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    Quote from IonIon

    Hmmm, I'll look into it further. If I can figure it out, or if my mentor can help me with it, would you like to see the end-result?

    Sure. I am currently trying to make that method myself, but I am still not experienced enough. So do not expect any more useful help from me, :P
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    Quote from IonIon

    Hey, thanks for at least trying to help! Its all I could ask for ^_^

    The way I thought is impossible, but there should be one way, which, if it worked, would need you to make a entirely new method, designed specially to drop a extra item. I am only, like before, thinking it would work.

    EDIT: In the worst case, you might even have to maybe change the base classes, but due to only mediocre modding skills, I am only guessing.
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    Quote from IonIon

    Well, I was still unsure about the blockID part, so you clarified that for me, regardless! Thanks!

    Yeah, I meant that I'd like for there to be a small chance that turquoise is dropped WITH the copper. This is still my first week of coding, and my mentor isn't on at the moment. I wanted to try to do something on my own haha... If you have the slightest inkling as to what the statement would look like, however, I'd love to see it. I've yet to create the turquoise item, but I know how to do so, or at least I think I do.

    To be honest, due to the way the method works, I am pretty sure you can not return two things in a single method. I got a idea on my mind that might work, but the chance is pretty low. I will test it out right now.
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    posted a message on How does one set a block to drop itself & another upon breaking?
    Well, I do not know about your second request, but in order to make it drop itself simply use the code below.

    public int idDropped(int i, Random rand, int j)
    return blockID;

    The blockID basically means the ID of the block you are currently in, which means if you return the blockID, you will always get the class you put it in.

    EDIT: Just saw your second post right now, so nevermind. Atleast the final part might be, slightly useful.

    EDIT 2: Actually, if you use rand as well as two if statements you should be able to do that, albeit it might be slightly hard to understand.

    EDIT 3: Wait, after looking at it a bit more, do you want it to have a chance to drop, say, copper ore or turquoise, or do you want it to have a small chance to drop, say, copper ore and turquoise?

    I suppose you want them both at a time, which, as I said above, might be hard.
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    posted a message on Can not recompile with Minecraft Forge
    Hello, I am asking for help. I am currently trying to do modding, and I can do it perfectly fine without Minecraft Forge. I got it installed and working, mostly. Whenever I try to the use MCP commands which is in the MCP folder, they all give me back the same error. I understand it is something wrong with the runtime folder after opening the commands, and I tried to go and manually fix it. Does not work.

    Also, it is not a problem with my source, it is probably a problem with how I installed Minecraft Forge. Let me bring you through the process.

    Installed MCP
    Extracted it
    Put Bin and Resources in the Jars folder
    Put Modloader and then Modloader MP into the minecraft.jar
    Decompiled using MCP
    Downloaded and opened up Minecraft Forge 1.40.46 Source
    Pulled the conf, patches and src folder into the main MCP folder.
    Started modding.
    Tried to recompile, which ends with this error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "runtime/recompile.py", line 26, in recompile
    commands = Commands(conffile, verify=True)
    File "D:\Programs\Programming\Minecraft Coder Pack\runtime\commands.py"", line 170 in __init__
    File "D:\Programs\Programming\Minecraft Coder Pack\runtime\commands.py"", line 412 in readconf
    self.dirmodsrc = os.path.normpath(config.get('DEFAULT', 'DirModSrc'))
    File "ConfigParser.pyc", line 610, in get
    NoOptionError: No option 'dirmodsrc' in section: 'DEFAULT'

    And that happens with every program.
    My best guest guess it that Minecraft Forge messed with the conf folder and ruined this or something.
    More proof that it is not my mod and MCP or Minecraft Forge's fault is that, using Eclipse I can easily press the play button and make it work perfectly!

