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    posted a message on It Was a CreeperREMAKE (Fanfiction)

    Hello (again),

    after being inactive for months, i decided to remake my crappy fanfiction. The original story is short, action-tragedy. But the remake is extended, action-packed fantasy adventure spiced with dark feelings.

    The story is about someone who tried to find out the origin of monsters out there. He found out that the world is more than what he saw. He saw the universe. He saw himself.

    Here is it- It Was a CreepeREMAKE

    reviews are welcome, both positive and negative.

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    posted a message on Herobrine: The Unreals (Not creepypasta)
    Quote from Jedi350»

    Your first chapter has lots of action in it, and it also has some good descriptive language. I had some trouble following what was going on, though. I think the main reasons for this were: (1) the tense changes a lot; and (2) I don't have much context for the battle scenes. Perhaps you could go through the specific language and make the tenses more consistent. That would add to the readability. I would also suggest adding some information on how the characters find themselves at this point.

    Thanks for your review! now, I'm active again, and the second chapter has been released! about your trouble following what was going on, yeah I also have that problem because the first chap is very action-intense, which was inspired from a minecraft animation battle. for the tense change, that's because i couldn't find the good way to describe what was going on, and mostly because grammatical errors. and yeah, the story is much a mystery for this time. and the Herobrine himself is supposed to be mysterious. I hope you read the second chapter :)
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    posted a message on Potion Suggestion: Potion of Spelunkering

    mmmh, I'm neutral about the potion itself, but how to implement the effect...

    so some weeks ago I was thinking about how to implement all things in terraria to minecraft and well, that wasn't easy. the minecraft and terraria engine is different, and changing 2D to 3D is quite a problem.

    suggesting something "Beyond the Horizon" may be fun, but you need to consider more things.

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    posted a message on About hologram thing/an new block

    then, what's the purpose?

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    posted a message on Water Changes + Sponge Cooking = Completely Useless Sponges
    Quote from Mastermined»

    In fact: if you place an empty bucket in the fuel slot of the furnace, you can actually collect a water bucket from it. It's a pretty neat detail.

    the logic: as the water evaporates and you place a bucket so the water vapor somehow got trapped inside the bucket and then the water vapor condense into water.

    but, why we are talking about this?
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    posted a message on Water Changes + Sponge Cooking = Completely Useless Sponges

    it's not too dumb...

    the logic: you heat up the sponge, and the water evaporates, and it becomes dry!

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    posted a message on Adding more block types to caves

    I would prefer some new cave types for different biomes than stuffing all new blocks to a cave, like: ice caves with ice, jungle caves with mossy stones, etc...

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    posted a message on Water Changes + Sponge Cooking = Completely Useless Sponges

    use wet sponges for decor... *frown*

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    posted a message on Reverted Wool Textures

    I don't even really know the differences.

    I don't really care, I never use wool so much.

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    posted a message on Herobrine: The Unreals (Not creepypasta)


    after reading a lot of minecraft fanfictions, I decided to make my own, and (hopefully) I will add new chapter at least one per week. Hopefully I'll be more

    This story is about Herobrine (No, not that creepy horror), which is on a research to find the cause of global anomalies. He will battle his way to find and stop them, meet various enemies and friends, various magics, techs and secrets, and eventually found the true enemies of minecraft, and the whole world will know that Herobrine is the false villain, and the true hero.

    here is it -> Herobrine: The Unreals

    please criticize, suggest or point out any errors.

    hope you like it!

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    posted a message on Mobs that should be added
    Okay, this isn't very readable, but I'll try.
    Quote from Mat135790» not just bubbles when fishing-water- drops fish I don't really like the 'drops fish'. It made fishing partially useless.

    2.bird-to add more flying creatures maybe crows-sky and trees and on ground- drops feathers and chicken Chicken is kinda weird. And chicken is already common.

    3.snake-neutral and if provoked they will poison you-anywhere-drops scales and a rare chance of dropping potion of poison ...

    4.lion-savannah and plains-drops leather, bones and meat What meat?

    5.shark-aggressive-ocean-drops teeth and fish Teeth?

    6.goblin-zombie sized mob with sword-over world caves and plains-drops leather and rare chance of gold or iron sword Not so unique?

