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    posted a message on FantasyWar Events - Everyone can play! => DvZ | HG | CTF | Build-Comp | more <=
    Quote from FantasyWar


    Yeah, those points are valid. I am sorry for sounding so hostile in that last post.
    Anyway, I am pretty sure it has been cleared up now, I think Rob just misunderstood the part of the text saying original. While I would of been a little dissapointed if someone did this to a idea of my own.

    Because in his tweet, he thought you said that you gave him like "a middle finger", but it seems you did not. I hope people stop posting rage comments, even the one I did, as after studying it, it had a few useless things inside it.

    Unless they got a hundred percent, true fact, there is no need for anyone that wants to rage to post, as it does not make a difference. I will not be playing this, but I am not going to be complaining either.

    Hopefully the rage stops, unless Rob still thinks of this as he originally did. While I still think it was a bit rude to not ask permission, I am not old enough to be good enough to come up with good counter arguments.

    After your arguments, I am now neutral about this.
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    posted a message on FantasyWar Events - Everyone can play! => DvZ | HG | CTF | Build-Comp | more <=
    Quote from liamb621

    Jesus christ guys, calm down and stop raging. it really annoys me how most of robs followers are complete derps. honestly after rob posted dvz on reddit the whole community filled up with idiot 12 year olds. its pretty aggravating being a long time viewer and watching the 10s of people coming in here to rage. while yeah OP is a giant tool and deserves to die in a cancer fire, you guys arent being much better. just saying it was real dickish to cancel your paypal donation to the dvz server when you got to play.

    and you're all playing the shitty version of dvz, it was loads better back when it was just the burn in daylight mod and thats it, no magic to spawn cobblestone you had to gather of bit of stone to make your keep and zombies could only attack at night. it was perfect. and then rob changed it and stuff and now its eh. but the newest version is pretty cool, the old one(your "original") sucked because the classes were completely pointless and broken. anyways im done raging at both the UR community and this guy.

    Yeah, that is true. The followers of Rob are indeed quite immature, like I probably was as well.
    Of course, wishing someone death is not what I would do.

    I understand the original poster does not deserve this much hate, and some of the posts who do not give any reasons
    are really not necessary.
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    posted a message on FantasyWar Events - Everyone can play! => DvZ | HG | CTF | Build-Comp | more <=
    Alright, I am going to be kind of posting a rant comment of my own,
    and if you are so mad you do not want to read this, you can ignore it.

    But like someone else said earlier, which had true facts, and you did not reply to,
    I feel the need to restate them here and give proof of those.

    This one comes from two different sources, first, and then the

    I searched up steal. And found these answers on both.

    To take (the property of another) without right or permission

    That sounds about right to me.
    It does not matter if he did get copyright or not, as even without it, you did indeed steal from Robert.

    Next, this one is not on the dictionary.reference,com, but it is on the other one.

    To present or use (someone else's words or ideas) as one's own.

    Wow, that is exactly what has happened here.
    Look, you got to realise, even if it is someone's idea, you should always ask permission.
    If you did, everyone would be fine. If you we're just honest, things will go better in the long run.
    As even "using" someone's idea is pretty much stealing.

    This here came from the same website, I have no idea what the (tr) means.

    (tr) to appropriate (ideas, etc.) without acknowledgment, as in plagiarism.

    Also sounds about right to me, you never told Robert that you had this thing up.

    That was about all I could find. Remember, unless the owner tells you it is fully free to take, you should always ask for permission.

    Oh, and the thing about the community. Robert is a human, just like you, and that means he is also a part of the community.

    Another bad thing is you we're too lazy to even make up a changed title, or add important changes to the gameplay. A few classes is not an important change.

    I am glad you apparently linked to the original, shows you have respect for him, but even then, if you have respect for him, why did you not ask for permission? It does not make sense at all.

    Alright, that is all for now. If you read this, I am expecting you to come up with counter arguments, but all I hope is that atleast you learned something from this post.
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    posted a message on FantasyWar Events - Everyone can play! => DvZ | HG | CTF | Build-Comp | more <=
    Quote from Sarkavonsy

    I'm kind of surprised this guy has gotten away with this for so long without anyone noticing?

    So true, man. So true.
    Even fifteen days is a lot.

    If I would of seen this I would of emailed Rob long ago.
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    posted a message on [Forge Problem ?] Problem particle on break block
    Quote from poiuytrezay

    Please, it's important to me to correct this bug and it's very hard to fix ...