    So yeah, if anyone could tell me what to do if you figure it out, I would be pretty happy, :P
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    Quote from Nightmare277

    Oh! And when ground it produces IC's iron dust, not Metallurgy's. Also they have separate redstones as well that at least on default settings seem to spawn in the same veins... owo

    I think that is vanilla ores, not from IndustrialCraft. Atleast from what I know Metallurgy does not edit base classes, and never will. Or maybe he will fix it in the future. There is a reason you find gold aswell that drops it's block instead of a ore. It's from vanilla Minecraft.
    So, Metallurgy does not remove vanilla ore spawning, atleast not as of the version I use.
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    posted a message on Metallurgy - Putting the "Mine" back in "Minecraft"!
    Quote from Nightmare277

    An unrelated note, hayooh!

    I just started playing on the MC 1.1 update (great so far), playing with IC2 as well, and I'm curious:

    Does ore spawning for Metallurgy have the potential to replace redstone spawning, etc? I'm finding ridiculously low amounts of the red stuff, which is very bad for my machining. :(

    Also: Sir Shadowclaimer states in the first post that thanks to Forge's OreDictionary the ores for different Forge-compatible mods should coincide, yet, as I'm digging, I'm very distinctly finding two different coppers and two different tins; one type shows up as the ore object and will turn to dust in the craft area, whereas the other remains as a block, and won't. Also, the IC2 copper won't make pickaxes. I imagine this means Metallurgy copper, tin, won't work in IC2 recipes? That would be sad.

    I checked about the last five pages on these, so if they've been answered there, my apologies >.<

    Thanks for the mod!

    You forgot to open the IndustrialCraft 2 config file and turn off spawning of the IndustrialCraft 2 Tin and Copper. The ORe Diactionary only allows recipes to be compatible, it does not automatically disable duplicate spawning.

    And the Ore Dictionary does work, I was perfectly able to use the Metallurgy Copper and Tin in the IndustrialCraft 2 recipes. I don't know why you can not craft a Copper Pickaxe, but it is either a bug or you did not manage to install the mods properly.

    With the redstone, you are probably just very unlucky, but if you are desperate. You can go in Metallurgy and increase the spawn rates of ores, even vanilla ones like Redstone, so this means that you can make it much more copper. Do note that you will need a new world to see the effects of this. Also note that disabling spawning of IndustrialCraft 2 Copper and Tin will only have an effect on worlds generated after you changed the configuration file.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5/1.2.3/1.1][SSP] Daniel Gray's Mods! [1000+ Downloads!!]
    Please do note that you can find all of the Minecraft textures in the minecraft.jar. Since you have modded you probably know that it is in the bin folder. Scroll down to find terrain.png which holds the ore and stone textures you seek. If you want the item textures, go to the gui folder of the minecraft.jar, and find items.png. That holds all of the item textures.

    I did grab some of these textures in to a nice file here, though. So click here to download it. Then use those textures.
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    posted a message on [Multiplayer] Medieval Daze V1.0
    What is Medieval Daze?
    Medieval Daze is a custom map I have been making, it is based on team work, the game is seperated into two teams, and both can have one to six players, but for the best fun, use a six versus six game. Different roles, called classes have different abilities and limitations, each have multiple things only they can do.

    What are these roles, then?
    Each class has a chest, which each have different items for performing their roles. Everyone has a extra chest, a bed, and some food. All classes that dont say otherwise can only use the best of a stone sword. The monarch can wear iron tools and armor as its best, but they can't craft iron tier or higher.

    Well, first would be the Monarch, which is the sole ruler of the kingdom, the monarch is the only required class, as it can do almost everything, just that they are more limited in it than the other classes are. Next is the Blacksmith, the Blacksmith has the powers to smelt ores into ingots, also, they are the only class that can craft tools and items. They have alot of furnaces in their chest, they can also wear every iron armor setpiece other than the helmet. After this comes the Warrior, the protector of the kingdom. The warrior has access to full diamond armor and a sword, they also start with good armor, a bow and arrow, and a stone sword. You get it, anyway. Time to explain them further.

