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    ((still at a lost to what's happening, so Porin will find out things))
    ((also questions, does anybody else get a problem where you're backspacing and then it teleports back a word?))


    It seemed like hours had past when in reality he had only waited several minutes. The light ceased to get any bigger or brighter, and Porin was getting exhausted. "I probably need something to eat," Porin thought to himself, but then he realized "Where in the world will I get any food?" Porin was abruptly hit out of the sky by some hay.
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    ((Wows. I'm a terrible OP.))
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    Quote from bobert778

    ((Ian is talking to the Seelie queen and if I'm not mistaken you're on his head :P . Taylor, Andrew, and three NPC's are locked in a 'tower' for all intents and purposes. Then Alex (I think that's her name) is down in the crypt of the institute with a few other vampires. And most of the shadow hunter characters are in the institute getting ready for a confrontation with the big bad guy. Hope that explains it well enough ;) ))

    ((Thanks :D))


    Elliot was quietly hiding in the guy's hair, listening intently onto what was going on. "Hm... Something about a threats? Gah, I should have listened better," Elliot thought quietly to himself. As he tried to get a better look at his surroundings, he suddenly fell forward, and out of shock, was unable to cast any magic to blink himself out of there. Still stunned, he clutched onto the guys collar, bringing it down slightly.
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    Names and Titles: Felix "Lumberjack" Ardor
    History: Felix lived in a small wooden cabin that he built all by himself for several years, usually isolated but welcoming towards guests. However, a regular annoyance were the stuck-up kids who would go by his house everyday, usually vandalizing it, but he wouldn't care because he could take it off easily. What he did care about was how they would always hang a dead rodent from the trees, and since he was so short, he was unable to remove them, the stench being able to cultivate and become a permanent smell. One day the kids were coming, he quickly hid behind one of the trees. As they were tying another rat, he stalked them from behind, and suddenly said in a low and gruff voice, "Don't you kids know how dangerous the woods are?" before decapitating all of them with a giant woodcutting ax, hanging their heads from the very branches, dangling with the rodents. When the police came to investigate, he decapitated them to, and not before long, he had a forest of hanging heads, the shock frozen on their faces. After it became clear he wasn't going to stop, they played a risky card; the authorities set the forest on fire, burning every last piece of flesh in the forest. When the fire cleared out, they searched the rubble, but nothing remained. Or so they thought. Deep within the soil was a new villain that was growing, he was entwined with the trees, unable to escape for the forest held onto him forever. Now, he roams the forest to seek vengeance on everybody that he sees.

    Personality: Has his own twisted humor, definitely a villain. Is very sluggish, and gets angered easily.
    Teams: "mah team is dah forest," -lumberjack 2014
    Powers Abilities and Skills: Extremely powerful, but also very slow. One chop can cut a truck like butter. Can control trees around him and other greenery.

    ((not sure if already superhero, never watched any films for myself))
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    He had just woken up in a room with no doors or windows, just walls, floor, and a roof.
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    Clayscar leaned down, his head laying on the soft bedding of the elder's den. He yawned. ((Are there any other elders in the clan? If not, I'll just make this person up.)) "Yaaaawwwn... Yelloweyes... I feel hungry... You should go get me some food," Clayscar said, semi-jokingly and semi-seriously. Yelloweyes flicked her tail, her back still pointed at him. "Oh fine... I guess I'll just sit here and starve," Clayscar said, rolling onto his back, rubbing his stomach.
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    Created by: Squidgen1010101010, carried over by firewave15, then carried over by me.

    Life as a Mob is a roleplay about the normal life of a, you guessed it, Minecraft mob. You roam the Overworld, the End, or the Nether as a mob of your choice, with a few exceptions of course. Now that we have the summary down, onto the rules!

    1. Normal rules as always, no god-modding, keep the violence PG-13, no meta-gaming, normal rules.

    2. This RP is not exactly the most serious of RP's, but try to make your posts relevant and try to have at least 2 lines a post.

