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    posted a message on StarQuest [Starships][Planets][Space][Ranks][Towns][Factions][PvP][Economy][Trading]
    Your IGN: Skunkbird

    Where did you hear about the server: 2/15/14, on minecraftforum.net front page

    Do you understand and accept the rules: Yes

    What's our policy on raging: Don't, since the server is challenging
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    posted a message on Escape The Troll
    You need more details
    Is it parkour, adventure, fighting, etc.
    Pictures would help, there's no video of it on your channel either
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    posted a message on Cool island seed
    I found a cool survival island seed, with 4 islands, there's a decent amount of trees, so it isn't really a survival challenge, but their really cool. It's close to mainland, since oceans are very small now, but avoid it if you want it to be more fun :)

    Seed: -7297722464335866890

    For Minecraft 1.7.4

    Spawn island (usually spawn underwater need gravel beach)

    Other islands

    All islands (island in pic before is backwards from where I'm looking)

    Mainland (beyond the island with 2 trees)

    There isn't much for surface caves (on the islands atleast, the mainland probably has some), but there is a small hole on the spawn island for a house, you could dig a mine in there

    Have fun surviving :)
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    posted a message on The best/worst/most interesting minecraft version(s)
    My favorite version is 1.8, since it changed the game for the good, with sprinting, and added the hunger bar, which improved the game alot
    Least favorite is actually full release 1.7 since they removed some of the technical blocks and the server lists load so slow now.
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    posted a message on Any mods available for 1.7.2
    Not really, since forge isn't updated, only a few mods can be updated, like toomanyitems, I don't think shaders and damage indicators are updated though
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    posted a message on All-U-Want - Create and edit items, entities, spawners, and more!
    Something is weird about this with optifine, when this is installed with optifine, no singleplayer worlds load, and going on a server makes all blocks but signs invisible on and resource pack
    I also have toomanyitems if that helps
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    posted a message on Unused potions?
    I see your point, thanks for the feedback though
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    posted a message on Unused potions?
    Hopefully no one else posted this before, if they did, i'm sorry about that.

    Now I know what your thinking.
    "It's another thing about blindness and water breathing"
    There are other effects you probably never heard of unless you look on the wiki frequently.
    Such include:
    And alot more
    These effects were added in 12w39a, but did nothing
    Here is the link to the wiki post:


    If you read, you can see you can't get the effects with the /effect command
    You need to use the /give command
    I don't know the id's, but wouldn't it be interesting to have some of these as potions?
    Not all of them though, we do have a good amount of potions, plus the few from beacons.
    These would be made with a awkward potions unless otherwise stated.
    Some I think should be implemented are:

    Milky: Made with a milk bucket, and could be turned into a splash potion of milk.
    Foul: Made with rotten flesh, repels mobs away, it wouldn't have a long time, like 30 seconds without using redstone to increase time.
    Clear: Put a fermented spider eye on a invisibility potion. Invisibility could now have distortion when looking at you, while clear is perfectly invisible.
    Acrid: One of the definitions is angry/bitter: could be like a potion of thorns? Made with a cactus.

    What do you guys think about this?

    (Again, sorry if someone did this, I couldn't find a post like this, so yah)
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    posted a message on Stronghold Dungeons/Better Strongholds?
    Is it just me, or are strongholds boring and easy?

    Sure, you go to the end through them and get to kill silverfish, and that's it. There's no real... Challenge i guess. Not many hostile mobs, the only ones are silverfish and the zombies and such that spawn naturally. There's not much of a challenge, considering the enderdragon is pretty easy to kill if you play Minecraft a lot. That's why I think they should add some dungeons in strongholds, or something to get a little extra loot while your there, and make the trip more exciting.

    They could be randomly scattered around, or maybe have one before the end portal room (even though you could just dig around)

    There is one negative to this, and that is that ender eyes only lead you straight to the portal room. So instead of just dungeons, why not revamp them a bit. Maybe to make it more of a challenge, ender eyes lead you to the room farthest from the portal room, to make it a bit challenging. Then you have to wander the maze of a stronghold to find the room. Maybe there could be some ways to find clues, or maybe doors needing keys. It does sounds tough, I agree as well, but when you think about it, strongholds are somewhat of the wall protecting the end, to help keep non ender mobs out.

    Thinking about it more that the wither is just a giant skeleton, that's like a ghast, except they can wither you, and it's probably around 2x harder to kill then a giant dragon that destroys all blocks except obsidian, end stone, and bedrock, plus he controls one of the most feared mob in the game.

    This my opinion, fell free to leave your impressions and ideas about this.

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    posted a message on Can someone please make a 1.5.1 .minecraft folder with the aether II per-installed?
    Just keep trying, if someone distributes their jar, they could get their account hacked or stolen. Try a tutorial video
    Also, wrong section
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    posted a message on how did you start minecraft
    I saw a picture with a square bunny and it said Minecraft bunny, i searched it up, and was satisfied instantly
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    posted a message on Will CubeWorld be more popular than Minecraft?
    Minecraft has over 30 million players, with around 10 million users on each gaming device
    so I say no
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    posted a message on Mushrooms biomes are too hard to find
    There's a reason why their so rare

    Free food

    No hostiles

    Giant mushrooms

    I've found a few, but their usually in oceans, so look there
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    posted a message on Rare usernames?

    His/Her skin suits it perfectly
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    posted a message on server
    Wrong section
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