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    posted a message on OptiFine HD (FPS Boost, Dynamic Lights, Shaders and much more)
    the 1.8.1 RC works great for me, adds 10FPS outside and 20 underground on my very slow laptop, which means the game is playable on it again

    AMD dual core 1.7ghz TK53, 2 gig ram
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    posted a message on Is fashion important?
    I am deliberately anti-fashion. Plain pants, solid color clothing. I buy shoes by their price and comfort.

    Of course I grew up in a school where it was really divided between the social people and the anti-social people. Even the anti-social people had a dress code you had to wear to be accepted by them, and in the end I did not see "hot topic" any differently than I saw "Abercrombie". So I refused to play that game.

    If you want to know who I am genuinely you have to talk to me. I have no time for people that take 3 seconds to look at someone and make a judgement, and I do not crave acceptance to the point of worrying about missing out on the good graces of such people.
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    posted a message on ultra hardcore mode= WTF
    Its called a "joke"
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    posted a message on We should be able to recycle Minecart Tracks
    Quote from NoobOfLore

    Since there is currently no way to smelt multiple items into a single item, how would you propose we do so?
    A 1:1 ratio of smelted tracks:iron bars isn't right, so what would smelting one track do, exactly?

    What about smelting them down into "scrap metal". A stackable new item. Iron bars and other things could be smelted down into "scrap metal" too. Then 9 scrap metal in a crafting bench makes iron ore, like the normal sort you get by mining.

    Then you can smelt that into iron.

    Adding in the item costs of fuel, maybe its just enough resource waste to make it semi-useful but not a preferred way of getting iron.
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    posted a message on We should be able to recycle Minecart Tracks
    Quote from chippeh

    16 tracks = 1 iron bar.
    Just because it takes 6 iron bars to make 16 tracks, you should lose some, if it's 1 bar per track, get 6 iron, you now have an infinite stack.

    and so you see how little of track/cart knowledge I have despite playing for well over a year now ha. So this is why I want another use.

    Yes, let Jeb and Notch worry about the conversion numbers, I just want an ability to melt them down
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    posted a message on We should be able to recycle Minecart Tracks
    Abandoned mines have their uses and their treasures. I would like the ability to get like an iron ingot for melting down the old minecart tracks found in the abandoned mines. I do not make or use minecarts very much if at all in my worlds. So letting them be melted down and recycled is like adding a whole new scavenging aspect to the gameplay.

    I'm sure there are other parts of the strongholds and mines that can be done the same way. I want to be able to think "Oh! an abandoned mineshaft, that's a resource I can utilize for my farm/village!". Melt down iron bars, perhaps iron doors as well.
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    posted a message on My thoughts on patch 1.8
    I do not like the frequency or the size of the Abandoned Mineshafts either.

    By the looks of my worlds I've seen so far, civilizations of a million people have already mined my entire world...

    I think they should be just like Ruins, rare to come across. With how they are now, almost any underground exploration will lead you into a shaft.
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    posted a message on Frontier Homestead Craft
    I am thinking of gathering a list of mods, then list what to include and exclude in them, and finally a rule set similar to the Ironman and Survivorman rule sets that people like to "Let's Play" to. It would not be perfect, but the best I can personally do
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    posted a message on Frontier Homestead Craft
    I want to start off by saying that I do not expect anyone to go to the trouble to making all of these additions to the game. I am merely explaining what would be my perfect set of mods for the game, and maybe some of our ideas will inspire other ideas and perhaps some good may come from it all.

    Frontier-Craft: the premise

    When I talk about Minecraft or play it with my friends, we frequently bring up how similar it is to games like Oregon Trail and Harvest Moon. When pretend we are settlers in a new land, trying to make a homestead for ourselves. We rarely make a town except for aesthetic purposes, and we visit each other's far away areas of the world to see what neat things they have made.

    There are a few things that would make this better, or things that we have said would be "cool" to have.

    Advanced Farming and Food

    We absolutely love the idea of the Hunger Bar that is coming soon(or is in game depending on when you read this). We would like some rustic veggies that we can farm, and new recipes for that match the Frontier. What would be cool is to have food spoilage. Some kind of limited time food is usable, or raw meats are edible. This would make a difference between food recipes that could be added. Rustic recipes for stews and roasted meats that last only a short time before they have to be thrown out. This means there needs to be a way to preserve food, so pickling, canning, and drying would need to be introduced.

    This will increase competition between players for food, but it may also increase trade. The ones that spend more time on clothing can trade that clothing for the food someone else has preserved for the winter.

    Advanced Animal Utility

    We would like to see many of the creatures that are in Mo' Creatures, but tailored for our uses. Animals that were commonly hunted and trapped for trade with civilization would be needed. Beaver that spawn around water that could be trapped and skinned for their pelts. Bears that can be killed for food and clothing. Deer, elk, hare and buffalo spawning in correct biomes so that those living the rough life in the mountains would benefit with higher bear spawn rates.

