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    posted a message on Not Accepting Anymore

    Hey my name is Claude and I am 17, going into my final year of Highschool in Canada. My IGN is InsaneOneil and I have played Minecraft since 2013, but quit for the last 2-3 years. I remember watching Mindcrack and Hermitcraft coming home from school when I was younger and would truly want like to revisit my childhood on your server. I will not be the most active member on the server (2-3 hours a week), but I do bring a friendly and extremely extroverted player to the server. It would be great to communicate with some mature Minecrafters and relax, so if you guys haven't created a discord server yet, I think that it would be essential in establishing and improving the relationships on your server. I am really interested in being part of your server!


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    posted a message on ► → InfinitySMP ← ◄ 16+ ✔ Accepting Members from ALL Timezones! ✔ Laid Back ✔ Youtuber Friendly

    What is your in-game name?:InsaneOneil[/b]
    What is a name you would prefer to be called?:Claude[/b]
    Age(16+) & Year of Birth?:17, 2000[/b]
    What is your Discord ID?:Skittlelu#2644[/b]
    What timezone / country do you live in?: Mountain Time Zone/ Canada[/b]
    How long have you been playing minecraft?: I used to play MC quite frequently for 3 years but I quit for roughly 2 years.[/b]
    Do you agree to abide by our rules?: Yes I would like to maintain the friendly nature of Minecraft.[/b]
    Tell us a bit about yourself: I am going into my final year of Highschool and would like to revisit my childhood.[/b]
    Why do you want to join Infinity?: I used to watch Mindcrack and Hermitcraft and always wanted to be part of a tight-knit community of friends who enjoy the game.[/b]
    What can you bring to the Infinity Community?: (Builds, Redstone, etc) I used to be great at redstone but since I haven't played in a while, I will be bringing an active and friendly player to your server.[/b]
    What type of player do you classify yourself as?: (Introvert Hermit, Extroverted Social Player) I am extremely extroverted in real life and enjoy talking to strangers. I like to build friendships that last for a long time.[/b]
    Post some picture of your builds (If Applicable): Sorry not much of a builder! :([/b]
    Anything else?:It would be great to be part of a community of mature adults and revisit a game that I once loved. I want in![/b]

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    posted a message on ▂▃▄▅▆▇█▓▒░ - WHITELIST - 100% Vanilla - Kid's Friendly Minecraft Server - Small Community - WHITELIST - ▒▓█▇▆▅▄▃▂
    1) IGN:InsaneOneil
    2) AGE:14
    3) When did you start Minecraft?2013
    4) What is the reason you want to join us:I wish to find another way to enjoy minecraft besides sg. I think vanilla should be the way to do it
    5) Why do we need to accept you? I think you should accept me because I am quite experienced and could out out with the server.
    6) Skype name? claude.lu29
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    posted a message on Small vanilla server - Mineblast - whitelisted- 24/7-freindly community- mindcrack/hermitcraft like-
    Ign :InsaneOneil
    Do you have skype if so name :Claude.lu29
    Age :14
    Will you be willing to participate in uhcs :I would be willing to participate in UHCs. As other than vanilla, I enjoy doing pvp such as SG and Badlion.
    country :Canada. Canadiens all the way!
    Will you record on the server ( needed, but if you impress me i still might accept you) :No, sorry. Maybe in the future, but not at the moment, as I just don't have the time to record, render and upload.
    Have you ever been banned before:Not that I know of.
    Are you mature? :I think I am mature. I don't rage that easily, but when I do I rage alot. I try to always be the bigger man and help others.
    Your build style :I'm not that good of a builder
    Your play style :My play style involves both redstone and pvp. I enjoy redstone, as I watching Ethoslab and Docm77 and pvp, as I enjoy watching Sg players
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    posted a message on BayCraft: ~Now on 1.8~ [New World] [100% Vanilla Survival] [24/7] [Small, Friendly Community] Apply today!

    Age (Don't lie, I won't judge):14

    Skype (optional):Claude.lu29

    Which server do you want to be added to? (Vanilla, Hexxit, or Both):Vanilla

    Why you want to be added to the whitelist?:I want to play on a server, where the admins aren't fyling around and teleporting, while we have to work hard in order to get our precious diamonds and resources.

    What do you hope to bring to this server and what do you hope for this server to bring to you?:I hope to bring a cheerful smile on everybodies faces and I hope the server brings me a new home to stay and new friends

    What is your greatest skill in Minecraft (this will not affect your chances of acceptance, I just want to know)?:My greatest skill is pvp, but I won't just randomly kill people tho xD

    Do you promise to follow these simple rules and accept that repeatedly breaking them will result in your permanent removal from the whitelist?:Yes, I swear to Minecraft gods that I will not break these rules and if I do, I will suffer the consequences
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    posted a message on RedCo: Small Mindcrack Like Community Server Looking For Members
          Before you start, I want to state that I am 14 not 15, just so you know that before you read on and think I am wasting your time.
          What is your Minecraft username?InsaneOneil

          How old are you?14


          How long have you been playing?I've been playing Minecraft for over a year now. I mostly play SG, but I really wanted to get into vanilla

          What type of player are you? I am mostly a pvp player, but I've decided to put that aside and start plaing the vanilla aspect of the game and start doing redstone, as I've also started watching Ethoslab.

          What can you offer to our server? What makes you different?I can offe rsomeone who can always cheer up your day and someone who likes chatting with people over skype. I think I'm different because I've played both the pvp aspect and vanilla apsect of the game and I am really knowlegdeablein the game of Minecraft.

          Have you read the rules?Yes

          Do you agree with our rules? Anything you would like to change?Yes, I fully agree with your rules and I think they are necessary to make the server, as safe as possible.

