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    I am now banned from all of minecraft and will no longer be posting on these forums. Continue posting if you'd like, but I no longer have control of this topic. (Posted 2/28/2013)List some stupid reasons either you, a friend, or a random player has been banned, kicked, jailed, or generally abused by server mods/admins/OPsHere are two that I would like to share that just happened:One server I was mod on for about 2 months, highest level.I stopped playing, and stayed active on the forums. One time I come on, and reminisce about when I was previously mod, and how the server started, and the owner/admin came on, typing a message every 2-3 seconds, quicker than I could respond. I am a fast typer, but he was way faster than I. He yelled at me for like 5 minutes for daring being on his server and talking to the mods about the fact that I used to be a mod, then when I tried to defend myself, I got banned for "Come back when you have a better attitude." I then got banned off his skype, forums, and the server. I have no way of getting back anyway, genious, huh? Mostly, I got banned for inactivity on the server, but being active on the forums.EDIT: I have been unbanned from the above server.The other server I got banned for correcting a mod's grammar. Can you believe it?He said greif, and I said it is grief, "I before E except after C", next morning I was ip banned, also on the forums, so no chance of appeal, the mod who banned me also blocking me on skype.I used to be his friend, but got banned over grammar? That is pretty sad, I was joking around at the time, talking to his alt account, who wasn't even a mod.I mean, I have gotten banned off many servers, but I get banned purposely a lot. I have one main I play, where I am a highest mod on, but those two were unfair bans, that are impossible to appeal.Moral of this topic? Any idiot can run a server, but is the server a good one with good staff? That is a diamond.Some more of my personal ban reasons:
    I joined a server, no rules posted, thought it was strange.There was 2 other people on, both OPs.The server, as I could see, was one island made of stone with fences around it(Fences on 3/4 sides, 2-3 high), So I jump into the water, and see another beach-like island with a lighthouse on it. I swim for a bit then get hit with lightning and die.I respawn and die by lightning 2-3 more times, this time I see them flying around me.I ask what they were doing that for and they said they didn't want me there, started laughing and then /kill ed me.I told them that was rude and abuse and one said "Yeah were jerks." and then banned me with no reason given.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I was on this server, no protection, no hacker plugin, etc.They have logblock but no mySQL.I tested commands because I couldn't use /pl.I did /lb and saw they had it.I did /lb permissions and saw I had perms for tool/toolblock.I did /lb toolblock.After about an hour their server crashes, and mySQL stops lb from working altogether.An admin tp's to me while I am sprinting, assumes I am flying, then kills me.I ask for my items back and they kill me for the next 10 minutes, couldn't even open that chat they killed me so much.They thought I had an inventory hack because of the bedrock.They ask how I get it, I tell them, and they call me a liar.After a few minutes of killing me, they try framing me.The owner /gives me 40 tnt and says how'd you get the tnt then?I dropped it the moment they gave it, and said they just /give'd it.Then they op me, and I imeediately deop myself, and say again they are framing me, and are being abusive.After 2-3 more minutes, they leave me alone, I ask for my iron tools back(I had a spade, sword, and pick I JUST made)They /give'd me an iron axe and an iron pick.I had to craft myself the other tools, and told them I didn't even have an axe.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...Reminds me of this one guy.Banned him on one server for massive griefs.Got modded on another server, and eventually the guy joins this one as well, griefs, I ban him, then I find his server.I join and tell the mods that their owner is a griefer, and I have proof, then he shows up on console, wonders how I got the I.P, and banned me xD-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This one server I joined had about 10-12 different groups, and nobody paid attention to default's chat.I saw this "advertiser" or "trial-mod" group or whatever it was, and decided to start trolling. I did a spacing/color trick(bukkit R4 patched it from working), to imitate his group, he went afk so I thought it'd be fun. I made him talk for a bit, then made him go default vanilla speech. The higher mods/admins were so freaking lost, they thought he lost privs etc, then he actually talks. Says something isn't right, someone points out I keep saying nothing each time the guy would speak, then I get told to "stop hacking"Lol.. I explain it is a color/spacing trick, and that they all just got fooled. They say "okay, but do not continue."I wait about 2 minutes, then do it again, they fall for it. Again. I start laughing, then get bored and leave. My brother joins, insta-ban for "being a hacker". He didn't even speak! xD
    If you want to have your long/detailed bans here, from somewhere in the middle of the topic(Past like page 3) or one you haven't even typed yet, just PM me and I'll copy the message here:
    I was playing on a multi-world server, you know, A PVP and a normal server, where the spawn world was super-flat. If you jumped of the spawn, there was a wall. It said if you go over the wall, you will get jailed for five hours. So, using block lag, (When you place blocks on protected ground and the disappear, if you fast enough, you can make a pillar and get on top of stuff.) I managed to get my self on top of it. I asked a admin if that was allowed, but he just Tped to me to see me. He dared me to go over, but I didn't. While I was jumping on it, he jailed me for no reason! He then said that I fell on the other side, but I didn't. Another time I was on it. He said that counted as being over it. So he Jailed me again. (BTW, he didn't jail me for 5 hours/he let me go early.)I blame no one for this but myself:I was on that same server, when someone was mad at me for talking too much. He wanted an admin to mute me. I had made a deal to be muted for diamonds before, so I decided to do it again. A diamond for an hour mute. But something got messed up, so he had to unmute me, then mute me again. but, he forgot to set a time for the mute, so I had to wait over two hours for the co-host to get on so he could unmute me.
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    Interesting read, but it sounds like you are completely against the idea of infinite worlds and all the other amazing and fun features minecraft has had since classic. Just since I started in 1.7.3 to now, the game feels completely different. So many updates and additions. I have enjoyed nearly every update minecraft has had since I have joined. I can understand if the reason you are angry is because the modding API has been delayed time and time again though. It was brought up years ago, and still they put it off. Now this EULA scare, removing capes, and more, it seems like they are out for money instead of the community.

