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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [WIP] [FORGE] [SMP/SSP] Project Cosmos (SpaceAge)
    SpaceAge is an unreleased mod that adds in the majority of content for the Project Cosmos modpack and server.

    Official Website

    Main features:

    • Realistic electricity generation using the Universal Electricity API.
    • Realistic machines using the Universal Electricity API.
    • Iron Man Armour! Well, at least the Starboost (complete with 3D models) for space.
    • Currently 3 fully coded custom generated planets, 2 in the making and way more ideas for others.
    • Realistic ore generation (ie diamond can't be found on a volcanically inactive planet)

    SpaceAge, sadly, is no where near finished, and not even runnable, so there will be no download for a while.


    The Geothermal Turbine Concept Art:

    The Auto-Targeting Anti-Personal Turret
    Project Leader/Lead Developer/Secondary Modeller/Acting Texturer/Site Maintainer: SkylordJoel/Joel
    Site Manager: LMillsy/Millsy
    Primary Modeller: nathanphillis/Nathan

    Additional Content Sourced From:

    Built upon the Forge API of hacks by:
    And more who I don't know of...

    People who have made this hard for me:
    Acting Hitler: Jeb
    Acting Nazis: Mojang

    I mean seriously, buying Bukkit and not telling anyone that some people work for free and they benefit. Oh yeah, and the EULA sucks now too. You have not made this easy Mojang.
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    posted a message on SpaceAge Armour Skin Competition
    Quote from GummiKim»
    Done! Sorry it took me so long, I was busy as I said before. Here's a pic of what it'll look like!

    I will PM you the download file.

    Nice looking. I'll update the main post for this.
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    posted a message on SpaceAge Armour Skin Competition
    Quote from GummiKim»
    Okay, I don't know why, but for some reason I suddenly feel up to the challenge. I'm unpredictable. Anyway, I'm going to do a version for 1.8 and 1.7. How does that sound? If you have a preference, please let me know soon.

    The mod is 1.7.
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    posted a message on [SSP/SMP] [FORGE] [1.6.2/1.6.4] AddedCompat