    3. ((Use double parenthesis for out of character speech))

    4. And the most important rule, have fun!

    A list of mobs that you CAN NOT be, just because it's either over powered, or because it could be a nuisance.

    Ender Dragon - Obvious reasons.

    Wither - Again, obvious.

    Creeper - This one is a maybe. You could either roam around the world with no intent on harming anything, or you could just go kamikaze, and I wouldn't want to re-accept you every single time.

    Squids - You would only be able to go around in bodies of water, and that wouldn't be very exciting.

    Application :

    Name (Obvious) :
    Mob (Bat, Pig, ect.) :
    Bio (It doesn't have to be lengthy) :

    My App :
    Name: Porin
    What mob are you?: Bat
    Bio (dos'nt need to be long): I am a very adventurous bat.

    Note: If you are a returning player, try to find your app, and I'll add it to the App Section

    Currently Accepted Apps

    Name: Porin
    What mob are you?: Bat
    Bio (dos'nt need to be long): I am a very adventurous bat.

    Name: Steven V. Stone
    Mob: [iron] Golem
    Bio: He is a Golem with all of the aesthetics of an iron-golem, only for some reason, he's made of cobblestone? He has a comedic short-term memory loss (like Dory from "Finding Nemo") and is slightly weaker than his village-born doppelgangers.
    Flare Flames

    Name: Boneitar Personis
    Mob: Skeleton

    We should venture on the study of every kind of animal without distaste; for each and all will reveal to us something natural and something beautiful. -Aristotle

    There was no light. That is, real light. Only bloodlust, slaughter. Even in law it stated "The only good must come from countless pain, fear, and agony." It stated that quite clearly in the Skeltonic Book. This was embraced by the Church of Clacks Skelly. In this world, a skeleton could get confused. In the case that was, why would the race of Humans always prosper? They always defeated the skeletons if in a war. They never seemed to die, even if shot in the head and you witnessed them disappear, they came back. These thoughts plagued Boneitar, more commonly referred to as Bone, every second. He had no way of knowing, as Church officials always just turned it into a seemingly stupid question with a simple answer, such as "The skeletons undergo more, so they will profit more." Currently, though, there was no profit. In fact, they had started going deeper into caves. When the sun came out, they literally burned, which had only started happening after the Humans came. It seemed to only get worse and worse. They now had less venture into the night. There was constant pushing into the cramped dungeons, which were only raided by Humans. Bone had eventually had enough. He set off to ask the Humans for peace. Upon arriving there, he was instantly attacked, and almost died. A creeper had saved his life by killing the human. But in this, not only did the creeper and human die, Bone lost one of his only belongings. His sanity. He had taken the enchanted bow the humans had and slaughtered his family. He held on this bow, and named it Judgement. It was infinitely able to shoot flaming arrows. He had taken the shears, and took the wool of a sheep to make himself a robe. He became an outcast, and ended up living in the nether, and after killing a wither skeleton, stole his ashes and stole the head which he used as a hat to protect him from the sun. The ashes made his robe a black steel color, making him appear to be a nether skeleton. The nether skeleton's bow was put in his nether house as a backup, the house being a trapdoor under the lava which worked well in keeping everyone else, including the humans out. Whenever he killed he hung the head near the door. Currently in his display, he has the countenances of his family, some Humans, a few skeletons, and right over his house he had the eye of a Ghast. That was his trophy of his success. Now his life was perfect. It was what he wanted. But under this, he had that remaining sanity, the part that tried to strike peace with Humans. Buried, and all the while, getting more and more covered.

    Name (Obvious) : Jelly, Jel for short
    Mob (Bat, Pig, ect.) : Slime
    Bio (It doesn't have to be lengthy) : A slime who has no intention of ever hurting a soul unless it comes to it, I'm the smallest a slime can be, and I am often misunderstood. I'm a very kind slime, yet I have no friends. My mother and my siblings were destroyed by a mighty sword wielding fellow, and I'm the lone survivor.
    I'm a girl by the way!