    One word, it is not possible to be fixed. It is a problem with all Minecraft Forge mods that use texture sheets. Those weird particles are the particles of the blocks of the original Minecraft terrain.png. If your Block's Index is 0, then the gray particle from the terrain.png on index 0 comes up. It really is a problem that can only be fixed by the Forge developers. I, along with other popular mods like Industrial Craft 2 and Forestry have it. Even in Forestry, when you eat Honeyed Bread, it seems like you eat diamonds.

    So, the only thing you can do is to try to talk to the developers of Forge to fix it.
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    posted a message on How does one set a block to drop itself & another upon breaking?
    Quote from IonIon

    Hmmm, I'll look into it further. If I can figure it out, or if my mentor can help me with it, would you like to see the end-result?

    Sure. I am currently trying to make that method myself, but I am still not experienced enough. So do not expect any more useful help from me, :P
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    posted a message on How does one set a block to drop itself & another upon breaking?
    Quote from IonIon

    Hey, thanks for at least trying to help! Its all I could ask for ^_^

    The way I thought is impossible, but there should be one way, which, if it worked, would need you to make a entirely new method, designed specially to drop a extra item. I am only, like before, thinking it would work.

    EDIT: In the worst case, you might even have to maybe change the base classes, but due to only mediocre modding skills, I am only guessing.
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    posted a message on How does one set a block to drop itself & another upon breaking?
    Quote from IonIon

    Well, I was still unsure about the blockID part, so you clarified that for me, regardless! Thanks!

    Yeah, I meant that I'd like for there to be a small chance that turquoise is dropped WITH the copper. This is still my first week of coding, and my mentor isn't on at the moment. I wanted to try to do something on my own haha... If you have the slightest inkling as to what the statement would look like, however, I'd love to see it. I've yet to create the turquoise item, but I know how to do so, or at least I think I do.

    To be honest, due to the way the method works, I am pretty sure you can not return two things in a single method. I got a idea on my mind that might work, but the chance is pretty low. I will test it out right now.
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    posted a message on How does one set a block to drop itself & another upon breaking?
    Well, I do not know about your second request, but in order to make it drop itself simply use the code below.

    public int idDropped(int i, Random rand, int j)
    return blockID;

    The blockID basically means the ID of the block you are currently in, which means if you return the blockID, you will always get the class you put it in.

    EDIT: Just saw your second post right now, so nevermind. Atleast the final part might be, slightly useful.

    EDIT 2: Actually, if you use rand as well as two if statements you should be able to do that, albeit it might be slightly hard to understand.

    EDIT 3: Wait, after looking at it a bit more, do you want it to have a chance to drop, say, copper ore or turquoise, or do you want it to have a small chance to drop, say, copper ore and turquoise?

    I suppose you want them both at a time, which, as I said above, might be hard.
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    posted a message on Jeb announces Mod API - Problem or chance?
    I personally think most of the Modding APIs will keep updating. I personally won't be using the actual Modding API if the ones like ModLoader and Minecraft Forge is updated. Even though the Bukkit team is skilled coders, I still think that the other APIs will continue, to make sure that we will not use month[s] in order to update our mods.
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    posted a message on Can not recompile with Minecraft Forge
    Hello, I am asking for help. I am currently trying to do modding, and I can do it perfectly fine without Minecraft Forge. I got it installed and working, mostly. Whenever I try to the use MCP commands which is in the MCP folder, they all give me back the same error. I understand it is something wrong with the runtime folder after opening the commands, and I tried to go and manually fix it. Does not work.

    Also, it is not a problem with my source, it is probably a problem with how I installed Minecraft Forge. Let me bring you through the process.

    Installed MCP
    Extracted it
    Put Bin and Resources in the Jars folder
    Put Modloader and then Modloader MP into the minecraft.jar
    Decompiled using MCP
    Downloaded and opened up Minecraft Forge 1.40.46 Source
    Pulled the conf, patches and src folder into the main MCP folder.
    Started modding.
    Tried to recompile, which ends with this error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "runtime/", line 26, in recompile
    commands = Commands(conffile, verify=True)
    File "D:\Programs\Programming\Minecraft Coder Pack\runtime\"", line 170 in __init__
    File "D:\Programs\Programming\Minecraft Coder Pack\runtime\"", line 412 in readconf
    self.dirmodsrc = os.path.normpath(config.get('DEFAULT', 'DirModSrc'))
    File "ConfigParser.pyc", line 610, in get
    NoOptionError: No option 'dirmodsrc' in section: 'DEFAULT'

    And that happens with every program.
    My best guest guess it that Minecraft Forge messed with the conf folder and ruined this or something.
    More proof that it is not my mod and MCP or Minecraft Forge's fault is that, using Eclipse I can easily press the play button and make it work perfectly!

