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    posted a message on 8/10 people agree this update sucks and mod calls us chumps
    Quote from Juggernaut448 »
    -Upon death, your inventory disappears and doesn't drop.
    --I also don't like this, but this is most likely not even a hours worth of coding to fix.
    --Also, if you don't want to deal with disappearing inventory on death, play on peaceful.

    This was fixed earlier today. Update your client.
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    posted a message on The REAL reason to hate this update.
    Quote from coocoup »
    Hmmm I saw WAY less threads about SMP in the Halloween Update section than I did about "Hell" or any of the other features before the update actually came out. Seems to me everyone was looking forward to Hell most of all. Stop whining. If you think Notch is doing so bad, you go do better!

    What did you want there to be? A hundred threads of people talking about how having damage and health in SMP would be great and then exchange high-fives? The fact of the matter is that there was nothing to discuss. It is a feature that's been known about for a long time and was expected when he specifically said new features would be added to multiplayer in the update. Hell, he even acknowledged it with his updated change list on his blog. He probably ran out of time to implement it before Halloween like what happened with the lanterns.
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