    7.elephants-plains and savannah-drops leather, tusks and meat Tusk?(again, vague new item)

    8.giraffes-plains and savannah-drops leather and meat -_-

    9.demon-2x bigger than player devil look alike on fire and partially on fire-near lave and in nether-drops blazepowder and rubies which should also be added. Rare chance to drop demon blood Useless ruby?

    10.stone golem- 4x bigger than player made of stone turns into two smaller golems when killed-extreme hills and big caves-drops stone and a rare chance of diamond,emerald,gold,iron,coal,red stone,lapis lazuli I don't like that it's naturally spawned, and rare chance of minerals defeats the purpose of mining. dragon- boss- lives in large non deep cave breaths fire, flys and has babies that attack player. Once adult dragon killed you can tame babies-caves plains-drops scales and a diamond and emerald also drops skull which can be worn and placed Don't like the baby

    12.wizards-shoot fire-extreme hills-drops staff of fire which can be used to shoot fire balls I would like to support this if it uses fire charges

    13.kraken-boss- in water grabs player with tentacles-ocean deep sea-drop lots of fish, ink sacs and tentacles also drops diamonds Tentacles (again?)

    14.camel-can be rode-deserts-drops leather and meat We have horses and llamas?

    15.wraiths-has a scythe and can summon skeletons-drops bones and a rare chance of enchanted books-very rare chance of dropping scythe that can spawn one skeleton a day which will help you fight How do it spawn? don't like the scythe though.

    16.skeletons with swords- why not-overworld-drops bones and rare chance of iron sword Why? too much zombie-like mobs isn't a good idea. we have zombies, babies, zombie villagers, baby zombie villagers, husk, wither skeleton...

    Also i tink it would be good if you could put the demons blood, wraith scythe and dragon skull in a crafting table to make a spawn egg for a boss. The spawn egg can only be spawned in a battle arena around the map. I wasn't sure what boss to make it so I'll let you decide. If you don't like this idea it is fine, it would probably be better without it. Maybe not. You will need to make those items useful if you removed the boss idea.

    Tell tell me what you think. This has been updated if there is any you like or dislike please tell me. It is not that detailed but I will get onto doing it soon.

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    posted a message on Air Mobs

    So you basically suggest mobs which annoy(?) gliders.

    and well, the frost, should have high speed or the player will easily outrun and avoid it.

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    posted a message on Peaceful Mode with Hunger and regular damage
    Quote from Mastermined»

    Set up a couple command blocks to automatically kill all hostile mobs. Bury them in your spawn chunks, and you're good to go!

    A completely 'new' difficulty mode is not necessary.

    This would work but the mob drops can be an issue.
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    posted a message on Combat overhaul

    More responses!

    Quote from ice000breaker»
    when 1.9 was announced, i was super excited for it, as it was supposed
    to add mechanics and forever alter the gameplay in the game for better,
    however, for my disappointment it didn't; unlike many people i actually
    liked the attack speed mechanic and i think it actually improved the
    combat system, however, the additions in 1.9 related to combat are too
    little to name the whole update "Combat update"

    in this thread I would like to suggest and discuss an overhaul to the
    combat system, something to make fighting (mobs and PvP) a fun process.
    the primary elements that this overhaul will be revolving around are :
    Choice, Difficulty, and Mechanics

    starting off :

    1 - Choice Choice is what puts the difference between a "game" and
    "interactive multimedia" ; if you didn't have choice in the actions you
    are doing then its not a game. currently Combat in minecraft has so
    little choices, combat is linear, which means you always do the same
    thing, kite the enemies, attack when the attack bar gets refilled, block
    arrows with the shield, no matter how many enemies, its always the
    same. as well there's so little choice in the gear you take with you, as
    the weapons are few, and not versatile. Yeah. More choices, and combat
    will be more than just stats and a little skill. Good.

    juicy mechanics aren't the only thing that make fighting interesting, choice takes an equal if not larger part.

    2 - Difficulty as long as the enemies are so predictable, no matter
    how deep the choices and how active are the mechanics, they have no
    effect in making combat more fun; since you won't need to use any of the
    new features and you'll stick to kiting and attacking mechanics. Yeh.
    They only add this to bosses. Zombies are boring. OK.

