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    About Us

    Savior Host was founded on April 24, 2012.

    Our company offers high quality servers at very competitive prices.

    We have founded this company to make of this a reliable hosting with quality servers where you can get fast support. There are many things that make us better. We have a team of trained staff ready to help you at anytime. We’re located in good datacenters with fast network speeds and premium bandwidth to provide you with low latency networks to all around the world. Our support team is located in all around the world, this is how we provide 24/7 support. If you want to find more about the Savior Host team you can take a look at: Our team page.

    After months of experience providing hosting we know how to give a good customer service, we have a client area where you can open a ticket, contact us and tell us what you want. Our billing system allows you to manage your orders, invoices, tickets and many more.

    Here in Savior Host we use the newest hardware in the market to provide a stable and fast service. Our servers just use brand hardware such as Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge processors and Intel & Samsung SSDs. We use high frequency CPU’s too, from 3.3 GHz – to – 3.5 GHz of speed.

    Savior Host makes every effort to offer the best Minecraft servers for you. We want to give you the best services you could find out there, with top-notch performance servers and great support.


    We host our minecraft servers from the most efficient and fast networks worldwide! So there is no lag for anyone connected no matter where they are!

    Blazing Fast Network
    When you buy a server with us it will be on a amazing connection that will not disappoint you or your players. We make sure we only use the best hardware on the most rapid fast connection available. With this we are able to make sure your server can be stable and manage all of your plugins without lagging!

    Our Support Team
    We are one of the only Minecraft server hosts in the world who can provide guaranteed support reply’s within 24 hours! We answer within an hour or less on average!

    99% Uptime Guarantee
    We’d like to assure you that our servers are of top quality and the chances of there ever being a problem with your server while it is in our hands is very small. With us we can guarantee that your server will run smooth!

    Multicraft Control Panel
    We are using the most detailed and controlling panel for minecraft servers. This allows you to change all of your server settings without having to go through all your files. This makes it easy for you to have an amazing experience with Savior Host.

    Team of Trained Staff
    We happen to employ a highly specialized team of trained staff members which are ready to help at a high priority. They’re able to install plugins, setup custom JARS and even help you build on your server.

    Great Support and Assistance
    Our support team is epic. We’re working every hour, minute and second of the day to ensure all servers are dealt with in the correct way and make sure all your problems are solved within a matter of minutes. We are not a specific working hour company.

    Our Packages


    Intel Xeon E3-1230v2 Ivy Bridge
    256GB Solid State Drive (SSD)
    100Mbps uplink port


    Website: http://www.saviorhost.com

    What are you waiting for? our servers are going fast, order your minecraft server hosting now and start building! click here

    SaviorHost *former Sky Limit Hosting(

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    Quote from sgau

    Hi FusSionzZ97
    When l first got a Texas server, I'm from Australia it was a berriable lag but not good. As if you mine a block you'll see the block drop about 1 second after.
    I highly recomend that you have a look at http://sgau.org/mine...server-hosting/ We do Australian Minecraft hosting and its cheap, our data centre is located NSW and we even have Pre-installed Mods Such as TEKKIT and HACK/ MINE. With one Click in the game pannel it will install the mod for you. I would recomend about 1gb of ram as tekkit is very ram heavy, 1gb is $25.49 which is a very cheap for an Australian server (And no lag)

    Our main website is: http://sgau.org/

    If you have any questions please dont hesitate to ask

    Thanks, Declan

    Maybe you got a bad Texas network, we use one of the best networks, our servers are in Limestone Networks ;)
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