    The Monarch, ruler of the Kingdom
    This class is required to be chosen in a team in order for the game to be played.
    The Monarch has the most starting supplies, as they are the most important. They have access to every tool, however, they can't
    use any diamond tools. They start with a full set of Gold armor, and alot of building materials. They can also only craft the stone
    and wooden tiers of the tools. They can wear a iron armor, but not diamond armor. They can only craft Golden and Leather armor.
    It also got the most luxurious and most food of all. And because of these abilities, as long as each team has atleast a monarch,
    a game can be played.
    A monarch has the ability to command the other classes away from their normal goals, for example, if a monarch wants a warrior to protect a miner
    mining, the warrior has to do that.
    Therefore, I suggest you for the monarch to be good at strategy, and be a good leader.

    Goals in Life:
    Establish a kingdom.
    Keep the kingdom in balance.
    Defend the kingdom if the other kingdom starts.
    Command other people.
    Come up with battle strategies.

    The Blacksmith, crafter of Tools

    This class is one of the three important ones.
    The Blacksmith is the only one other than the monarch who can craft tools and weaponry. They are also the only one other
    than the Miner who can smelt ores into ingots. They can craft any tools of any kind, and they can wear a Iron Sword.
    The best armour they can wear is all iron parts other than the helmet. They cant wear helmets.

    Goals in Life:
    Get ores from Miner.
    Smelt ores into Ingots.
    Craft the ingots into tools.
    Hand out these tools to the respective class.

    The Warrior, protector of the Kingdom.

    This class is the defence of the kingdom, as they got access to full diamond armor and a diamond sword.
    They also have access to the bow and arrow, for some ranged attacks. They start off with a stone sword and
    a leather helmet, iron chestplate, leather leggings and some leather boots. They also like to burn their foes.
    And such, they have brought a flint and steel.
    I am suggesting a skilled fighter chooses this class.

    Goals in Life:
    Hunt for Animals
    Protect the Kingdom
    Attack the enemies when ordered to.

    The Lumberjack, supplier of Wood

    This class collects wood for the kingdom that can be delivered to any class.
    The Lumberjack can wear a full leather armor and a Stone Sword.
    Obviously, this class have access to a Diamond Axe. However, why would you waste diamond on a axe?

    Goals in Life:
    Chop down wood.
    Collect saplings.
    Plant saplings.
    Wait for it to grow.
    Rinse and Repeat.

    The Miner, supplier of Ores
    This class mines ores found in the caverns. They have got access to a full stack of torches and
    a stone pickaxe at the beginning. They can also use a diamond pickaxe, while their highest armor tier
    is iron. They cant wear any helmets. They bring these ores to the blacksmith to let the blacksmith
    smelt it and craft items, and they can also use the Iron Sword.

    Goals in Life:
    Mine ores and other things like obsidian and stone.
    Bring these to the blacksmith.

    The Chef, supplier of Food
    This class acts like a farmer and a cook, they got access to the Diamond Hoe. They can use a Stone Sword and a
    full set of leather armor. They got access to all the seeds and bone meal in their chests. Using a furnace, they can cook
    food. Remember to supply your fellow friends with food to make sure they survive. They are given chicken, beef and porkchops from the Warrior.

    Goals in Life:
    Farm wheat, melons and pumpkins.
    Cook the meat gained from the Warrior.
    Go fishing for fish and cook it.
    Turn wheat into bread or melons into melon slices.
    Share this food with the others.

    That's not all, there are some optional classes that can be chosen by an existing class, it acts like a secondary class, which allows you to have both a main and secondary class. Here are them.

    The Engineer, Redstone Expert.
    The engineer is granted multiple redstone items to mess around with, and thus, can make cool things like:
    Cannons, Landmines, Pitfalls, Piston Doors and a lot of other stuff. I highly, highly suggest for the Engineer to be a redstone mechanic.

