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    1. Hitting the baby dragon with an ender pearl will make the dragon hostile to you. In my idea, their aggression mechanic is kinda similar to that of wolves, except 2 things: First: other dragons won't become hostile, only the one you have hit. Second: the hostile dragon stops being hostile after not finding the aggressor for 2 minutes.

    2. Well, you just gave me the idea: the baby dragons can be able to understand if it is dangerous below them. For example, if there is a lava, the void or any damage dealing blocks below them, they will fly away from it and will try to find the safer place to land (if they have enough stamina to do so), if there is safe below them, they will just land by flying down.

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    Suggestion for a new mob: Baby Ender Dragon


    The baby ender dragon looks similar to the ender dragon, but 2 times smaller. It has 40 health points (20 hearts).


    Baby ender dragons spawn on the outer islands of the End in groups of 2-3. They spawn on every difficulty including the peaceful.


    Most of the time baby ender dragons just wander around. They have 3 ways of travelling: walking, flying up and flying down. Most of the time they walk on their hind legs while holding their fore paws in front of them like a tyrannosaurus or a veloceraptor. Their walking speed is equal to that of the player. If there is an obstacle 1 block high or lower, the baby dragons will jump on it. If the obstacle is higher than 1 block, they will use their wings to fly on it instead. The dragons' flight speed is equal to that of the player in creative mod without running. Their flight is limited by the stamina bar.

    The default and the maximum stamina value is 200 points. If the baby dragon walks, the stamina value will increase at the speed of 1 point per 0.1 second until it reaches the maximum of 200. If the dragon flies up, the stamina value will decrease at the speed of 1 point per 0.1 second until it reaches the minimum of 0. If the dragon flies down, the stamina value will not increase nor decrease. If the stamina value is lower than 200 points, the baby dragon won't be able to take off from the ground, and if it reaches 0 while the dragon was flying up, it will start flying down and won't be able to fly up until it regains the stamina.

    The baby ender dragon is a neutral mob, however if it was attacked by a player or a mob, it will become hostile to the attacker. The dragon attacks by running or flying towards the aggressor, dealing 4 points (2 hearts) of damage on contact. If the attacker gets out from the hostile baby ender dragon's sight for at least 2 minutes, it will stop being hostile.

    Sometimes baby ender dragons eat chorus flowers. If the dragon was injured before, eating the flower will regain it 10 health points (5 hearts).


    The baby ender dragon can be tamed by feeding it at least 10 chorus fruits while the dragon is not hostile. By putting a saddle on the tamed baby dragon, it's owner can ride it. The owner also can fly on their dragon but the stamina bar still remains and will replace the XP bar in the player's HUD if they ride the dragon. While riding the baby dragon, holding space makes it fly up, and releasing the space button while in air makes it fly down.


    The baby ender dragons drop 7-9 XP orbs and 6-8 ender pearls on death.

    Special interactions:

    The baby ender dragons have special interactions with the adult ender dragon. The babies will try to get close to the ender dragon, and on contact one of them will get on her back while other ones will land on the ground. It will stay there for 30 seconds before dismounting. After that, the baby dragon acts normal for 2 minutes before trying to get on the adult dragon's back again. The ender dragon cannot deal damage to the babies nor can they deal damage to her.


    • Unlike the ender dragon, the babies cannot heal from the ender crystals.
    • The baby ender dragons cannot grow up nor reproduce.
    • They cannot be hatched from the dragon egg.
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