    So yeah, if anyone could tell me what to do if you figure it out, I would be pretty happy, :P
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    posted a message on Metallurgy - Putting the "Mine" back in "Minecraft"!
    Quote from Nightmare277

    Oh! And when ground it produces IC's iron dust, not Metallurgy's. Also they have separate redstones as well that at least on default settings seem to spawn in the same veins... owo

    I think that is vanilla ores, not from IndustrialCraft. Atleast from what I know Metallurgy does not edit base classes, and never will. Or maybe he will fix it in the future. There is a reason you find gold aswell that drops it's block instead of a ore. It's from vanilla Minecraft.
    So, Metallurgy does not remove vanilla ore spawning, atleast not as of the version I use.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]Connected Textures Mod v1.4.1!
    Quote from TankofChaos

    Optifine seems to copy every popular asthetical mod out there. It started with a bad copy of mcpatcher (later custom colors too) and now Connected Textures? The maker of optifine seems to don't care a **** of other peoples work. He just takes it to get on his own more money.
    And he earns a lot of money with it through his website ...

    Actually, Optifine majorly increases frames per second for worse seconds. For example, with maximum graphics, Minecraft tends to run 30 frames, while with optifine it nearly doubles to a steady 50 to 60 frames! The graphics options are copied, but other than that, it increases the frames by a lot. I realise it combines the old Optimine and Optifog. But Optifine gives even better frames than those two combined.

    In other words, Optifine basically gives you the optimal Minecraft experience, allowing low end computers to play at a playable frames per second,
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    posted a message on Metallurgy - Putting the "Mine" back in "Minecraft"!
    Quote from Nightmare277

    An unrelated note, hayooh!

    I just started playing on the MC 1.1 update (great so far), playing with IC2 as well, and I'm curious:

    Does ore spawning for Metallurgy have the potential to replace redstone spawning, etc? I'm finding ridiculously low amounts of the red stuff, which is very bad for my machining. :(

    Also: Sir Shadowclaimer states in the first post that thanks to Forge's OreDictionary the ores for different Forge-compatible mods should coincide, yet, as I'm digging, I'm very distinctly finding two different coppers and two different tins; one type shows up as the ore object and will turn to dust in the craft area, whereas the other remains as a block, and won't. Also, the IC2 copper won't make pickaxes. I imagine this means Metallurgy copper, tin, won't work in IC2 recipes? That would be sad.

    I checked about the last five pages on these, so if they've been answered there, my apologies >.

    Thanks for the mod!

    You forgot to open the IndustrialCraft 2 config file and turn off spawning of the IndustrialCraft 2 Tin and Copper. The ORe Diactionary only allows recipes to be compatible, it does not automatically disable duplicate spawning.

    And the Ore Dictionary does work, I was perfectly able to use the Metallurgy Copper and Tin in the IndustrialCraft 2 recipes. I don't know why you can not craft a Copper Pickaxe, but it is either a bug or you did not manage to install the mods properly.

    With the redstone, you are probably just very unlucky, but if you are desperate. You can go in Metallurgy and increase the spawn rates of ores, even vanilla ones like Redstone, so this means that you can make it much more copper. Do note that you will need a new world to see the effects of this. Also note that disabling spawning of IndustrialCraft 2 Copper and Tin will only have an effect on worlds generated after you changed the configuration file.
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    posted a message on [1.2.5/1.2.3/1.1][SSP] Daniel Gray's Mods! [1000+ Downloads!!]
    Please do note that you can find all of the Minecraft textures in the minecraft.jar. Since you have modded you probably know that it is in the bin folder. Scroll down to find terrain.png which holds the ore and stone textures you seek. If you want the item textures, go to the gui folder of the minecraft.jar, and find items.png. That holds all of the item textures.

    I did grab some of these textures in to a nice file here, though. So click here to download it. Then use those textures.
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