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    Before reading my outline for this new combat system, please bear in mind that I tried to approach this from an objective point of view. I happen to like both the current combat and the old combat, so I designed this system to incorporate features from both systems, in addition to some completely new features.

    This is by no means a complete system, and some areas may not be completely fleshed out. However it is at the point where I am ready to share it with the community. I am fully ready to receive criticism as I believe this system is not perfect, although I think it is better than both the current systems we have. Please be honest with what you think, and help me build on my ideas. I would love to have (parts of) this implemented into the game, so to have more people collaborate on it would only make it better.

    Now onto the meat of this post!

    My combat system


    Composed of light and heavy attacks. Light attacks are like 1.8 combat (spam clicking). Heavy attacks are like the current system (timed attacks). Heavy attacks are charged by holding left click. This adds a percentage increase in damage on top of light attack damage. Light attack damage is the weapon’s base attack damage.

    Weapons no longer have attack speed, instead they have weight. Weight determines time taken to fully charge a heavy attack, and this determines how strong the increase in damage is. Therefore, heavier weapons scale better with heavy attacks. An axe may do less damage than a sword with a light attack, but because it is heavier it may do much more damage with a heavy attack than a sword’s heavy attack. All light attacks are the same speed (identical to that of 1.8, with a max CPS of 10). Non-melee weapons/tools don’t deal any extra damage with a heavy attack as they have no weight.

    Critical hits work as they do in the current system: applying a fixed amount of additional damage regardless of the type of attack.

    Light attacks do not degrade shield durability, although heavy attacks do. Armour loses durability depending on the damage of the attack.


    True melee weapons are swords and tridents. Other tools (axe, pickaxe and shovel) may be used in the same way but are not technically weapons (even if they are effective as weapons).

    Other weapons include the bow, arrows, shield and upcoming crossbow.

    The sword, tools and trident all have special abilities:

    Sword: a fully charged heavy attack while sidestepping or standing still will perform the sweep attack. A fully charged heavy attack whilst moving forwards deals increased knockback.

    Swords now have a right click function. Holding right click with a sword (in either hand) will perform a block (like 1.8 blocking). Holding block reduces your movement speed. If you receive a melee attack while blocking you parry the attack (nullifying the attack as if you didn’t receive it). This starts a long cooldown for you, preventing you from using the sword’s right click function in that hand (however you can dual wield swords and parry with either one regardless of if the other is on cooldown. Essentially the hand is on cooldown and not the sword). Your enemy also receives a very short cooldown on their hand, preventing them from attacking (although they can still use items and mine blocks). If you are moving as you parry you will move quickly in that direction for a very short distance (essentially performing an evade of sorts). You are also able to block-hit a parry, meaning you can quickly attack straight after parrying (playing that satisfying animation from 1.7), although this will only be a light attack.

    Axe: a fully charged heavy attack moving forwards will disable an enemy’s shield temporarily.

    All tools: a fully charged heavy attack deals bonus knockback in the direction the attacker is moving (except backwards, which deals no extra knockback).

    Pickaxe: a fully charged heavy attack will deal increased damage to armour (reducing the armour’s durability even faster).

    Trident: a fully charged heavy attack will perform a thrust attack. A thrust attack deals some damage through armour. Tridents can be thrown with right click as they can currently.

    Shield: Shields are used to block incoming damage. Blocking a light attack will result in no knockback or damage received. Blocking a heavy attack will block all damage and reduces knockback taken by 50%.

    Projectiles and armour

    Arrows can be deflected both by shields and armour. A critical bow shot cannot be deflected and is stuck in the armour or shield. A shield can deflect a non-critical bow shot and will not lose durability doing so. Armour has a chance to deflect a non-critical bow shot, this chance increasing with projectile protection. If the arrow is deflected, then the armour doesn’t lose durability. Projectile protection also reduces the durability armour loses to a projectile attack. Tridents cannot be deflected by armour, but damage is reduced by projectile protection.

    Armour is classed into 2 categories: light armour and heavy armour (these are NBT tags, so custom armour is possible). Light armour is cheap to make and does not reduce movement speed, however is not as durable and protective. Heavy armour is more durable and protective but is more expensive to make and reduces movement speed slightly. Light armour includes leather and chainmail armour, as well as the turtle shell. Heavy armour includes iron, gold and diamond armour.

    Armour weight is per piece of armour (so you can mix and match light and heavy armour to find a balance of movement and protection). Heavy armour all weighs the same, so there is still a reason to upgrade to diamond from iron and gold.

    Chainmail armour can now be crafted from iron nuggets.


    All the combat mechanics are editable via datapacks. All damage, chances, durabilities and other stats are completely customisable. Other toggleable options include disabling light/heavy attacks, weapon exclusive attacks, parries, evades etc. This allows players and servers to use their own combat system (even being able to recreate 1.8 combat) without too much effort. Servers can also have different gamemodes with different combat systems.

