a white prefix, access to /hat, /enderchest, access to /trail smoke, 1 row in /pv, and /kit chickenpvp which contains Prot 1 Unbreaking 1 Diamond Armour, Sharpness 2 Sword, 8 enderpearls, 8 chicken, and a Chicken head that says, "Cluck, Cluck! I Have The Chicken Rank!" And it costs $8.75.


    This the second donor rank. You get /ptime, a light red prefix, a pink nickname, /trail fire, /trail ender, 4 sethomes, 2 rows in /pv, and access to /kit piggypvp which contains Prot 2 Unbreaking 1 Diamond Armour, Sharpness 3 Diamond Sword, 12 enderpearls, 8 porkchops, and a Pig head that says, "Oink, Oink! I Have The Piggy Rank!" And it costs $15.00


    Oh yeah! Let's kill him for his meat! This is the third donor rank! You get a dark red prefix, a light green nickname, 5 sethomes, 3 rows in /pv, /trail sweat, /trail loot, and access to /kit cowpvp which contains Prot 2 Unbreaking 2 Diamond Armour, Sharpness 3 Fire Aspect 1, 16 enderpearls, 8 steak, and a Cow head that says, "MOO MOO! I Have The Moo-Moo Rank!!!" It costs $21.00.


    Hissss! We got our 4th rank! You get a prefix with black brackets and dark red on the inside, a white nickname, 6 sethomes, 4 rows in /pv, /trail flowers, /trail star, /feed, and /kit Spooderman which contains Prot 3 Unbreaking 2 Diamond Armour, Sharpness 3 Fire Aspect 2, 24 enderpearls, 8 steak, 8 chicken, 8 porkchops, and a Spider head that says, "Hissss. Ssssstay Away From My Ssssspooder Rank!" It costs $33.75

    This is our 5th rank! You get a light green prefix, a light blue nickname, 8 sethomes, 5 rows in /pv, /trail sparks, /trail music, /heal, /kit ZombiePvP which has Prot 3 Unbreaking 3 Diamond Armour, Sharpness 3 Fire Aspect 2, 28 enderpearls, 8 steak, 8 chicken, 8 porkchops, 2 super golden apples, 6 normal golden apples, and a Zombie head that says, "Brainssssss. I Am A Zombie!" It costs $50.00


    The final rank! You get a dark green prefix, any color nickname, /nick, 10 sethomes, 6 rows in /pv, /trail crit, /trail blood, /fly(disabled in PvP), and /kit CreeperPvP which contains Prot 4 Unbreaking 3 Diamond Armour, Sharpness 4 Fire Aspect 2, 32 enderpearls, 16 chicken, 16 steak, 16 porkchops, 5 super golden apples, 12 normal golden apples, and a Creeper head that says, "BOOM! I just got Creeper!!" It is priced at $75.00

    How do you plan to get players?

    I can make YouTube videos, upload it to server lists, and ask my friends if they wanna join. I mean I am not popular on YouTube but I'll try.

    Why is Smexy Kingdom, so special? Why should people join Smexy Kingdom over others?

    Smexy Kingdom will have a special spawn with plenty of stuff to do. It will have Factions but also Minigames inside the Factions server at spawn. It will be a fun thing for players to do if they get bored of playing Factions and wanna take a break but don't wanna leave the server.

    Why can't you pay for this server?
    It's hard to pay monthly for something at times like I can't just give you 20$ a month for a server. Especially at my age.

    Preferred method of Contact?

    I have Skype and can PM but I don't necessarily trust someone with my Skype.

    What will Smexy give the hosting service in return?

    Political favors. Just kidding. I will refer them to people getting Minecraft servers over the other ones, in my YouTube videos I will explain that it's better, and I'll try to return donation money to you guys.

    Thank you for reading! If you think I should change the rank pricing or anything, PLEASE notify me!!!

    Thanks -- Smexy

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    posted a message on Looking for staff members!

    How old are you? I am 11

    What's your Minecraft username? SmexyZagster

    Have you been staff before? (Yes or No) Yes I have been staff before.

    Have you helped a community with twenty plus players daily? (Yes or No) Yes I have.

    How do you plan on helping the server? (Be original) I plan on being active, creative, kind, and try to add some humor in for the players. And when I find someone breaking rules I will report them.

    Why should we pick you over anyone else? (Be original) I am experienced, kind, helpful, and I know what a hacker looks like so I can easily stop them for you

    What is your twitter handle? Sorry I don't have a twitter yet.

    What is your Skype? Sorry, I have a skype but I don't wanna give it out because of the whole, "People can DDoS your internet using skype" thing

    What position are you applying for? (May not be the one you always want) Anything! I can do anything for you.

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