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    posted a message on Sketch's Music! (Looking for feedback!)

    Here I store all the tunes that I've made over time. Some are good and some are... meh.

    Anyway, I made this thread to show you guys my music, and get some
    feedback, as well as to show how I've progressed as an artist. Enjoy.

    May 28th, 2015 - "Bermuda Dreams" by Soundium. This song was the first one I ever completed, and I was pretty proud of it.


    August 1st - "Broken" by Go Lucky!. Ok, I changed aliases for some reason. Don't remeber why, blah blah re-brand blah blah four months of nothing blah blah. But this song came out afterI finally got something done. I liked the melodies, but the sound design needed work.


    August 13th - "Ahead" by Go Lucky!. Wow, that
    was fast! I started this song out as a house song, but the more I upped
    the BPM the more I liked it. It was a pretty good one in my standards, and I still think that it's solid.


    August 23rd - "Victory (Go Lucky! Remix)" by Sytrex. This is where it
    really kicked off. I actually finished this remix two hours before
    leaving on a road trip. It got a ton of support, and I was really happy


    November 5th - "Crush" by Go Lucky!. This
    was made in literally three days. It really flowed with me. I really
    like it, but it did not get the support that the Victory remix did.


    November 20th - "The Worlds We Discovered
    (Go Lucky! Remix)" by Twilight Meadow. This remix had a loooottt of
    scrapped versions. However, I made one that I was happy with. However, I
    didn't think it was perfect.


    December 24th - "Deeper Love (MTNBOUND Remix)" by Botnek and I SEE MONSTAS. Woah! New alias! I decided to make a new alias for music that is a little more musical and melodic instead of hard going and intense. The remix has had great reactions and support so far, and I am excited to keep going with the MTNBOUND project :D


    And that's it! Will keep updating. Looking for feedback!

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    posted a message on Stranded RP (Always Accepting)

    Name: Matt Swaeth
    Age: 20

    Gender: Male
    Personality: Matt is very quiet and shy, but once he gets riled up he really gets going. Though quiet, Matt likes to think things through, looking at every side of an argument or a problem.
    Bio (include how you got onto the island): Matt lived by himself for most of his life. His parents were still alive, but they were always away for work; his mom worked in Japan while his dad worked in South Africa. They always would come back for a week every month, but otherwise Matt was alone. In his early days, a woman named Mary took care of him, as he couldn't sustain himself. However, he lived a normal childhood life despite the absence of his parents. He used combat sports like boxing and MMA to take out his anger when his parents weren't there to do what the other kids' parents did. But as time went on, his parents were gone for longer. Weeks gone turned into months. Then one day, they just weren't there. Matt called Mary, and he started living with her. Mary hired a private investigator to find his parents. Then, one day, the man called to say that he found Matt's dad. Matt was to take a boat over right away. In the middle of the ocean, however, a storm hit, and sent Matt into the water. After floating on a broken piece of ship until the storm cleared, Matt found himself on the island.

    Other: TFW Dednarts ;-;

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    posted a message on Sytrex - Victory (Go Lucky! remix) [Dubstep, free download!]

    Hey all,

    I made a remix of a song by Sytrex, and I really think it's great. I would like your opinion too. It's for free download, just hit "buy"

    Here it is!

    Thank you!

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    posted a message on 2D and 2.5D Intros | Good Quality [OPEN]

    Hey man, so sorry to be bothering you even though you say the shop is closed. You can do this if you are willing to, no pressure :)

    IGN (Just in case I choose to use your skin): Reptilian, but it's a group channel so just graphics please

    Colors?: Red accented with yellow

    Text: Geeks with Keyboards

    Song: Fallout by Rameses B

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/GeeksWithKeyboards

    Anything Else: Thank you! I appreciate the effort you put into this!

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    Quote from VCtheDerp»

    Too slow mate. ᕦ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕤ



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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings

    Oh its VC.


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    Well, I guess I need a new intro because I left for a long time.

    Yo, I'm Nick, and I am 13 years old. I used to be on the forum when I was 10-ish and made one of the most popular graphics shops that was free, did not render, and did not make intros. I have currently been dabbling into electronic music production, and I finished my first song. I love this game and love the non-cancerous part of this community. My goal is to try to get into the community again after my long break. Peace!

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    posted a message on | OPEN | Alpha Designs | FREE | Renders | Chibi | And More |

    Ahh, this takes me back to the days of my shop!

    IGN - Reptilian
    What You Want - A logo of sorts. Black and white, with a four leaf clover outline and headphones in the middle of that outline. All black and white, line art.
    Anything Else - Thanks in advance!

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    posted a message on Super Craft Bros. Fan Art: Wither Class
    Ooh they eye thing is a nice touch.
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    posted a message on Legend GFX - Team Crafted Style Profile Pics (Temp-Closed)
    Request Form

    IGN - TheReptilian_

    Background - Stone shovels and sand, with a desert-y BG

    Extras - (Items and Ect.) Nothing, only as a tip for your art I recommend adding more texture and shading :P
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    posted a message on /testfor issues
    Stand at the test for coordinates, and run the command. What does it say?
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    posted a message on TEAM PLASMA! [CLOSED]- Intros, Channel Art, Drawn Avatars, Thumbnails, Logos, Wallpapers, Outros, Banners, AND MORE!
    Once you are done with a request, will you PM the result?
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    posted a message on What should the 1.8 update be called?
    The suspense update.
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    posted a message on What is Mojang planning for the rest of the 1.8 snapshots?
    Quote from GerbilCrab475
    Pink Withers.

    Because why not?
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    posted a message on Sticky Redstone [Allows Redstone in walls and roof!]
    Already suggested here
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