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    posted a message on [1.7.2 - Bukkit] Ember // No Whitelist // 24-7 // Towny
    IGN: Smapathy
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    MCName: alexedward1993

    Age: 18

    Why you're applying: I'm losing my mind playing by myself. Also I think I'll have fun on this server.

    Are you lawful?: Nope, but I don't grief, destroy spawns, steal, or advertise.

    The secret handshake of hilarity:
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    posted a message on Savage Realms - [1.7.x] [The BEST Server] [24/7 Lag-Free] [Towny] [Custom Bosses w/ over 250 abilities] [PvP World] [RPG/Dungeon
    IGN : alexedward1993
    Age : 18
    I have voted thrice today
    Been playing the server. I think it's good.
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    posted a message on [16x][1.7.3] Minecraft Socks (multi-pack)
    Hey! I'm Alex!
    This is my texture packs thread!

    I like to have fun, and I thought creating and customizing my own texture packs for Minecraft would be so, and so it is.

    I would like to do what PainterlyPack is doing, making multiple versions of one texture and being able to individually choose which ones to use, but I don't know how to that and it probably costs money.

    Ideas, suggestions, feedback, etc, are welcome.
    Requests for changes, new texture packs, specific themes, etc are accepted.
    I have adhd and no meds, but I will do my best to stay focused and complete projects from my head and yours.

    - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~

    [16x][1.7.3] aScratch v0.2
    aScratch download
    Creating textures by hand.

    ~8/29~ Grass, GrassSide, Stone
    ~8/25~ Gravel
    ~8/24~ Bedrock, Rain
    ~8/23~ Wooden Plank, Sand, Coal
    ~8/21~ GrassSide, SnowDirt
    ~8/15~ Grass, Sand
    ~6/26~ Stone, Grass, Dirt, Cobblestone, Wooden Plank, Sign

    - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~

    [16x][1.6.6] MCNZ v0.7
    Minecraft Negative Zero Download
    The Negative Zero texture pack is for me. I will do whatever I want with it, there is no particular theme or anything, it's a personalized pack. I am putting it up if anyone happens to like what I like.

    ~6/12~ sand, leaves, default birch
    ~6/1~ Diamond legs, Iron Armor
    ~5/26~ stone, tweaked the tree bark textures, updated for MC 1.6.4, creeper back to default, all dirt, grass
    ~5/21~ rain
    ~5/18~ sign, sandstone, torch, glass, ice, bark, bedrock, pine bark, birch bark, gold armor, obsidian, breaking animation, creeper, diamond armor, inventory gui
    ~5/2~ inventory gui change
    ~4/??~ minor gui changes
    ~4/27~ quick bar
    ~4/26~ crosshair, quick bar, minor gui changes

    - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~

    [16x][1.5] MCW v0.3 (discontinued)
    Minecraft Warped Download
    Created utilizing the warp filter on gimp.

    ~4/25~ gui
    ~4/24~ added crafting table, leaves, and bookshelf; touched up tree bark, removed dark spots from bed frame
    ~4/23~ majority of files


    - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~

    [16x][1.5] MCM v0.2 (discontinued)
    Minecraft Modified Download
    Make the game look nicer/smoother with textures similar to or based on the default textures.

    ~4/23~ sign smoothed (badly), arrow model tip colored to flint
    ~4/19~ updated for minecraft 1.5
    ~4/18~ modified glowstone
    modified white,gray,silver,black,pink,red wool
    modified lapiz azuli ore texture
    altered the blue of diamond and diamond equips, made it less saturated
    made diamond armor model texture blue
    changed clay ball from grey/blue to clay brown
    ~4/16~ furnace gui features the furnace texture
    sun and moon changed (the sun does not like me)
    ~4/15~ made custom textures for the basic raw materials that make the world up
    some minor changes to other textures, mostly gimp's seamless filter
    minor changes to gui
    crafting window features the crafting table texture
    all diamond changed to be more blue than green
    touched the buckets


    - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~

    [16x][1.4_01] Anarchy v0.1 (WIP)(discontinued)
    Anarchy Download
    I had been working on a texture pack on my previous computer, this was my attempt to recreate it. didn't work out well, decided it was a lost cause.

    [16x][1.4_01] MCLL v0.1 (WIP)(discontinued)
    Minecraft Less Lag Download
    My computer broke, bought a new one, new one's graphics were so bad I could barely play Minecraft, the only game that ran smooth was Runescape. In an attempt to make Minecraft run smoother I made a low quality texture pack, MCLess Lag. It was barely effective. Have a new graphics card, don't need to worry about it anymore.

    - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~ - ; ~

    UnrelatedNote: I have a server, free build/survival. Few rules, but I keep a close eye on newcomers. It isn't up 24/7, send me a private message if you want in.
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