          How can we contact you back? (Steam/Skype/email)Skype

          How often would you play on the RedCo Server?If I were able to join this server, I would spend one hour each day playing on Redco, unless I have exams and stuff. I would be willing to put, as much effort, as possible, if you gave me a chance to join your server.

          Do you have a Skype or Mumble account?I have skype
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    posted a message on [Bukkit] [Whitelisted] Tekkit Classic Server!
    What is your in-game name?InsaneOneil
    How old are you?14
    Where are you from?Canada
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?I've been playing for over a year
    What are some things you have built in Minecraft?I don't usually build in minecraft, instead I play Sg
    Have you ever been banned from another server on Minecraft? If yes, what was the reason? What experience do you have with tekkit? No
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    posted a message on Island Town Survival | Mindcrack Style | Recruiting Mature Players
    In-game Name:InsaneOneil
    What is your country and timezone?:Canada and my time zone is UTC
    Why do you prefer playing in a small community?:I prefer playing in a small community because I enjoy getting to know everybody on the server and becoming friends with them, while on bigger servers such as I HIVE it may be harder to do.
    Why do you want to join this server in particular?:I want to join this server because I enjoy the concept of each person having his or her own island. Yet, they are so far spread apart where you can't just walk to yours neighbors house
    Tell us something about yourself: When I play Minecraft, I usually play SG, as I enjoy the pvp aspect of the game, but I've decided to try the vanilla aspect of the game, as I believe it would be a good experience.
    Any suggestions/ideas for the server?: I think everybody should have a mailbox in front of their houses to make the game feel more realistic.
    Why should we accept you?: I think you should accept me because I enjoy helping others and talking to others. I think I can bring a nice person to your community
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    posted a message on Open Call for New Members! (Mindcrack-style server)
    Details: Minecraft is my favorite game of all time and finding a 100% vanilla server is hard to find and I really do enjoy the vanilla aspect of the game.
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    posted a message on CLOSED
    IGN: InsaneOneil
    Skype name: claude.lu29
    Timezone: Cananda?
    How often do you play?: I currently attend junior high so school might get in the way of me playing on the server, but I can
    guarantee at least 1 hour of my time each day, unless I have exams and etc.

    When did you start playing?: I don't remeber the exact date, but I started playing MC about 6 months ago.
    Your Minecraft playing style: My playing style is usually centered around redstone may it be small contraption, automatic farm and such, but other than that I am terrible at building. I am creative and all,but I can't make my ideas in Minecraft for some reason. :(
    Do you have a YouTube channel?:No
    Do you plan to record on the server?No
    Why would you like be considered?: I want to join your server because I believe all your regulations, although they are standard to any vanilla server your server doesn't have any mods that stop someone from attempting to break your rules. Instead, you monitize the player, which imp is way better than having plugins such as falcon. I beleive I can bring a fun and helpful person to your community. Someone who can make someones day or help someone when they are having trouble. I am the type of person who enjoys making someones day.
    Anything else you'd like to add?: It would be appreciated, if I am able to join your server, as I have been looking quite a while for a server like yours.

    Pictures of builds: I can't get give you any pictures because I don't know how to.
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    posted a message on [Mindcrack-Like]SicnarCraft Server Recruiting New Members![Whitelisted]
    Whats your IGN?InsneOneil
    Whats your Skype username? (Pm if you don't want it public)
    Whats something about you that you would want me to know? I am a really friendly person who really likes helping others. I also do enjoy the hunger deens, as I am trying to make my way to the top. Other than Minecraft, I play sports like hockey, as I am a Canadian.
    Why should You be accepted and not someone else? I believe I should be accepted because I am great working with other people. I also enjoy helping others and working with them. I can help out on big projects or just minor stuff, as I do enjoy working with others.
    Why do you want to play on a small private server instead of a big public one? I want to play on a small vanila server rather than a big publicm one because I want to get to know each member in the server and make friends on the server rather not know anyone on a big server.
    What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft? My favorite thing to do in Minecraft is mining, as I enjoy the luck base of it. Sometime, you get a stack of diamond, while other times you don't even get one.
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    posted a message on XerCraft SMP | Whitelisted | Small Community | Mindcrack-like | 13+
    Why you want to join this server: I want to join your server because I've always wanted to play on a vanilla server with a great community, which is never easy to find with my past experiences. I also want to be part of a community with a bunch of nice people.
    Things you like to do on minecraft: I mostly like the pvp aspect of Minecraft such as SG and Sky wars, but what I am best at in vanilla minecraft is redstone. I know how to build small redstone comptractions and things like that.
    Why should I pick you: I believe you should pick me because I like helping out other people and making others laugh.
    Skype(optional): claude.lu29
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    Your in game name:InsaneOneil

    Age and gender:16 and male

    Country of residence:Canada

    Time zone:Central

    Skype name:claude.lu29

    Strengths:Redstone and make xp farms

    How often will you be on:I will likely be on 30 minutes on weekdays because of school and stuff, while on weekends it will more than 1 hour.

    Do you watch MindCrack and know how SMP servers work:Yes, I am a regular Mindcrack fan, who usually watches Etho and Docm, as I am a very technical guy and I also know how smp works.

    A short summary about you as a person: I am a very nice person who would gladly give stuff to his fellow server members and take out time from his day to help them. I am also a very active person when it comes to servers.Other from minecraft, I also do sports and go out with my buddies.
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    posted a message on Quantum Survival [Whitelist] [EU] [24/7]
    [1] Where are you from? Canada
    [2] How old are you? 13
    [3] How long have you played Minecraft? 1 year
    [4] What is your Minecraft username? InsaneOneil
    [5] In 2 sentences or less, why should you be whitelisted? I should be whitelisted because I am a very active person and work well with the community. I can help out the community in many ways.
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