    Name: Neo A.K.A. The Glitch.
    What mob are you?: A bat.
    Bio: A bat who doesn't seem to fit in with the rest. He also seems to be much more quiet, and more mysterious than the rest. Hiding secrets and being unknown, not much more is known. He suffers/has dual personalities, both of which rarely conflict, but normally they get along like normal brothers. He's very much different from other bats, as he seems to be more of a loner and sometimes weird things happen to him, whether good or bad, all of which he almost has no control of.

    Name- Marrow
    Mob- Skeleton (girl)
    Bio- Marrow was usually quiet, but only because she was planning her next move. She only speaks when perfectly necessary, and keeps her special bow with her at all times. It's not that special, it only has her name written in melted lapis on the side. Marrow is well-known, because she has been around so many mobs. She has helped kill the player one time. She lives in fear of his return.

    Name (Obvious) : Bethany
    Mob (Bat, Pig, ect.) : Baby Wolf
    Bio (It doesn't have to be lengthy) : Mom dropped her off near a snowy tree, she said, "Someday you will find your way back to me," Lil' Bethany was so afraid, and then a small pig came. The pig was killed for food. The end!
    (read it in SONG FORM!)

    Name- Ocho
    Mob- Squid
    Bio- A squid who has a water-breather (a device that helps him breathe) who wander the land just to see what it's like.

    How's that?

    Bio:He's a zombie gone wrong, but in a good way. He's smarter than most other zombies and doesn't want to kill, which led to him getting abandoned from the horde. At night, he used what he learned by observing a mysterious man with blue shirt, punching trees to get wood and making his way up. He wears a blue leather helmet, and uses an iron axe as a weapon of choice.
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    Vale froze. A voice came from behind him. His hand tightened around his staff. "You... You aren't a crimson assassin, I suppose?" Sendril started to glow even brighter, or as bright as a dark aura could become. "Vale, it is a small boy. Do not cause him harm," Sendril spoke, a dark tendril wrapping around the staff.

    ((Edit: Hexite, could you fix this? I dun like it. it's derpy.))
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    Name: Vale Sentel
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Clan: Umbra
    Class: Mage
    Personality: Vale is a nice boy who usually doesn't take things the wrong way. He always tries to look at things on the bright side, but he will not let any of his loved ones get hurt.
    History: Vale had awoken as a baby in the city of Valenheart, but everyone had seen him as different, as if something was wrong with him. When he was growing up, he had no name, and he was only called "The Weird Boy," even by his parents. Everyone had neglected him. But the Leader of Umbra had seen a special power in Vale, so he decided to take him in, which made most everyone wonder. For several years, he was no longer seen, and no one had cared, but in the little town of Valenheart, they would always notice when one was to arrive. A young boy, about the age of 12 had walked in through the city gates. He held a staff that seemed to be pulsing with energy. They were amazed by him, and they immediately treated him as if he was King. But when the Crimson Assassins came, they had all shouted and looked for shelter. That is, except for two people. Vale, and Falmer, the Leader of Umbra (for the town of Valenheart). They worked together in unison as they beat horde after horde of Crimson Assassins, with only two people. The townsfolk were amazed at Vale and Falmer, but when they asked who Vale was, Vale simply answered, "The Weird Kid." The townsfolk were stunned and unable to speak as he simply walked out of town, going down the dusty road.
    Equipment: The staff that Vale calls Sendril, a few pieces of food, his clothes, and some money.

