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    posted a message on ⓄⒼⓃ RPG Server - Needs: Builders, Lore/Quest Writers, Web Dev


    We run a network that has an RPG server. We've got a couple positions open as follows:

      • Builders
        • We've got the basics of a spawn island/town set up, we just need the insides of the buildings to be decorated, this means flooring and furniture.
        • May also request help for the Christmas build, if work with the spawn finishes first.
        • Future projects will also come as time goes on.
        • Note: You will not receive creative or OP, so don't even ask. You will be provided with chests of materials that will be accounted for by running //count
        • You will be given some rewards at the end of each build, relative to the effort you have put in

      • Lore/Quest Writers
        • Once spawn is done, we plan on having approximately 100 different quests for players, awarding money, EXP, custom items and in some cases even ranks.
        • We will also have a section on the forum, eventually which is purely for lore.
        • Quests will at first be vaguely tied to an idea, then refined as the lore progresses.
        • Your job will be to provide steps for each quest once you've been briefed on what the steps are/what's possible with out questing plugin

      • Web Dev
        • We need someone competent with PHP and web technologies (like XenForo) to integrate our minecraft server with the forum
        • We been to have ranks and some basic player stats linked from the server to the forum



    What's your favourite thing about Minecraft? 
    How many hours can you put in per day?
    Do you know how to design buildings that fit with a medieval RPG theme?
    Screenshot of a recent build (emphasis on interior would be nice): 

    Lore/Quest Writer:

    Do you have any previous writing experience? (University, work for magazines, games?)
    What is your favourite book?
    What is your favourite RPG game?
    Are you passionate about writing?

    Web Dev:

    How long have you been in the field of web development?
    Do you have experience with PHP?
    Do you have experience with Java?
    Do you have experience with writing Spigot plugins?
    Do you have experience with XenForo?
    What would you recommend we add to the forum in terms of integration with minecraft? (Aside from those listed above in this post?)
    Link to portfolio: 

    Please fill the relevant form out in a readable manner, and post it below.

    If you are shortlisted, you will be PM'd. If you'd rather be Skyped, leave your Skype details.

    Please note, there are no positions for Admins/Moderators/Managers or any such rank that would give you special command privileges on the server. You will only be given access to the tools that are absolutely necessary to your role as described above.

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    posted a message on Chill, queit hunger games...
    Right, so I have a chilled, 12 slot 1.7.5 vanilla-ish survival server. And on it, I've got hunger games set up.

    I'll make a different topic for the survival aspect of the server, as that's it whole own thing.

    But for right now does anyone wanna play some hunger games with me? To be honest, I've just reactivated the plugin for the first time since 2013 and if anyone could help me test it that'd be great. You have fun, I have fun, win win :D

    erver IP: play.our-game.net
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    posted a message on In-Game NBTEdit! Edit Mob Spawners & Attributes in game! FINALLY UPDATED!
    Sorry if I'm asking what's already been answered, but I read the last few pages and didn't see anything clear.

    Is there any version of this that I can use for 1.7.5 (server) and 1.7.2 (client) that doesn't require forge for either the client or server?
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    posted a message on Death Note
    Quote from Drepic26»
    I'll make this. Not yet though. Bukkit is dead, and I've moved on from it. The dev api for SpongePowered was just released, and when they come out with the server implementation I'll make it.

    Thank you :)
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    Quote from Gottam»
    Uhm, I dont think you get it. I'm no modder, and the only thing that I have ever done recently in relation to minecraft is on and off checking of the forums. Sorry, but I only do pixel art/ mapping for Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike:Global Offensive, etc. I'm not the guy to look to.

    EDIT:Oh, whoops, thought this was a PM.

    I was gonna say, hahaha! xD
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    Hi. A lot of the people who play on a server I help admin are avid fans of the anime "Death Note". I too really like it.

    One of them recently suggested that we have a plugin for it, here are my ideas, I will update the post as I go along, :)

    Death note itself:

    While there will be permissions and all that jazz (to only let a certain rank+ use them), I also want it to be a physical book that the player HAS to have in their inventory (thereby allowing the possibility of them losing it). The plugin has to make sure that the book is in a players inventory for them to use the commands, and the book can't be replicated by an average player, but can be spawned in/duplicated by admins(who are essentially shinigami).

    The book will serve no purpose other than authenticating the user as a true owner of a death note.


    The admin (shinigami) will give a player a Death Note book, making them a Kira.

    Admins can also make someone an L (add this for now, but will have to add more functionality later, use with discretion), presumably using permissions.

    If someone has perms + the death note in their inventory, they can use Kira commands.

    If someone has L perms, they can use L commands.

    There is a cooldown on the Kira commands (can be adjusted via permissions)

    If the Kira drops the death note, can't use commands.

    If someone else with Kira perms picks it up, they can use commands, if they don't have Kira perms then can hold on to it, but can not use commands

    more gameplay mechanics coming soon, feel free to suggest.

