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    Hey Mineshopper thanks for doing this! Donations are coming soon from guys on my server they love this.

    However we do have a crash log of the Carpenters Stairs and chisel marble error. I used the chiseled marble columns to skin the stairs in our spawn. When ever you get close to that chunk this error happens. P.S it's near the bottom.


    I'm not 100% sure whats wrong but I tried a few things on our end to fix it and couldn't (other than take out carpenters).

    Let me know if you need more information.
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    @ Veehexx

    you have the Perm files backwards. Put the ee.lutsu.alpha commands in the permissions.yml in the root directory (MCPC+ uses this) and the others in Bperms.

    I did have problem with the .* I had to put in each perm. I used GroupManager heres an excerpt.

    - -mytown.adm.bypass.teleportwait
    - -mytown.ecmd.sethome.new_1
    - mytown.chat.allowcaps
    - mytown.chat.focus.help
    - mytown.chat.focus.global
    - mytown.chat.focus.trade
    - mytown.chat.focus.town
    - mytown.chat.focus.nation
    - mytown.chat.focus.local
    - mytown.cmd.plot
    - mytown.cmd.plot.*
    - mytown.ecmd.spawn
    - mytown.chat.*
    - mytown.ecmd.spawn
    - mytown.cmd.spawn.*
    - mytown.mayor.blocks.2
    - mytown.ecmd.msg
    - mytown.ecmd.home
    - mytown.ecmd.sethome
    - mytown.mayor.blocks.4
    - mytown.mayor.blocks.8
    - mytown.resident.blocksmulti.2
    - mytown.cmd.new.*
    - mytown.cmd.info
    - mytown.cmd.map
    - mytown.cmd.map.*
    - mytown.cmd.res
    - mytown.cmd.friend
    - mytown.cmd.list
    - mytown.cmd.perm.*
    - mytown.ecmd.sethome.replace
    - mytown.ecmd.delhome
    - mytown.cmd.online
    - mytown.cmd.invite
    - mytown.cmd.kick
    - mytown.cmd.accept
    - mytown.cmd.deny
    - mytown.cmd.leave
    - mytown.cmd.assistant
    - mytown.cmd.mayor
    - mytown.cmd.rename
    - mytown.cmd.delete
    - mytown.cmd.claim
    - mytown.cmd.unclaim
    - mytown.cmd.delete
    - mytown.cmd.nationinfo
    - mytown.cmd.nationlist
    - mytown.cmd.nationnew
    - mytown.cmd.nationaccept
    - mytown.cmd.nationdeny
    - mytown.cmd.nationinvite
    - mytown.cmd.nationkick
    - mytown.cmd.nationtransfer
    - mytown.cmd.nationdelete
    - mytown.cmd.nationleave

    This was my Root folder Permmission file
    default: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdMyTown: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdMyTown: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdMyTownAdmin: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdChannel: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdGamemode: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdWrk: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdSpawn: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdTeleport: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdSetSpawn: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdOnline: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdEmote: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdPrivateMsg: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdReplyPrivateMsg: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdHomes: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdHome: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdSetHome: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdDelHome: true
    ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdChat: true
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    Quote from Dev_Codec

    This just keeps getting weirder. Some back ground, on mcpc+ build 48, mytown, forgeperms w/o pex, forgeperms cbbridge 1.1.6 and groupmanager [perms]. With this build and adding the following to my bukkit.yml:
    t: fakecmd1
    sethome: fakecmd2
    home: fakecmd3
    homes: fakecmd4
    delhome: fakecmd5

    everything works flawlessly, I can make towns, set homes, list home and delete them. How ever once I update mytown to, I can no longer use /t, tells me "You cannot access this command", even as op with "*". Another strange thing is if I use /t spam, it wont tell me the same thing, telling me "[INFO] Unknown command. Use tab for autocomplete or /t help to find correct commands. Commands are different based on your town rank.". Like if I try to use /t spawn on a town with no spawn set i get " [INFO] Town spawn isn't set", but on a town with one set "You cannot access this command". Whats changed from .5 to .7? Can I just stay on .5 and be fine or is this a bug of some kind?