    What's the point of this?
    Alright, a further explanation. There are two teams, called empires. These are the red and blue empire. Each empire can hold six players. The main goal of a kingdom is to destroy the other kingdom and make yours flourish. Only after a set amount of time, decided by the server admin, can war be started. Once war is started, do anything you want to do with the other empire, kill, destroy, explode, etc.

    Once the other empire gives up, or the empire is destroyed, the game ends.
    Once you spawn, find the door to the entrance, here there are two doors, choose your team. Here you will find all the chests, and a sign saying you should change this to the name of the person owning the class.

    Once everyone is prepared, open the door, and enter.
    There is a line here, seperating the two empires. Do note that until war has broken, you can't build or destroy blocks on the opposite side, now, start building!

    Once the war clock has ended, any side can declare war, and then the no build or destroy rule on the other side has been lifted.

    Sounds cool, how do I play?
    On a server, while I will not host any server, people who want to host a game of Medieval Daze can post an application like this and I will allow everyone to find a game to play.

    --Application for hosting a server--
    Name in Minecraftia:
    Internet Connection Strength, Horrible, Bad, Average, Good or Awesome:
    What kind of Server, Hosted or from your home:
    Name of this Hosted Game:
    Experience in Minecraftia:
    Length of War Clock in Amount of Days:
    Amount of Players on each Team:
    A thing I am especially good in:

    In the next post I will keep a list of these, so it is easy to find them. Also, if you want to apply to a game, use this application. Post them here, and then send them to the host of the server in a private message. If the host accepts, the host should send a message to me that they have accepted. I will put the application in a server, then. And thus, you can play this map. Feel free to record if you want.

    --Application for joining a hosted game--
    Name in Minecraftia:
    Internet Connection Strength, Horrible, Bad, Average, Good or Awesome:
    Experience in Minecraftia:
    Name of server you want to join:
    What server would you like to join:
    A thing I am especially good in:

    Of course, instead of doing this, I highly suggest getting some friends and start playing, it is much more fun and easier!

    Cool, can I have it?
    Sure, just press this button and you can download it. Do what I did if you want to play a game of it. Apply this map to a server, and find the arena. You are now ready to start.

    Give me some screenshots, dude!
    Sure, calm down. Here you go.

    Fine then, this game has multiple classes, which each have abilites. You build a kingdom and try to destroy the other once the war clock, set by the host, is finished. A host hosts a server, which you can join. Then press this button to download it.

    I am in the middle of nowhere!
    I am not sure if this happens, but if it does, then simply go to the coordinates:
    X: 148.29402901175408
    Y: 63.62000000476837
    Z: -105.46142215408001
    F: 1
    And enter the door.

    What is that crack in the wall?
    Oh, you mean the caverns? That is a man made cavern I filled with ore, however, there is still natural ores and caverns around, I suggest you search for those, too. It is called Race Caverns because you basicly race to the good stuff, the first to find stuff can collect it.

    There is, however, said to be a strange temple infested with creepers. Be careful!
    PS: This ruin is filled with undead, but I originally wanted it to be filled with creepers, but they just blow everything up! I hope you understand.

    One final note
    If you find any bugs, report them in this post. I will then fix it if I can. Also, if you have something to criticise(I think thats NOT how it is spelled), then tell me. Help me with making this map, awesome!

    I would like to thank Vechs Race for Wool maps for giving me inspiration for this map. You should check them out, their pretty cool.
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    posted a message on ▲▼▲[AC]LoZ: Wind Waker [r41][WIP]▲▼▲
    Alright, since I have become active on this again, I think I am going to release some more updates in the textures. I have finished the arrows and the shield back, soon I will finish the Iron Boots. After that, I can finally make some new textures.
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    posted a message on ▲▼▲[AC]LoZ: Wind Waker [r41][WIP]▲▼▲
    Alright, now that you have updated. it's time to update my alternatives file to 32x32, items file is fully updated. Also, there is a texture pack called Faithful 32x32 which uses the original textures of Minecraft, but edited for 32x32. Either way, good work on this. I will update this post soon with the example link.

