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    posted a message on Need Partner
    Do you have something to record with:
    Do you have a microphone and Skype:{insert skype username incase i pick you}
    How long have you been playing Minecraft:
    Do you have a youtube channel:
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    posted a message on [PUZZLE][ESCAPE] Mind Simulation Test Facility [MC 1.2.5] [Map Version 1.7] {24,000+ Downloads}
    Quote from nance89

    please use mediafire, adf.ly makes you take surveys to get to the download

    at the top right corner it says 54321 download now
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    posted a message on Builders/Actors Needed
    General or Specialty: General
    What I'm good at building:I'm a good builder but i like building Buildings/houses and if i have enough time Towns
    Why I want to do this:I think it will be a load of fun for not just me but everyone and i'm sorta funny :tongue.gif:
    How long I can be on a day: Almost all day untill like midnight on weekdays 1-2 in the morning on weekends
    Experience:I've built many towns and pixel art for friends ive been playing minecraft for about a year
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