    ((Also, you spelled Medieval wrong :P))
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    [Clyde & Netal]

    Clyde had to show the kid to the faction houses. Plus, he had to join it himself. He heard it gave shelter and food. "Come here, kid. I know a place with basic necessities. Factions!"
    Netal wondered what a faction was, but kept his mouth shut and followed Clyde.
    "By the way kid, what's your name? Mine's Clyde." Clyde asked, a smile on his face.
    Netal looked at him and said, "Netal. Nice to meet you, Clyde."
    That was the only speech they had for the rest of the walk. They went in and out of alleyways, going down roads, sometimes crowded with people, sometimes a ghost town, but they kept on walking until they came to what seemed like a building. Entering the place, they saw a lady. She slowly walked over to them and greeted them.
    "Hello there. You must be new arrivals. You, come with me. I need to see your powers," she said, pointing at Clyde.
    Clyde slowly walked over, unsure of what was going to happen.
    "You, just stay and wait out here. Don't let the bigger people scare you. We're all nice here. Most of us at least," she said, looking at Netal.
    Netal took a seat and stared at the wall.

    Clyde walked into a secluded room with only him and the lady. "So uh... What do I do?"
    The lady looked at him with no emotion. "Show me a tidbit of your powers."
    Saying a wary OK, he walked into the middle of the room. He held his hands out as he felt the water coming out of his body. "Good thing I drank a lot today,"Clyde thought as his hands began to get covered with water. After having his hands hold two large blobs of water, he formed them into several shurikens and threw them into a wall, all of them lining up as he back-flipped, shooting several darts of water that tore into the wall. After getting back down, he turned the floor in a circumference around him into water, swirling the water around rapidly, he started sucking in the chairs and tables scattered around the room. Soon, they were all orbiting around him, and he could feel his hydration start to diminish quickly. Releasing it upward, the vortex of water shot into the sky, crashing into the ceiling. Sucking back in the water, he felt hydrated again, but he still needed a drink. Or three. Panting slightly, he turned to the woman.
    "You seem to have the skill. Barely. But before you can get a house, you will need to go on a mission. Come back here at 9:00."
    "Can I have a drink?" Clyde called out. Saying behind her back, she shouted, "It's in the lobby."

    Netal was twiddling his thumbs when the woman came out. He looked behind her and saw Clyde head straight to the water dispenser. He seemed to be dripping water. Wondering what happened, he stood up right when they lady instructed him to.
    "Come with me, it's your turn."
    Following the lady, Netal came into a room with several tables and chairs scattered about. Wondering what he was going to do, she shut the doors behind him.
    "Show me what you have."
    "What, power-wise?"
    "What am I supposed to do?"
    "Just show me your powers."
    Complying with her demands, a skeptical look still on his face, he quickly shapeshifted into an eagle, flying straight at a chair. He grabbed it with his talons as he flew to the ceiling, smashing it against the top. After broken pieces of the chair fell down, he targeted a table, carrying it with some effort where he dropped it beneath him, then turning into an elephant, crushing the table and shuddering the floor, cracking it. In a heartbeat, he turned into a tiger, pouncing on another chair, smashing it into pieces with his paws. Turning around, he turned back into a... bunny?! Netal opened his tiny bunny mouth as he saw a quick frown on the lady's face, which went back to it's monotonous norm. After a few seconds, he was able to turn back into a human, clutching a table that wasn't broken as a wave of confusion hit him.
    "It see-" the lady started.
    "Give me a moment," Netal said, holding out his finger.
    Clearly not amused, she continued. "You just barely passed the test. Meet me here again in the lobby at 9, you still have to prove yourself with a mission," she said, her eyes narrowed.

    Returning back, Clyde meeted him.
    "How'd you do?" he said, excited.
    "I... passed?" Netal replied.
    "Me too!" Clyde said, smiling.
    "Let's go get something to eat, to celebrate this victory!" Clyde said, running out the door.
    "What victory? We just demonstrated our powers to someone who doesn't seem normal. Or different from regular Gifted."
    "From regular wha-?"
    "Gifted. It's what I call your freaks. Anyways, lets go back to the bread shop for now. I want the frosted donuts."
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