    Anyhow, 1.7 was kind of tough since there was so much changed that tons of modders just gave up. 1.8 doesn't sound like it will be any kinder. I was not a fan of hunger when 1.8 beta came out, but I came to love it by 1.0.0. The upcoming 1.8 features a complete enchanting overhaul, which screws up some minigames and such which will be quite annoying. It makes enchanting easier, but at the same time makes it annoyingly easy. I still have yet to test it, so I'll see how that turns out when it comes.

    We will just have to wait and see what minecraft will become when 1.8 is released.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] CapeCraft HD ~free capes~ ~more than 1000 users~ ~now we have cape gallery!~
    Even though this mod is just like mccapes and minecapes, I still appreciate your work. Keep doing what you're doing, don't let others tell you to stop :)
    I can at least appreciate the work you have put into this :3
    (I am currently using a different cape mod, but it is nice to have options)
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    Quote from Misa

    Well hell... All that work after I got back from vacation for nothing. I was going to update today for last week's snapshot and just add any new textures that were introduced in today's snapshot. But Mojang's decided to utterly destroy the living hell out of my current texture pack with the new texture pack format (even after using their conversion tool). Their high-res texture support is currently pretty atrocious and inefficient. Despite breaking terrain.png into a bunch of separate files, they're still stitched to an fake terrain.png before being broken up again... Why? I have no damn clue. But it makes this new format seem 100% pointless. And over that it's pretty much destroyed my texture pack in its last, good, working state.

    So yeah, now I dunno what I'm going to do...

    I can do one of the following:
    1) Assemble an update for last week's snashot and release it today to be met with a lot of confusion with people trying to run it on today's snapshot.
    2) Release no update to be met with people asking me to update for the one particle that's missing from fireworks or for the last snapshot that they're still running.
    3) Attempt to adapt my pack to the new format and release a mess of a texture pack that looks worse than it did in 2009.
    4) Acknowledge that I had a good run for three years and just call it quits.

    There's probably some other options, but I'm too irritated and baffled by the current situation to think of them... Thanks Mojang.

    I had no idea the change was that bad. Of course I didn't expect it to be a walk in the park either :/
    All I have to say is do anything but #4, please do not quit! You have the nicest looking pack out there with all the animations, random mobs, connected textures, and whatnot.
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    Quote from Keybounce

    I think there is a problem with this config line:


    50 is a torch; that's 14, not 15.
    89 is glowstone; that's 15, not 12
    348 is glowstone dust; that doesn't give off light as far as I know.
    91 is jack-o-lantern. 15 is correct.
    327 is lava bucket; that's arguably a reasonable light source :-).
    76 is redstone torch; that's 7, not 10.
    331 is redstone dust; that's NOT really a valid light source. Unpowered dust just sits there dark.
    314 is golden helmet. ... ???? Light source?

    I think this makes more sense:

    Glowstone gives off light, why not glowstone dust? Golen helmet is moreover a mining helmet, something you can wear that gives off light while you walk around with say a pick in hand. These are just defaults, if you don't like them, change them ._.
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] Advanced HUD 4.8.1

    Its working great! Thanks Turbo :3
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    posted a message on [1.5.2]Improved First Person View (version 1.5.2r1, May 30th 2013)
    First time using this mod, and I gotta say: It is really nice! However, it appears to conflict with the macro / keybind mod. When I have this mod installed, macros doesn't even enable. In the controls menu, it shows the macro keys, but nothing works.
    Any chance these can work together? >..<
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] WDMods - Creepers, sneak and chat.
    Hey Gunther, I believe this mod is making macro / keybind mod crash for me. It has always worked before, mumfrey even advertises that they work together, please fix that? Thanks

    (Also, if you make updates for this every time, perhaps make your own topic for it, and link us to it from here?)
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    posted a message on Misa's Realistic Texture Pack - 1.17 UPDATED 1 NOV 2021!
    I dunno whats causing it, I'm assuming it is because I am using optifine instead of mcpatcher, but I have used your pack in the past many times, but when I updated it to 1.4, I got this:
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    Quote from Thundermonkey16

    Are you going to update to 1.4.2, or are you waiting for 1.4.3/4?

    Quote from TurboSlow

    I'm done porting the mod over to 1.4.2, the mod runs without crashing. I'm checking if everything still works and I have to change things like the debug screen.

    Please read before you post, thanks!
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