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    Full name:
    Discord ID (username#0000): SlimeEnergy
    Minecraft UUID (covert): 7a578ebf-0dd3-4f78-a721-af64ff052618
    Age: 14
    Timezone: Eastern Timezone
    About yourself: I am a spigot programmer and I use 1.8, and eclipse is my IDE. I program a bunch of small plugins that do like nothing just so i can know more.
    How many years of experience do you have with Java, Bukkit/Spigot API, BungeeCord: Java: 2, Spigot: 0.5 (about 4 months)
    Any previous plugins that you are able to showcase (Public or Private): 2 small ones, I now just do small test ones: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/virtual-friend.30887/, https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/restore.31489/
    Are you able to use APIs provided by other developers: Yes.
    Additional knowledge of programming languages and/or techniques: I know a little HTML, CSS, I know a lot of Java, and some javascript.

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    posted a message on Why you should NOT downgrade to a windows 10 computer.

    I recently switched from windows 10 to windows 7. And it was AMAZING. First, for the looks, I used the Glass Theme for windows. Looks good.

    Now for the comparison

    Windows 7 is an amazing operating system. You have lots of control over it, unlike windows 10. Windows 10 likes to have dumber users. Don't be one of those. Use EVEN windows 8. But windows 7 is better tbh(especially for gaming) since you have a lot of control. If your game doesnt respond in later windows, it may take a bit to close. But here at windows 7 you should get an instant window popping up.

    So thats like 2 things.

    Theres more...

    A lot of software was created for windows 8/7. They are still making software for those operating systems because a lot of people still use it. So there might be some games windows 7 only. Or 8 only.

    But I guess it is your opinion.

    If you want less control and are under average knowledge of computers, its fine for windows 10. But if you care about control and you use your computer professionally then get windows 7.

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