    The Bridge program now correctly links your Bukkit permissions through to the forge PEX.

    So you need to now add the permissions nodes that are in Forge PEX to your bukkit permissions file. (THIS IS DIFFERENT THEN THE ""ee.lutsu.alpha.mc.mytown.commands.CmdMyTown"")

    However.... you need to add all the commands if your bukkit permissions doesn't support the pipe command.

    Example before you could type mytown.ecmd.|.* would allow all mytown.ecmd.(map/list/accept/deny/info/ect).*

    Permissions systems like GroupManager don't support the xxx.|.* only the xxx.* so you need to add all commands.

    Don't know which ones??? Look at your console you will see this appear when you use a command

    11.08 22:27:07 [Server] INFO [Bridge]Skynet1514 at Overworld requested mytown.cmd.*
    11.08 22:27:07 [Server] INFO [Bridge]Skynet1514 at Overworld requested mytown.cmd.accept

    Notice it check for mytown.cmd.* AND checked for mytown.cmd.accept... just add mytown.cmd.* and then each command that you need. You can also find the list of commands at the start of this thread.
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    Lego I fixed it....

    In the Bukkit.yml file in the root directory you just need to assign the essential command a new alias.

    So I added this for everyone else in the bukkit.yml file in the root directory on the server.

    t: Bukkitt
    sethome: bukkitsethome
    home: bukkithome
    spawn: bukkitspawn

    What this does is re-assigns the essentials command /t or /spawn, /home, /sethome ect.. to /bukkitsethome /bukkithome ect... thus removing the conflict thus fixing the problem!!!!
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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I've tried using that option in essentials. Disabling - t and - sethome and - home but what ends up happening is that no command is even registered when you use /sethome or /t list. As in you type, nothing appears in the chat line or console. No error, nothing. I'm going to assume vault is a one way street and essentials isn't seeing vault as having those command/nodes since they are passed through it to the other perms.

    Or maybe it's just not displaying the text for some reason...? idk.

    I looked at Commandbook, but they also have a /home command and /sethome command so I would assume that it would also pose the same problem.

    As for the donations? Paypal is best I think.... there are some bitcoin paypal vendors to link them I think.
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    First amazing mod and you are an amazing saint for picking this up. This IMHO is the top mod to have for forge/mcpc+ servers. FYI do you have a donation box up yet????? I will gladly drop some dough on you and your work here. Once our server is set, we are going to do a How-to video on working with the perms and such.

    Which brings me to asking this question.

    Mytown commands can be used by doing /t setspawn or /t list ect...or more importantly /sethome /home and /spawn.

    If you have Mytown and essentials installed, /t is the tell command /home defaults to the essentails /home ect... which doesn't charge you money or an item to use it. In the essentials config, it states that there plugin tries to force the other mods to have priority. Which in the case of mytown isn't working, essentials always seems to "Win" out. Which I don't want because I love the idea of charging people to teleport between locations/towns and also the /t Alias is much better then typing /mytown every time.

    I assume the bridge mod you have, hooks the nodes from (forge)PEX into craftbukkit? So is it possible to have a config to re-aliase those commands to like /mt or something besides /t ? or maybe a sure footed solution is to ask, if you can figure out how to stop essentials from overriding both the /t Alias and the /sethome /home /spawn commands. I've tried re-aliasing those commands in the bukkit.yml and still won't work.

    (P.S I've also tried removing the essentials permission nodes essentials.home ect... from the list to see if I could just disable there commands and it didn't work, no error appeared)

    I guess I am asking for the reverse of what Trec93 has going on. I want mytown to overwrite essentials, due to being able to charge for teleports setting homes, and charging more when homes are reset or changed added ect....
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