    3 - mechanics combat shouldn't be only a strategic choice, but the
    process it self should be fun, and thats where the difference between
    good mechanics and bad mechanics is. Not sure. what mechanics?

    Ideas on how to make combat more fun and challenging

    these are just possible ideas, i'm not going deep into the details (such
    as crafting recipes and exact damage values) , this isn't a wishlist,
    the main idea is to add up to Choice, Difficulty and Mechanics in combat
    in minecraft, these ideas are examples on how to solve the problem.


    1 - Dual wielding

    you know something is missing when dual wielding has been introduced in
    the "combat update" but you can't use it to dual wield weapons. if dual
    wielding was considered somehow "Overpowered" , removing it isn't a
    proper solution to the problem.

    when a weapon (any item that increases damage) is equipped in the
    offhand, right clicking attacks with it, however, if both hands are
    equipped with weapons, they both receive an increase to attack cooldown.
    so overall dual wielding increases your DPS, but it doesn't actually
    double it, because the weapons attack slower than when wielded alone. My
    suggestion is both weapons attack when left clicked, and, your dominant
    hand always prioritized if it has full recovery. if the dominant hand
    sword is recovering, the offhand will take it's place, and they have
    separate attack recovery, and you can only recover one of them at a
    time. Your idea is OK.

    Thought of this, but if the two weapons
    had two different uses, you may want to decide which one to use exactly,
    so im sticking with the rightclick thing, anyways if you carry two
    weapons then the rightclick is not occupied. Mixing left and right click will make a confusion. left click = attack/destroy, right click = use/place.

    this idea adds a choice in combat, will you go for a defensive shield?
    or a more offensive dual weapons? Currently the offensive dual weapons
    is, well, sword and bow the sword and bow are a different thing. I know.
    currently the only choice is shields, but with dual wielding (and other
    ideas listed below that could occupy the offhand) you'll have a plenty
    of choices, each with its own uses, advantages and disadvantages to be
    used in the offhand too much offhand uses, isn't it? whats too much? they are very little Outside of combat, it's also useful. quick healing, alternating ammo, torch-pick, dual potion, attack-block, etc.

    2 - Shield bang

    attacking with the shield works differently from other attacks, the
    shield has the slowest attack speed in the game, but its attack has got a
    slightly stronger knockback and stuns enemies for a short time, as well
    it can block an attack if it came in the exact moment the attack was
    made, the attack drains from the shields durability. if the shield was
    equipped in the offhand slot, you can perform the bang by right
    clicking, and you can block by holding right click. I prefer shield
    dash, and, bang & block is right click? I want bang to be left

    i mentioned that the bang is performed by
    attacking (left click) , but if you were wielding the shield in the
    offhand and a weapon in the main hand, left click should be used for the
    weapon attack, while right click is for the block, so thats why i came
    with this mechanic. Mixing left click and right click isn't a good idea. currently left click is for attack/destroy, and right click to place/use. mixing them will create confusion.

    also do you care to explain what is shield dash?Just a variation of shield bang, sprint + bang. have greater knockback, and knocks all enemies in front of you, but just the target that gets stunned. non-target gets weaker knockback than the target.

    3 - Horse combat

    While riding a horse, looking left or right should't rotate the horse,
    so you can attack enemies at your sides from your horse back Not
    comfortable for horse racing.

    4 - Charge attack

    your current movement speed adds up to your attack, which means
    sprinting or attacking while falling deals extra damage, currently
    attacking while falling deals extra damage: critical hit. however,
    this attack has got a slower attack speed. attacking while on a horse
    benefits greatly from this as the horse moves much faster than your
    feet. Eh? more horses?

