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    posted a message on [New Upcoming Server] Need PLENTY of Staff - Head Dev - Devs - Head Builder - Builders - APPLY HERE!
    • Age (No min) 13
    • Timezone:CST
    • IGN:Sloss_Gaming
    • Scale of 1-10 how active could you be?9
    • How long have you been doing your dev work?2Years
    • How clean is your code/config?Very clean? Od question. It really depends on the person.
    • What experience do you have?Golden PVP, LagonPVP, ExtrPVP
    • Do you have any certifications? (Not necessary)N\A
    • In what way would you feel you could contribute best to our server?Coding, and building, I would love to help your server become the biggest and greatest server on Mc.
    • How can we help you to become better at what you do?Let me learn from mistakes, and have a mature team.
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