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    posted a message on [1.4.6] [Whitelist] [Ars Magica] ~Simply Magic~
    n-Game-Name: SkyAceDivine

    Age (Optional): 13

    How did you find this server?: Forums
    Why do you want to join this server?: its sound cool and i want to try out the server

    Have you read and agree to the rules:Yes, I have read and agree to all the rules, including the one telling me to use this exact wording
    Other Notes:CAll me Ace

    Fairly simple.
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    Minecraft Username:SkyAceDivine

    The reason you want to join this server.I want people to play fairly in the terms of friendship and minecrack server allows that.Age 13 Just a give me a chance if i am non mature you can ban me instanly kay?
    If i love this server i would play more than 3 hours and i am new to FTB
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    posted a message on Conflictted - Vanilla Mindcrack Style server - Looking for ACTIVE Lp'ers
    Skype name SkyAceDivine
    - Minecraft name (IGN) SkyAceDivine
    - Why do you want to join this server:I love legit server and i respect it( i played lots of legit building server etc Wildcraft and such unties the server dies cuz the admins are gone)
    - Why do you think you should be whitelisted: I am a great service to servers and i will try my best to help one another to achieve dreams of becoming a modern house builder

    - Age:13 turning 14 soon
    - YouTube Channel I dun really record but i may start recording soon
    -Additional info Call me Ace
    -Country:Singapore gmt+8
    -Will you record an LP?:Yes maybe once i get fraps.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Vanilla [24/7] MindCrack-Like Server
    Skype (Or Steam):SkyAceDivine Steam SkyAceDivine
    Why Would You Like Too Join?:I always want to play legit in a way that it is proposed
    Do You Watch Mindcrack?:Yes
    What Are You Best At:Parkour in mine craft and detailings buildings
    Would You Record on the Server?:Someday if i like this server
    What Type Of Player Are You? (E.G: Builder, Redstoner):Trickster
    How Frequently Would You Play?:3 hours
    Are You Interested in A Private Community FTB (Feed The Beast) Server?:Hmmm i guess so it sounds awesome
    Will You Participate In Community Activity's?:100% ALL FULLY!
    How Long have You been Playing Minecraft?:2 years but i brought it 3 weeks ago

    Fill That out, i Will have A Look at It, And If Your lucky, You Can Join!
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    posted a message on Wildcraft: the way survival should be [survival] [no whitelist]
    it is an epic and awesome server guys you should join in the fun :D
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    posted a message on WasteLand [Vanilla] [24/7] [Whitelist] [No Plugins] [Pranks] [Seasonal Events] [Alot like Mindcrack]
    How about my application did i get accepted?
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    posted a message on + ╬ ╬ iPlayCraf ╬ ╬ + [24/7] [ANTI-GRIEF] [PVP] [RESIDEN] [LOCKETTE] [JOBS] [SHOPS] [DYNMAP] [LARGE BIOMES] [JOIN & BUILD] [100%
    Is the server dead? it just went down when i was building :( i was starting to love this server but when it is down.....
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    posted a message on + ╬ ╬ iPlayCraf ╬ ╬ + [24/7] [ANTI-GRIEF] [PVP] [RESIDEN] [LOCKETTE] [JOBS] [SHOPS] [DYNMAP] [LARGE BIOMES] [JOIN & BUILD] [100%
    In Game Name:SkyAcedivine
    2. What are some of your greatest achievements on the server:Making friends and gonna make a city
    3. What do you like about the server:ITS LEGIT AND AWESOME
    4. What don't you like about the server:The admins must be more actives and make more people come in!
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    posted a message on WRENCHED! (The Direwolf20/FTB Creation)
    Guys can i play? with you i wanna join
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    posted a message on WasteLand [Vanilla] [24/7] [Whitelist] [No Plugins] [Pranks] [Seasonal Events] [Alot like Mindcrack]
    In Game Name:SkyAceDivine


    Overall Skill lvl (In what Areas are you skilled at?):Hmm making events,Using bow and arrows,Building detailed buildings

    Can you get along with other people?:Yes but not with dickheads

    Will you agree that you are NOT allowed to steal or grief?:Not allowed cuz we must all respect the buildings that people make.