    EDIT: Fixed grammar error when talking about Faithful 32x32 Pack.

    EDIT 2: Here is the link for you, remember to check it out.
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    posted a message on ▲▼▲[AC]LoZ: Wind Waker [r41][WIP]▲▼▲
    Quote from Kossnet

    Oh, My, God.
    I thought you were gone! XD
    It's good to see that you are still here Sirolu!
    That sounds more than fair, an update for an update XD
    well, I am also quite tired as bear said but I shall put in an hour into my map before I go to sleep, just so I am a little bit closer to releasing that next update!
    bear- no problem, I'll share then when you're ready, preferably over PM so you don't get random stalkers *looks at Sirolu suspiciously* XD
    also, I'd like to get a link/download to the emulator you've got (if I don't find it myself) when we start working on the map together if you can =)

    *Looks away, acting like he never said that.*
    Ok, anyway, I actually have a tab called WW Project so that I can enter this topic with the click of a single button, and because of that, I check this topic like each 1, 2 or third day. I might be inactive a hilariously long time, but as long as I have never said I have quit, I am watching this topic.
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    posted a message on ▲▼▲[AC]LoZ: Wind Waker [r41][WIP]▲▼▲
    Hi there, again. I have been gone far too long, and there is more than one person downloading this, I have downloaded alot of these RSomething, and I enjoyed them all, short or long. This map is probably one of the best made I have seen on AdventureCraft. Now, about my work, I have been working a bit, but there is no hurry. If you suddenly get a lot of temples done, I will work alot, but for now, I might work on some textures sometimes about when each R is released. Maybe like two or three textures for each update. Anyway, keep on being awesome!
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Desert mod
    You could use any of my textures. Remember, if you need any textures done, you can call me. While I might not be able to complete all the textures you want, most should be possible.

    I can only mod a small bit, and even that got errors. I followed a tutorial, from a person named Henry or something. He has a website with Minecraft modding tutorials, they only work with modloaders, though. But hey, this link should help. Scroll down and find Complete beginners guide to modding.
    This is probably the most important to read:
    If its modloader compatible, how would we make it run without modloader?
    So, do you remember how we needed an un-modded minecraft for MCP? The one you put in the jars folder? Well we are now going to mod it...
    So do these steps:

    :Iron: Download ModLoader Open it with winrar
    :Iron: Open MCP\jars\bin then open minecraft.jar with winrar
    :Iron: Drag modloaders class files into minecraft.jar
    :Iron: Thats all you have to do.

    Backup the Minecraft Coder Pack before trying this!
    I think you have to update the code to Modloader after this before retesting.
    If you don't understand this small code, read the rest, it will help.

    Now that modloader has been activated, use AKAhenry's modding tutorials.
    Remember, backup the Minecraft Coder Pack and your mod before even trying this,

    Anyway, it is worth a try. I can't wait for the future of this.
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    posted a message on [1.7.3] Desert mod
    Alright then, in order to upload a picture, first the basics. Use Print Screen to take a picture. F1 removes the gui in Minecraft, F4 turns Minecraft third person. Next, uploading the picture, go to a image sharing site. I prefer ImageShack.
    Find the upload button, choose the picture and wait. Once picture is loaded, click it, then right click the bigger picture and choose Copy Image Address or something. You got the url.
    Now, back to the original post, click the Insert image button in the post editor. In the Url slot, paste it with your mouse. Done, preview the post and then do it.

    I am also a fairly experienced pixel artist. I can make those textures for you. in fact, I have already done it.

    This sword is very close to
    the Sandstone Sword, but there is a difference. The sandstone sword is lighter and more white than this one. And unlike vanilla swords, this one has a bit of noise to it, just like normal sand.

    The sandstone sword is lighter and more white than the sand sword. It also has no noise.

    The cacti sword, basicly green. What is unique is that I have added the spikes.

    Download them All
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