    AddedCompat now has a WIP wiki! Go to http://addedcompat.wikia.com NOTE: Texturer needed: I am rubbish at texturing and would like a texturer to texture for me. Does anyone know how to register new crafting tables to NEI? Introduction:
    Ever wondered why mods have such bad compatibility? Ever wanted someone else to fix that? Well here is the answer. As of version Beta 0.1, AddedCompat revolves mostly around alchemy, a spiritual successor to Equivalent Exchange 3 for 1.6.2. Currently, IC2 is supported but plans to support more mods exist. (Also when Applied Energistics actually adds documentation for their API)
    Items and Blocks:
    Sapphire Ore:This is where Sapphires come from. Default data value, 500.Ruby Ore:This is where Rubys come from. Default data value, 500:1.Sapphire:This is the raw Sapphire. It can be used to create Energy Crystals.Ruby:This is the raw Ruby. It can be used to create Lapotron Crystals.
    Crafting Recipes: Note: Except for the first two, all the recipes have been moved to the Alchemy Table. NEI does not show alchemy table recipes but shows the recipe to create the alchemy table.
    Alternate Energy CrystalAlternate Lapotron CrystalIron/Bronze AlchemyMoss Stone + End StoneNetherrack + Moss Stone (NEI Glitch)Diamonds to Gold vice versaGold to Iron vice versaBlaze Rod to Iron + Obsidian to IronCharcoal to Coal + Blaze Powder to Blaze RodThis may change but AddedCompat is 100% working with NEI (NotEnoughItems) by ChickenBones.
    Version Beta 0.5 for Minecraft 1.6.4, IndustrialCraft-2_2.0.316 (Direwolf20 1.6.4 compatibility): https://www.dropbox.com/s/ggqlcd3v82x3swz/AddedCompat_Beta_0.5.zip Version Beta 0.4 for Minecraft 1.6.4, IndustrialCraft-2_2.0.316 (Direwolf20 1.6.4 compatibility): https://www.dropbox....a_0.4_1.6.4.zip Version Beta 0.4 for Minecraft 1.6.2, IndustrialCraft-2_2.0.239-experimental: https://www.dropbox....at_Beta_0.4.zip Version Beta 0.3 for Minecraft 1.6.2, IndustrialCraft-2_2.0.239-experimental: https://www.dropbox....at_Beta_0.3.zip Version Beta 0.2 for Minecraft 1.6.2, IndustrialCraft-2_2.0.239-experimental: https://www.dropbox....at_Beta_0.2.zip Version Beta 0.1 for Minecraft 1.6.2, IndustrialCraft-2_2.0.239-experimental: http://www.4shared.c...ddedCompat.html
    Version Beta 0.5: Added aesthetic fake quartz -Added the aesthetic fake quartz - crafting recipe in NEI Version Beta 0.4: Added Recipe -Added diamond from ruby and sapphire -Added cobblestone from dirt-Improved the Alchemy Table GUI Version Beta 0.3: Added Alchemy Table -Added Alchemy Table -Moved all alchemy recipes to the Alchemy Table Version Beta 0.2: Fixed Bugs -Fixed Sapphire and Ruby Ore not dropping Sapphire or Ruby. -Fixed Sapphire and Ruby Ore being broken by hand. Version Beta 0.1: Created Mod -Added Sapphire, Ruby and respective ores. -Added Alchemy Recipes.
    1: Install MinecraftForge. (Google that)2: Run Minecraft once, then close it.3: Put the mod in your 'mods' folder.4: Run the game and enjoy. IC2 is required.
    This modification is Copyright © of (hereafter referred to as "The Owner") and is the intellectual property of The Owner. Only Minecraftforum.net is able to host any of The Owner's material without the consent of The Owner. It may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. (Electronic mail is acceptable as long as you wait for a response.) If you mirror this mod page or anything The Owner has made on any other site, The Owner may seek compensation for the damages through a lawsuit. This means no PlanetMinecraft 'clones', no Skydaz, etc. PneumaticTrainz has kindly rebuilt this mod for me but allows me to keep it here. Regarding Modpacks:
    -Anyone from FTB is allowed to use my mod in their pack.-Anyone playing Technic Launcher is not allowed to use my mod in their pack.-Private packs are allowed without my permission (unless it is Technic).-Public packs will need my permission but I will likely say yes.

    This mod is dead. Check out SpaceAge instead. For archiving reasons, the original text will remain above.
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    posted a message on Opinion on Notch/Mojang
    I agree. Mojang is slow at coding, is paid tonnes and is an emptier promiser. Anyone else remember the plugin API we got in 1.2?
    And $30 (what I paid for it in beta) isn't cheap, in fact the most expensive I've seen is Portal 2 for $20.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] WarpDrive mod: ships, space, lasers!
    Hi, love your mod. Am I allowed to port it to UniversalElectricity?
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    posted a message on [1.10.2]+ How to code Custom 3D armor Models : Tutorial By SenpaiSubaraki
    Quote from senpaisubaraki

    odd. I don't see any problems to be honest ....

    Found the problem! Hurrah! I set the jetpackleft.addbox(somethingF, etcetera.) to 0F. Sifting through your github code works. I will test if armour shows up now.
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    posted a message on What's this mod API I'm hearing about?
    The mod API is this:
    Back in time to 1.2: Hey next version we'll have something called the plugin api.
    1.5: We're almost done - 1.6
    Now: We had made substantial progress

    Predicted future:
    2.9: We got the first class done!

    Basically it is an official version of forge, with less hooks and less modification because Dinnerbone hates Forge and it's mods.
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    posted a message on Is Mojang getting lazy?
    Quote from Phycozz

    Making a mod and updating the core game are two very different things. Also, the game is still getting updated a lot. Be glad they didn't stop once it hit 1.0.0

    Yes, you are right. The game developers do not have to hack into the code every update and try to reverse engineer every obfuscated name. You are right, creating a mod is much, much harder then rolling an update.
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    posted a message on Forge officially drops ModLoader compatibility
    Use forge, easier to code and completely universal. Easiest for the modder and the user.
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