About Me
Simple "Must Knows":
I am a resident of Sunny Southern California in the lovely United States and attend my education in High School. I am the "techy" of the household and always look up to many people, one being Paul.

Some of my interests:
I am a HUGE fan of PC gaming as well as Indy Racing. Living were I do, I can attend the Long Beach Grand Prix Annually.
I am also, as I said above, and huge techy, and I plan to take this to another level my getting a degree in the field of Computer Physics or Computer Engineering when I go onto college.

Me on the Internets:
Be aware, I can be known as FullLeatherVest, Sitruc, Vertodd, and more.
Minecraft Forum: http://www.minecraft...1348211-sitruc/
Planet Minecraft: http://www.planetmin...ullleathervest/
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