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I started playing because a friend had shown me videos of stuff people had made. To be honest, im used to playing ultra graphic rich games like MW series, uncharted, so on. But quickly fell in love with the open ended play of minecraft. I've been playing since beta 1.7.3 and im still playing almost any chance I get. That's rare for me to still be interested in a game after so long. Got a demo for MC in PC gaming magazine, never used a counterfeit copy.
I have a back ground in construction, remodeling, and landscaping. As well as Aerospace (my main career) I am structrures mechanic with some experience as a Manufacturing planner.

My favorite builds are auto farms and hidden chambers. I'm pretty proud of my nether portal chambers, I try to make them like an ancient hidden chamber hidden from the world.
Interests Minecraft, Aerospace industry, Art, sculpting, drawing, video games, exercise, martial arts

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Minecraft sketchman1981