    5 - Quickdraw

    by pressing R, immediately draw the item in your ninth slot and put the
    item in your eight slot in your offhand. This will reduce the advantage
    of ambush attack. usually, when ambushing unexpecting enemy, he/she will
    fight back with the wrong item if he/she aren't battle ready. ambush is
    a strategy, and you said before that you want the combat to be more

    it just made drawing weapons easier,
    instead of clicking on the hot bar to quickly draw, we just moved the
    button a bit closer.

    i dont get your point
    It helps a lot and reduce the advantage of ambush. putting 2 items in their correct slots with just one closer button is far more effective than putting 2 items manually with farther buttons.
    6 - Arrow cycling

    once you draw your bow, normal arrows are immediately placed in your
    offhand slot, and you can cycle between other arrow types by clicking
    CTRL. yes this also means you can't use other items in the offhand while
    using the bow, as well the bow can't be used from the offhand. Too
    easy. also reduce the advantage of ambush.

    what do you mean by too easy? cycling
    arrows is too annoying, if you put the bow in the off hand and the
    arrows in main hand, youll occupy most slots by the various arrows, and
    if you put the bow in the main hand and arrows in the offhand youll have
    to open inventory to cycle them. it just makes an annoying task easy,
    and i said my opinion about ambush above

    You didn't say anything about ambush. Not annoying, if you prepare before combat. put your bow in offhand, all of your arrows in 1-9. no need to open inv, and quite easy.
    7 - Part Damaging

    attacking the head deals extra damage, attacking the feet deals less
    damage, but cripples target (slows him) if enough damage was dealt to
    the feet, attacking hands deals less damage but slows their attack speed
    if enough damage was dealt to that hand. some mobs with extraordinary
    parts may have special weak points or different negative effects on
    attacking their various parts for example, spiders has so many feet
    which means its very difficult to slow them down by attacking their
    feet, as well they have no hands which means you can't weaken them. It
    may be good in some games, but this is too complicated?

    might agree with you OK.



    1 - spear the spear has a different attack mechanic than other
    weapons. attacking with the spear has a very long time to perform the
    attack compared to other weapons, but when you get in setup mode (by
    holding right click), you can perform attacks quickly, however, during
    setup mode movement and turn rate are slowed. the spear deals less
    damage than the sword, but attacks faster (while in setup mode) and has a
    longer reach. which means you can attack enemies before they get in
    their melee range. when a shield is equipped in the offhand slot,
    holding right click both puts the spear in setup mode and the shield in
    block mode, and you can attack during block. Too versatile? the spear has only two different properties, long range and attack while blocking setup mode? yes
    , its when spear men take guard behind their shields and point the
    spear forward to get ready to attack, while moving their spear is
    pointed upwards for easier movement, so attacking without "setup mode"
    takes longer time
    might be agree with you

    the spear serves as a rather a defensive option than the other weapons,
    since it has a longer reach, and it works in harmony with the shield,
    however its on a disadvantage on the offensive side, as it requires a
    sentry position to work properly. Too defensive,, I just like the longer
    reach thing. the idea is that different
    weapons should have different uses, not just different properties, if
    the spear was like a sword just with extra range the sword would be
    ignored, also i want the iconic minecraft sword to always remain the
    primary weapon in the game, other weapons are tactical choices.

    OK. I didn't see the turn rate reduction.
    2 - hand axe the hand axe is faster and slightly weaker than the
    sword, and it features a special ability : "throwing" . hold right click
    to charge the attack then release to perform a short ranged attack, the
    axe can be retrieved by right clicking it while its on the enemy or the
    ground What I feared if I use this in PvP and throw this, and my enemy
    runs away and I lose my hand axe. so? you lost 2 pieces of iron?
    You didn't say before that it's just 2 pieces of iron
    3 - Blow dart Blow darts are crafted for a cheap recipe, then can be
    placed instead of glass bottles in the brewing stand, creating a full
    effect launchable potion projectile. the blow dart is different from
    tipped arrows, they deal no damage, which means they can be used with
    positive effects. Needs blowpipe too. no it
    doesn't, darts (unlike arrows) are carried in small amounts because they
    are used strategically, so if we added a blow dart just for the 2 darts
    you have in your inventory that'll be too much, the blow dart is
    included with the dart i say, for the sake of gameplay I don't understand the glass bottle thing. but why not just reduce the stack size?
    I see this as "splash potions with longer range". longer range and have the full effect on one enemy rather than reduced effect on a number of enemies OK. so "Targeted splash potions with longer range".

