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    posted a message on Brand NEW Vanilla Whitelist Large player base, community based Server

    ign: Sloss_Gaming Discord: Matthew W#5940

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    Volt SMP is a Minecraft whitelisted survival server, looking for YouTubers to record on the SMP, we are looking for active, dedicated players. We are always striving to bring a lag-free environment, that our members can enjoy playing with other players. We are a mature environment that respects all players. We do not use game changing plugins, we only use plugins to ensure players are not cheating, and to manage the server, we do not use OP commands unless there is a sufficient reason. We want to ensure that our players enjoy their time, and not just rush through the server.

    No cheating: We want to ensure a fair environment for the players, cheating would ruin the environment.
    Be nice / No drama: We want to have a mature environment, We want players to respect each other, so we can all have fun together!
    Have fun! : Have fun! We want to have a great time together, and have a lot of laughs!
    We are looking for the following:
    Players who will play, not just get on once then leave, we want you to at least try it, and not just leave!
    Players who know how to use discord, and use Discord!
    Players that create content on YouTube, or Twitch, The requirements on Youtube and Twitch are as follows:
    150 Subscribers
    At least 25-30 views per video within first 4 days.
    At least 1 video per week on the SMP.
    At least 50 viewers per stream.
    At least 1-2 streams per week.
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    Hey, Hope your doing good, I have recently started on Shockwave Network, We are looking to release within 2 months of now. We are needing staff, owners, devs, builders.
    The staff we are needing are as follows [Rank] | [Amount Needed]:
    - Owners | 2
    - Co-Owner | 1
    - Head of Staff | 1
    - Head of Advertising
    - Head of Development | 1
    - Developers | 3
    - Builders | 3
    - Head-Admins | 2
    - Admins | 6
    - Head-Moderator | 1
    - Moderators | 7
    - Helpers | 4
    - Trainees | 38
    If you are interested please apply, We need a lot of people and we have many ideas, If you help us you could be a part of something amazing, The application is below, Be sure to send it to MatthewWalden11 on skype, or Sloss2003$4087 on discord.
    Q: What rank are you applying for?
    Q: Do you have any past experience?
    Q: What makes you unique?
    Q: If you are applying for Dev or Builder please send us some of your past works:
    Q: How long can you be on for?
    Q: How can you help Shockwave be unique and grow?
    Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

    If you are wanting information about the server to check out our google doc:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Jjm ... sp=sharing This may be in the works at the time of you viewing this, If so just fill out the application and send it to sloss.
    We really appreciate you for applying for our server, you are what is going to make Shockwave the best network, We hope to see you here, Good day!
    Shockwave Staff

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