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    IGN (In-Game-Name): BambinoFlea
    Age: 13 (Male)
    Youtube: N/A
    How long have you played Minecraft? Just after Mojang Released 1.5
    Why would you like to join the server? I love to make massive farms and projects and feel like single player has just got me a little tired of playing alone.
    Why should we accept you? I make friends easily and am enthusiastic about creating farms and projects to help all people on the server
    What would you bring to the server? Obviously projects that produce massive amounts of produce and many beautiful builds.
    Who is your favorite Minecraft youtuber and why? Ethoslab, Many LPs and variety of projects. Also like Mumbo Jumbo and Xisumavoid
    What is your favorite block? Sand
    Does everything i have said seem fair? Yes it does,
    Additional information (optional):

    I'll be sure to create a great server for all people. Thank you for reading my application.


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    posted a message on [v0.1] Hash2Ogg - All of minecraft's sounds freshly squeezed from the game. [Windows 7/8/10]
    Minecraft Hash2Ogg



    Minecraft Hash2Ogg is designed to support us to create a more enjoyable time creating resource packs for the community. By accessing minimal files, it's able to gather all of Minecraft's sounds and automatically sort them into resource pack form.

    Information Board

    [BUG] Some files are not be found and are not available in the final resource pack.

    Bug Reporting

    Please report all bugs to the ISSUE TRACKER


    Hash2Ogg v1.0 Supports 1.8 - Latest Version

    ( DOWNLOAD ) Windows [Exe] COMING SOON!


    Sorry about the size of the pictures, I'm a bit nooby at doing this... :soil:




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    IGN: BambinoFlea

    AGE: 22

    SKYPE: Ethan U (minecraftminer2002)

    TIME-ZONE: GMT +10 (Australia)

    CHANNEL: MrPocketRocketGaming; https://www.youtube.com/MrPocketrocketgaming

    UPLOADING: GameCube, Minecraft and a few other videos.

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    The MCUtilities Project AKA Minecraft Utilities

    Minecraft Utilities For You!


    MCUtilities is designed to give access to lots of Minecraft utilities and to make a program that creates fun and enjoyment for you!

    Hello it's Slimatrix ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Twitter: @ungere1) and I have been making this program called 'MCUtilities' that is basically a bunch of Minecraft Utilities. Its is still in beta and is not finished yet so please give me time as I am not a super experienced programmer :P. Right now it contains just 2 utilities but as time passes I will update it and hope to finish it by the end of this year!


    Please report all bugs to the upcoming ISSUE TRACKER.

    Also please feel free to email me if you want at: [email protected]



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