    Arrow Types

    with the combat update, we got a whole new system for arrow types,
    however all we got is potion tipped arrows ( which you never use because
    there aren't mobs worth wasting these arrows on ) and the useless (yet
    awesome) spectral arrow. Useless? They can be used to track down your
    enemy. However, yeah you're right, mobs are too worthless to get
    spectral arrow. they may be useful in multiplayer, but still very little use, if the duration increased maybe it'll be worth it Hey, at least they're awesome

    Both "Arrow types" and "enchantments" add new properties to your arrows
    and buff bows, so why would we make some effects achieved through
    enchantments and others achieved through Arrow types?

    the main difference is that Arrow types are optional, which means you
    can choose when to use them, while enchantments effect is applied to all
    of your arrows. this means that effects that are always useful should
    be added as enchantments, for example increase missile speed, while
    effects that are not always useful, and made for utility use should be
    added as arrows types so you can decide when you want that effect and
    when you don't, for example : arrows that destroy blocks, you may want
    to destroy blocks with arrows, but sometimes you don't so this effect
    should be introduced as an arrow type. Eh? feels weird about this... care to explain? i just explained the basis of game design on this matter, whats weird about this?
    OK, OK, I care. here is it: Minecraft isn't a RPG with "no turning back" features (unless for advancements for obvious reason). by enchanting a single arrow and all arrows get the ench, you can't remove it, feels like upgrading skill. for swords and bows, you can just get a new one, but for arrows, you can't.
    the second difference is that Arrows are limited, which means we can
    bind the powerful effects to specific rare or expensive arrow types for
    the sake of balance, while enchantments apply their bonus on all of your
    arrows. for example, arrows that go through blocks are way too powerful
    to have as an enchantment, as this means you can just build walls and
    spam launching arrows from behind them, but if this effect was limited
    to specific expensive arrows makes their usage strategic and not
    actually over powered.

    1 - Flaming arrows

    quite different from FLAME enchantment, flaming arrows deal less impact
    damage than normal arrows, but they set enemies/blocks they hit on fire,

    they are less useful than normal arrows in terms of damage, but they have different uses :

    - Siege : these arrows allows igniting structures from a distance,
    and the fire may spread, which allows destroying structures with a load
    of these arrows.

    - Lighting : want to explore a very dark cave but you need light
    before you approach? launch a fire arrow and the fire will provide
    temporary light for you to see and go inside to place a torch.

    - destroy equipment : since armor/shields lose durability for every
    damage instance and not for the amount of damage, multiple damage
    instances remove much more durability from enemy equipment. Too much
    uses? Siege is too annoying when, like, someone with golden armors
    attacks you in your tree farm, and you think, "G-armors are fragile,
    let's use flaming arrow!" and you end up burning all of your trees. if
    you burn your own trees you are an idiot, also it takes one arrow on
    every tree to burn it down, and itll take a long time you could turn it

    Idiot? it could be an accident. and fire can spread, so you don't need to fire one arrow for each trees to burn them down. Put it out? still in combat, bro!

    the FLAME enchantment should be removed and replaced with another enchantment.

    2 - Diamond arrows

    simply replace the flint with a diamond for a more expensive more
    powerful arrow. A fully charged shot from an unenchanted bow is already
    painful, and diamond arrows will be heartpiercing. but I think diamond
    arrow won't have much use, because unlike diamond sword, that is very
    reusable, diamond arrow is not. yes, thats
    the thing, you waste a very precious material on ammo (which is consumed
    upon usage) to get increased damage, also swords will break on use At least swords can be used multiple times, escpecially diamond sword which is very durable.

    3 - split arrows

    fire multiple, inaccurate, weaker arrows.

    good against large hordes of enemies. woo. like a shotgun. also good for those who don't have good accuracy. good, good.

    4 - ghost arrows

    ghost arrows pierce through blocks to hit enemies from behind walls, they disappear after a duration of travelling.

    could be used for sneak attacks, or to kill enemies from behind cover
    if in in low HP eeh, too haunting, and could be backfire if you're in a
    situation where you ally is fighting you enemy, and you want to sneak
    attack and shoot this behind a block, and you end up killing your ally
    because you can't see your enemy. as i said, if it backfires, its your fault, in fact im happy that some weapons can back fire if you dont use them properly

    I'm happy that you could make pros and cons for your ideas. I feel this arrow is too special, but not OP.