    Kira Commands:

    /deathnote - list plugin info, author, etc

    /kira kill <player name> - In 40 seconds, the player dies and chat reads "<player name> was killed by a heart attack"

    /kira kill <player name> <time> <reason> - In <time> seconds (but no less than 40) player dies, and chat reads the message "<player name> died <reason>"

    /kira say <message> - Can say an anonymous message to chat under the name 'Kira'. E.g. <Kira> Submit to the god of the new world!!!

    L Commands:

    /L say <message> - same as kira say, but with L instead.

    /L detect <player name> - if someone has died due to a death note in the last 40 seconds (idk a good time frame), any L can use this command, if they guess a player than in fact caused a kill in the last 40 sec, then that Kira will die, and his death note will be destroyed. If that player did not use the death note to kill someone in the last 40 seconds, or if that player is not a Kira, then a message is broadcast publicly saying <player name> is L (player name being the L that used this command), thereby revealing that this player is an L, and allowing any Kira's to kill him. Also has a cool down (adjustable by perms, same as kira cooldown) (Ideally also makes this player no longer an L if it backfores, but IDK how to do that without using an item like Kira)

    Shinigami Commands:

    /deathnote create - creates a death note, that can be given to a player, orput in a chest ETC ETC

    /deathnote destroy <player name> - destroys all deathnotes that player has

    /deathnote destroyall - purges all deathnotes from the world

    /L create <player name> - makes this player and L

    /L remove <player name> - stops this player being an L

    /L removeall - removes L from all players

    Sorry, I suck at formatting threads! DX

    Right now my idea is pretty basic. I am welcome to suggestions, and I'm sure I'll think of more stuff, especially if I get a prototype.

    If you do make this, please make it for 1.7.2/5 as that is the MC version that we currently run, I can look up the CB version:

    CraftBukkit Version git-Spigot-1373 (MC 1.7.5)

    Thanks all for your time :)
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    posted a message on Giving away free stuff on old, dead server.
    Server is not rented, it runs off a physical server in a room, and no, I'm not giving it away.
    Ahh, I see, the title is misleading.... I'm not giving away the server, I'm giving away stuff on the server xD
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    posted a message on Giving away free stuff on old, dead server.
    I'll give you a **** tonne of money and stuff.

    3 year old map, AUS server, most plugins disabled atm, still people around every day making some builds, but no where near active.

    IP: play.our-game.net
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    posted a message on [mcMMO][Lockette][W.I.P.] ☛☛✪♛ Wonderland ♛✪☚☚ [18+][Mature]

    I'm a long time server admin/manager.

    Recently I wanted to start my own server for fun, cause previously I've only managed other people's servers.

    So I present to you: Wonderland.

    ­Effing magic, Btxh­es. No, not really.

    This server literally just started. I have lockette, mcMMO, magicspells and LogBlock to prevent grief.

    I want some mature players, preferably 18+ to just chill/help me develop.

    If you stick around for long enough and prove yourself useful, I'll make you high-level staff when the server gets popular. But don't beg for staff. Seriously. I've gotten so much of that in the 3+ years I've been admin, I'm fed up of it.

    I'll be taking suggestions on: more plugins + more ranks + economy.

    Server IP:

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    posted a message on INV Edit (Compatible with 1.5.2)
    Quote from mCraftPanel

    He's not allowed to use adf.ly, nor is he allowed to make it closed source.
    copyboy told me: "I'd be important to me that the project is open source (I don't care about the license)"

    "it'd be important to me" is not a valid legal agreement. So he can use adf/ly and make it closed source, but then he would be a douchebag :P
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    posted a message on Looking for a cheap host.
    Guys, I've gone with pickle host for a few reasons:
    • They were first
    • All features except SSH
    • Fairly cheap
    • Looks reliable

    But thanks for all your offers! I will bookmark/save this page for future reference :D
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    posted a message on Looking for a cheap host.
    All 3 look great. Minerack is SO cheap it's amazing! But the only possible issue could be the limited storage.
    Picklehosts looks good and reliable too, but kinda expensive haha.
    Alek seems like a good balance between the 2 but no EU? :P
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    posted a message on Looking for a cheap host.
    Pickle, could you please PM me/post the BEST coupon/offer you can give me for a 1GB EU server?
    Alek, sorry I forgot to mention I need EU D:
    rswizz, I'll check it out!!! Thanks!!!

    Thanks a load guys!
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    posted a message on Looking for a cheap host.
    One question, can I have Filezilla FTP access, like not a WebFTP panel. I don't want the hasle of web FTP, I'd rather use my own FTP client... if that's possible and I don't get a better offer in the next few days (when I get my money) I'll go for you guys :D
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    posted a message on Looking for a cheap host.
    Hi, I've been a server admin for 4-5 years now, and I've recently parted ways with a Minecraft server I've been playing for a long time.

    I want to start my own server, however I don't have much funding. At first I'm looking for ~20 slots, but I will expand as my playerbase expands. I need to know whats the best, most reliable and well known host that I can get, that is also cheap and lets me:
    • Full FTP access, to modify config files, and add plugins
    • Web console OR shell access
    • Craftbukkit (+ Plugins) support
    • Lag free for 20 slots.
    • Sub domain at least, domain would be nice.
    I have $15 ish that I can spend for 2 months.

    Give me your recommendations/best offers.

    Thanks a lot!
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