    What part of the Rules dont you understand?:Hmm i dun really knowa bout minecrack cuz i am new

    What part of the rules do you Understand?:The stealing and greifings.Erm PRanks events and awesome stuff

    Why is it that you want to Join our Server?:I am very Excited of joining a legit minecrack server.Cuz i dun know what is minecrack XD

    Why Should We Accept You?Because i am a great player who will help out the server.If i enjoy the server i would most likey to play this server more often.And i want to be a leader of the server even if there is no op as i think i would be a great leader in guiding people to have fun in minecraft.
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    posted a message on [1.4.5] MCCraft 100% Vanilla Minecraft | Mindcrack Inspired | Whitelist | Nether Hub
    2. Age:12
    3. Location in the world:
    Singapore Gmt+8
    4. Skype name:SkyAceDivine
    5. Minecraft experience:2 years
    6. Do you record?Nope
    7. Youtube channel name, if you record:Erm i may start recording if i got inspiration
    8. Why would you be a good addition to this server?Yes I will keep it awesome9. Have you been banned on any other server?Yes,For asking questions on how to play minecraft when i 1st started,
    10. Who is your favorite Mindcracker?ERM i dun know yet XD but it seems nice
    11. Do you have any goals if you are chosen?Make a CASTLE
    12. Do you have any other questions or concerns HEHE I can wait till someone DIES! or leave...
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    posted a message on Mindcrack Fan Server! [WHITE - LISTED]
    Gender: (M | F | Other)MAle Or Flying 3-headed Douche with 10 hands and 3 lazer sword
    Country:singapore XD
    Favorite person from Mindcrack:I am new to mindcrack so i dun know about it
    Would you follow all the rules above: (yes
    How long have you been watching Mindcrack:Nope not at all (i dun even know what is mindcrack)
    Maturity level: (1 - 10)About 6
    Premium or Cracked:Premuim
    How long are you on per day:If i am treated Kindy i willl play whole day(Seriously)
    Do you even lift bro: LOL I LIFT like i guess a vending machine before XD Btw erm i dun really know about minecrack
    But hope you can help me with it and i can promise you taht you will not regret me as a player in your server *Wink*
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    posted a message on New Age RP
    I got banned for just asking question about this server :( cuz i dun know about the savezone and the admins just banned me... And i am not even english i am a japenese so do understand.
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    posted a message on New Age RP
    Role Play Experience:Morden city role play and hero style or hardcore mutation
    Why do you want to join this server?:IT IS AWESOME JUST BY LOOKING AT IT my heart is bumbing hard! I Will also help in aiding the server if needed(Buildings)
    Have you read the rules?:Fo sure homey G (Must i really type this in?) XD
    In Character:
    Char name:Ace
    Char age:18
    Char gender:Male
    Char race:elves
    Char bio (1 paragraph at least):It was a corrupted day of unholy.Elves were running and preparing for a new begining after the Great war for their love of mother nature.I was one of the survival who helped in the battle.I was wary my bow was broken and arrows are gone.Much to my love,My familys are gone.I have a brother named steve and he was left with 2 arms.After the elves's camp was settle i met a Shiny and pretty young elves girl about my age.Noting to myself that there is no time for love ­.I began hunting for the campsite's supplies.I was hunting down the wild boars and fruits with a dagger.When i bring back the food i got the campsite was gone..... only left the young girl standing there smiling with great Joy as she licked the blood from her arrows.I hided my self and my brother steve have a white coat is i wore it and travaled toward the elvens castle and made my new begining of vengences.
    Char appearance (Make a Skin of your character):KK i will try to make it a whited hood
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