    5 - Frost arrows

    Frost arrows completely disable hit target, turning them into ice, the larger the enemy, the shorter duration it takes.

    the recipe for frost arrows is rather expensive and very limited, and
    they can be found as rare loot in some dungeon/structure chests for
    it's rarity, it's ok.

    6 - Amplifier arrow

    the amplifier arrow applies a buff that amplifies all damage target receives for a period of time. huh? looks too flat. you just hit someone with the arrow and charge on them with stronger attacks, yes its flat but its useful OK,,

    Utility Items

    1 - smoke bomb

    thrown at a short range, the smoke bomb emits blinding particles in
    its landing area, blocking player/mob vision, allowing for a secure
    escape from combat blocking mob vision won't make them unable to target
    you ???!. try blindness on a zombie and it will still chase you and villagers well maybe because the developers didn't implement that??. maybe make it alter the mob's AI so it's detection range reduced to zero. temporarily. yes thats what i want, it adds something to mob AI, they cant see through the smoke, so they lose you. OK,,

    2 - illusion orb

    works like the illusioners ability, and may possibly be a drop from that
    mob. Not so useful, because other players can still know roughly where
    you are, or at least know you're there. plain invisibility is better for
    stealth than this. have you tried fighting
    the illusioner? hes a pain in the ass, plain invisiblity is a whole
    different thing, you can't compare these two

    yes, it may be useful for mobs because their stupid AI, but when in PvP, especially sneak attacks, this is becomes a different story. and, I don't know whether the illusion hides the player and all of items he wears and holds, or do it just like plain invisibility?
    Yeah, illusion may be confusing for the inexperienceds, but plain invisibility with the right tactic will do. But illusion will have unique advantage against invisibility if the illusion also hides armors and held items.


    many people would argue that making the game more difficult could be
    less appealing to casual players, however, the games difficulty has
    increased several times through the past updates (witches, skeleton
    buff, strays...) , and that didn't make a problem. some may also suggest
    the addition of a new hardcore mode for hardcore players and keep the
    old one for casuals, regardless of these arguments, for proper use of
    the new combat system and the new choices, enemies should pose more
    threat to the player.

    I'm not going to suggest specific mobs, as that would be a wishlist, but
    i'm going to suggest ideas that could be used in the creation of new
    mobs / editing current ones. I'm happy that you could consider the

    1 - No Kiting to solve the absurd kiting mechanic in minecraft, the
    simple solution is to add enemies that are faster than the player, or
    mobs that attempt to sneak on him, or mobs that could quickly close the
    distance through jumping or teleporting.

    2 - Various Attacks enemies should have multiple attacks, so their
    behavior isn't that predictable, this feature has been introduced in a
    only a few mobs, and mostly bosses, and it proved good. for example,
    spiders may attempt to attack you directly, or jump and attack your top
    part, and they may attempt to sneak on you instead of directly going to

    3 - Different fighting style all mobs have the same fighting style,
    detect player? go ahead and attack! how about a mob that actually wields
    a shield? yes, totally invulnerable, you'll need a different strategy
    in approaching them. or a teleporting ranged mobs? just like the
    enderman wasn't annoying enough, these bastards keep attacking you from a
    distance and teleport away when you approach. another thing, is flying
    mobs, this, combined with different ideas, can create countless unique

    4 - Minibosses ideas about minibosses are various, some may be
    neutral overworld mobs, which are optional to fight for their loot, some
    may be structure restricted, or actually just a buff mob that you'd be
    very unlucky to encounter.

    the addition of mobs that are very difficult to fight, and require a
    counter strategy to fight them, not only normal mobs with high HP/damage
    values, could alone add a lot to combat fun. These 4 definitely would
    be OK, but because you aren't specific, no specific respond.

    Thanks for reading, ideas/criticism welcome, and i may add the new ideas
    to the main thread if they actually serve the purpose. detailed
    information about items/mobs could be added in their own separated
    articles, and i will link them as examples into this thread (whether
    they are mine or not)


    Edit: I missed some of the responses. Fixed!

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.14: The Sky Update

    And we need more sky content. Just adding what we already have in the game seems not enough, we need exclusive one or two.

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