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    Thanks for from the current owner, dereksmith, and the original owners, dokuand History. You can get this awesome texture pack for Minecraft too!

    Welcome to Minecraft's, revived, post apocalyptic texture pack in friendly Slightly HD 32x resolution!

    LAST DAYS was a texture pack started by Doku (creator of the ever popular RPG pack). Doku began this pack with the essential land-scape defining textures (Dirt, Grass, Stone, water, trees, etc) but did not have time to do much more before discontinuing the pack. The concept he had, and the work he finished was to good to let die. Using Doku's visual and conceptual foundation History continued the pack, expanded it, and improved it. After History's disappearance the pack was continued and further improved by Croco 15 and HalphPrice. Now I have chosen to keep LAST DAYS updated for pocket edition with the help of the community and continue to improve it, just like the other texture pack owners had before. The Original Thread by Doku The Second Thread by History The Third Thread by Croco.

    The goal of LAST DAYS is to take Doku's brilliant foundational work and bring it to its logical conclusion; a full scale, game changing, texture overhaul which takes full advantage of the existing mechanics of minecraft pocket edition and brings them into a post apocalyptic setting.

    WARNING: This Texture Pack changes the "language" of MCPE. If you do not recognize the names of blocks and items, read the lore, or change the "en_US.lang" to default.

    Version 2.0 - Updated for 0.8.1
    Mediafire (Direct) | Dropbox

    Version 1.0 - Updated for 0.7.3
    Mediafire (Direct) | Dropbox

    License: Redistribution of any of the textures included in this pack is not allowed. You may edit it for personal use, but you may not redistribute. If you would like to redistribute anything, you must ask for dereksmith's permission. Failure to comply will result in and legal action and bad mojo.
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    Blah, blah, blah. Wah, wah, wah. We want nether in pocket edition!
    Come to a realization that that's probably not going to happen any time soon, so I bring you...
    This guy named SuperKingRyan (forums page here) made a pretty neat nether texture pack for Minecraft, so I did my best to port it to pocket edition! Be sure to check out his TP too if you have Minecraft
    This is a texturepack i designed to take the feel of the nether and add it to the normal world. Now you can get that bloody scary feeling you have every time you enter the nether.
    Old Screenshots:
    Some "Testing World" Pictures
    Updated for 0.8.1
    Dropbox here

    Older Versions:
    Updated for 0.7.0
    Alternate here
    Updated for 0.6.1
    Updated for 0.5.0
    Updated for 0.4.0
    If you really want the nether experience, get this map!
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    posted a message on the ultimant help guide ask any question ill answear
    Heyo! Posts like these aren't allowed because that's what the Support subforum is for. You can feel free to answer everyone's questions there! :D This topic will be locked for redundancy.
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    0.8.0 is on the verge of being released to the general public, but the update sadly does not come with new biomes. No need to worry! I have ported some biomes from PC Minecraft for you guys to use however you like. If there's a biome that you want and it isn't on here, just ask!

    Be cautious that these maps are for 0.8.0 and may cause problems if opened on earlier versions.

    Cold Taiga - Download (Alternate)

    Jungle - Download (Alternate)

    Roofed Forest - Download (Alternate)

    Savanna - Download (Alternate)

    Nether - Download (Alternate)

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    This topic is locked for redundancy. Please do not create threads asking for updates. When Mojang has information on the update, they will let players know via twitter.
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    I'm sensing an unhealthy amount of moustachelessness in this thread...

    There we go, much better. :D
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    I've been working with Cinema 4D for a while and I think I'm getting the gang of it, so I wanted to post some of what I've done to see what you guys think of it. :)

    Desert Adventure

    Fighting and Enderdragon

    Creeper Slayer

    Cave Exploration

    These are only a few, I have more on my deviantART profile. Comments and critiques are appreciated!
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    posted a message on Is it time for anther fridge?
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    Rbot discovers Botler!

    .:Rbot427:. Botler, are you new?
    .:Rbot427:. $u Botler
    .:Botler:. Rbot427: http://u.mcf.li/Botler
    .:Rbot427:. Wow
    .:Rbot427:. I am just going to leave
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    This topic is locked for profanity. As a family friendly forum we censor all profanity, however the censor is not an excuse to still swear; all posts that contain any instance of profanity will be removed.
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