    This concludes the outline of my combat system. Please leave your thoughts below, and add any features you would add/change. Thanks for taking the time to read this, please share this with anyone you feel would be interested.

    I will add to the OP if/when new revisions come around. I will try my best to quote and credit anyone as necessary.

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    This happens to me quite a lot. I believe it is a bug that occurs when an arrow entity is updated/reloaded. The colour of the particles is that of water, as if it was a water tipped arrow, so it is definitely not a stray's slowness arrow. I don't really know the specific reasons as to why this occurs, all I know is how to reproduce it by exiting and rejoining a world where either yours or a skeleton's arrows are in the ground (like that Sharpe has shown above).

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    I used to watch Paulsoaresjr's "Survive and Thrive" series. In the second series (after the game was released) he started to call skeletons in full gold armour "Skelebling". I don't know why but I remembered this and when I got to pick my username for my account back in 2013 I thought Skelebling sounded cool. I had thought about changing it but decided not to after I started using it on other platforms like Steam and social media. 4 years later and I have never changed my Minecraft account's name, and never intend to.

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    Hi there! Today I want to talk about gold equipment. It has barely any use in the vanilla game besides looking fancy. I believe gold should be a viable option when creating gear for use in survival and PvP scenarios without replacing iron and diamond gear.


    I know the general idea of improving gold gear idea has been suggested multiple times in the past, but a lot of those suggestions revolve around giving gold gear unique enchanting and repairing properties. I disagree with those threads as I think the enchantability of gold is fine as it is, and anvils should be reworked entirely (so I will not discuss that here as that would be off topic, I may make a separate thread in the future).

    Instead I just want to focus on the main drawbacks of gold gear - the durability and the statistics. As I disagree that copper of bronze should be added to the game to fill the tiers of weapons and armour, it would make more sense to buff an existing material that is seldom used to the tier that a material like copper would fill if it was in the game.

    Increasing the durability of gold tools and weapons

    Currently gold tools have a durability value of 33. That is nearly half that of wooden tools (value of 60) and is very poor considering how much rarer gold is as a material. I propose significantly increasing this value to something more representative of a metal. This value should be in the range of 200-300. To make sure iron still has a more stronger durability, iron tools would now have a durability in the range of 300-400 (about 100 more than gold). This would mean it has nearly double the durability of stone tools allowing it to be more practical by lasting longer (but still not phasing out iron and diamond equipment, as I will explain in my conclusion).

    The durability of gold armour will not change however, due to it already lasting longer than leather armour and still being considerably weaker than iron, chainmail and diamond armour.

    Reworking attack speeds and attack damages

    Currently gold tools have some of the weakest attack damages while having fairly average attack speeds. Compared to cheaper alternatives such as stone or iron, gold weapons have almost no place in combat. Even if the durability of gold tools was increased, that would not be enough to buff gold swords to be used over stone ones.

    • The gold sword would have a damage of +5.5 with the attack speed staying at 1.6.
    • The gold axe would stay as it is.
    • The gold pickaxe would have a damage +3 with the the attack speed staying at 1.2.
    • The gold shovel would have a damage of +3.5 with the attack speed staying at 1.
    • The gold hoe would have an attack speed of 3 with the damage staying at +1.

    I see the gold axe as balanced as it is due to having the same speed as the diamond axe while having a lower attack damage. Increasing its damage (to +8) would make it almost as good as the iron axe as it would deal almost the same DPS (iron would still have 0.1 more DPS but that would be hardly noticeable). The iron axe should still be the overall better weapon.

    Like the axes, the iron sword should still be an upgrade form the gold sword (until enchantments come into play, which is the one reason to pick gold weapons over iron ones). Gold swords have a slightly better damage than stone swords, but not quite as good as iron swords. They could still be useful in PvP games as a mid-tier melee weapon for kits and classes, as well as being a better base weapon for enchantments to be applied to (which is again, the main reason you would choose a gold weapon).

    The pickaxe and shovel have merely had their damage boosted to that of their stone counterparts. Since these tools are hardly ever used as weapons, their DPS did not need to be increased that much and instead this is merely a slight buff to make them better than wooden tools (as gold pickaxes will receive another change below).

    The hoe again is hardly ever used as a weapon, so an increase in attack speed to that of an iron hoe is again just a slight buff (the gold hoe is still quite obsolete due to all hoes tilling land at the same speed, and iron still has a better durability.)

    Better mining properties

    Since diamond tools should still be the best tools overall for mining and excavating, the mining speed of gold tools should not be tampered with (they are already pretty fast anyway). Instead, the gold pickaxe would receive the ability to mine almost every block that its diamond and iron counterparts can. The exceptions to this would be obsidian and diamond ore. Combined with the increased durability, a gold pickaxe may be used as a "main" pickaxe until one has acquired a diamond one.