    Beasts of burden would be nice as well. Donkeys and mules that follow like the in game dogs, but have storage chests built in. Horses to ride is a must as well. Maybe too advanced for minecraft, but an animal to pull carts would be cool too.

    Advanced Weather

    Number one would be a cold meter. This will give a reason to hunt dangerous bear and other fur animals. You would need fur to stay healthy in the cold climates and high up mountains. Also it would facilitate the very real need of heating in a home... and introduce the very serious threat of fire in a homestead. This means we would need to gather and store wood for our heating before winter, another crucial aspect of making the game feel like the frontier.

    The ideal situation would be that there are seasons. The seasons dictate how strong the cold is. It would also change what animals spawn during these times. Bears would be harder to find in winter, meaning you need to stock up on food and clothing in the earlier months in preparation. The scarcity of supplies is the number one reason humans compete against each other... or cooperate in peace.

    NPC Villages become Native American

    Ok, if we're being politically correct, I'm sure we could come up with a more "correct" kind of housing for them. The American Frontier did exist near the tribes that used teepees though, so I do not see that too far out of the question. Either way, replace the European NPC villages with native american ones

    The best would be if they would randomly be created as hostile or peaceful so that it was dangerous to even approach them. The reward for being brave and finding a peaceful tribe would be some sort of trade for food and supplies. These NPC can't hunt, so they would easily agree to trading food for bear skins or beaver pelts.

    The River, the Plains, the Mountains

    It would be nice to have a major river in any created world. One that would act as a highway between players and a dividing point between the flatter lowland hills and the mountainous region. Work could be done to make them their own ecosystems. Farming works in the low hills, but the hunting is bad. The forest around the river is great for trapping fur, but hard to keep food around. The mountains would be the hardest of all to live in, without an ability to grow food, the constant need for fire, and the lack of people to trade with. But that would balance out due to the mining, the big money bear skin trade, and other riches found in hard to live places.

    Guns and technology

    It would be easy enough to ignore redstone, I pretty much do when I'm RP'ing the Frontier. Adding a single shot gun of some type would fit the flavor of the frontier. Maybe some water pumps for the mines? I would like a way to make a panning sleuce for getting gold out of the river or other waters. It would be slow, time consuming and take a lot to maintain, but it would spit out gold at a decent rate.

    If you read this, thanks for reading it. I know that much of this is more work than anyone would undertake just for me and my friends, so like I said at the start, the best I hope for is to maybe give people ideas.
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    posted a message on need a idea for how to get people to join a sever?
    Yea, the quickest way to get a bad rep and lose people is to have crappy Admins.

    Admins that see the server as their personal playground and care nothing for the general population. This is what 90% of servers are. The real population is the admins, and the rest of the people are ants to hit with magnifying glasses. They clear land and destroy homes and structures because that week they want to make a city there. Then they cry and whine about people not populating their cities, when all they really want is people to govern and push around with their admin rights.

    The fastest way to gain people? Be fair. Have admins that are there to enforce rules, not break them and say "haha sorry, I just felt like killing a bunch of people, come ask me for all the items you lost, I will respawn them for you".

    Admins should enforce RP rules if there are any. Help supply an economy and perhaps build a capital city. They should act like they have zero admin powers until an admin is needed by the population, not by their own messiah complex whims.
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    posted a message on Help with signature.
    Quote from Nayr_Kuroitenshi

    Okay I've seen so many people with more than one signature. Can someone please tell me how to have more than one?

    The limit to characters in the signature is larger than most forums. You have room enough to put in the HTML to have all sorts of stuff in the signature area.


    or at least the old forums did, I haven't messed with these new ones
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    posted a message on Notch Blog: Pistons delayed, complex maps, no modding API?
    The most disappointing part of this for me is that Jeb is being taken off the project.

    The last 3 really good patches to the game have been because of Jeb's work, and I was looking forward to more great stuff from him. Losing him from the project really cuts off the addition of the new cool things he does. Notch seems to mostly want to work on GUI stuff.
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    posted a message on ColonyCraft
    Age: 28

    Minecraft Name: Rick_no7

    Why I wish to join: I'm new to the online with others thing and I want a nice(no griefing) quiet(not 10,000 members), and vanilla(no mods) server. Working on colonies with people sounds great.

    Do I agree with the rules? Yes, very much so. John jumped jack in january
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    posted a message on Weather does add to the ambiance
    I love the sound, the only problem is you have to have "Fancy" on GRAPHICS option to hear the sound.

    Now, my laptop could handle fancy on normal except there's some kind of weird bug I have(have had since Alpha) that I get those broken polygon blades when the game is set on Fancy :sad.gif:

    So I wish that Fancy sound effects were independent an option for Fancy graphics
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    posted a message on Yet to see ANY weather.
    I'm averaging about 1 rain per in game week.
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