    In short, I would like the durability and attack damages of gold tools to be increased to a spot in between stone and iron on the tier ladder. This would better represent the rarity of the material and how it is used. Iron would still be statistically better in most situations (outside of enchanting) and still more practical due do it being a lot more abundant, easier to acquire and more durable. Essentially gold is to iron like what iron is to diamond, only with a slightly smaller difference in durability and rarity.

    To be honest this isn't really needed in the game, but I would really like to see a rework to gold equipment at some point; this thread is just the ideas I had that I wanted to share. Thanks for reading, please point out any flaws or parts you like/dislike and state what they are.

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    Buy a gift card for it. You can find them at most shops that sell Steam gift cards and other gift cards. Then simply give them the card and they can redeem the code.

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    Play a survival world locked on hard difficulty with cheats disabled (don't even switch to a LAN world to change these settings) and try to complete every advancement. Whilst doing so build a large base of some kind and find creative ways to store all the loot you've hoarded.

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    Update - 14th August 2017

    I have just finished raising all four walls to 20 blocks. Didn't take too long as I just left 20 stacks of cobble to smelt overnight and then crafted the stone into bricks the next morning (new recipe book is a godsend). I don't have a picture for this as it's nothing special and looks like my last picture.

    However here's where things start to get difficult. I am terrible when it comes to designing patterns and using a wide palette of blocks. But I need a really cool pattern on the floor. I am currently experimenting with different designs on a creative world until I find the perfect design, then I will start building it in my survival world.

    I have decided to use prismarine as a key component in the floor, so the rest of my palette needs to work with prismarine. At the moment I'm trying cyan concrete powder and sea lanterns (for lighting, as I said before I want a lot of natural light coming from outside, so all the other light needs to come from the floor and ceiling). I've worked out a rough pattern for the centre and I'm just trying to find the right blocks to flesh it out. I have 2 pictures below, one where the sea lanterns are covered with cyan glass, one without the glass.

    If any builders are reading this, please state which one you think looks better, as well as some other blocks I should consider using for the rest of the floor.

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    Enchanting is one of the things I hate most about Minecraft (that, and enderman griefing). The whole random nature of enchanting is nonsense. This is mine-CRAFT after all, so why can't we craft enchants? {deep breath... calm down, CM...}

    Oh I wish for enchanting to be redone. I would like a way to craft a "recipe" for an enchantment then add it to the book on the enchanting table. That way you can choose what enchantment you get and on what item. I don't know how leveled enchantments would work, unless you had to upgrade your enchantment recipes in the book with experience. Bookshelves would also be kind of useless, but maybe you use the books to make the recipes instead.
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    Quote from Sharpe103»

    I play locked on hard difficulty. I'm sorry, but I don't recall if it will kill them in one hit or not, but I doubt it. Probably two, or even three if one's not a good hit, actually.

    I'm seriously considering switching to my Sharpness V, Fortune III, etc. axe, Arborcide. I just can't get over that I'm using an axe to attack.

    I guess I can test it out on my creative world first, after all I don't want to waste time and XP making a new sword if there's no benefit over my current one.

    I think it's worth switching to an axe. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I find it so much more practical when fighting mobs 1 on 1. You can get a fully charged attack in first, then either back up and swing again, or finish it off with a half-charged critical hit.

    I find the sword is still better on endermen and armoured skeletons, so don't discard your sword completely.
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    Hello all,

    Welcome to my thread where I will be posting a progression log for my survival singleplayer base. I will regularly add images with descriptions, however I will only update the log once some significant progress has been made. Once the whole build is done I may record a tour and upload that so that you will be able to see the whole structure when it is complete.

    Feel free to leave feedback and suggestions, thanks for reading.

    11th August 2017

    Here I have finished clearing out a section of forest for the build. I chose this location mainly because of how close to my current setup it is but also because I love the scenery; it's nice and simplistic, easy to work in, and has an abundance of stone and wood.

    I have started to raise the walls for the ground floor. I am using stone brick because it had a nice, sturdy look to it, it is easy to manufacture and will allow me to add contrasting colours later. The ground floor is going to be 20 blocks high, and will cover an area of 49x49 blocks. I still have a long way to go, I have to wait for my stone to finish smelting before I can go any further.

    Here is a picture of the ground floor at about 70% of it's final height. After it has reached 20 blocks high, I will have to create a design for the floor and the ceiling (floor of next level). I will probably be using a lot of green and blue blocks (mainly terracotta, glass and concrete) to create an intricate, symmetrical pattern. I don't really have a particular theme, but I want the finished build to be some sort of fantasy stronghold, with a nice, airy interior and lots of natural light coming through glass panels.

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