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    posted a message on ZallCaTor's Texture/Sprite Ordering Service (S.O.S.)
    Name: Sirath

    Size: 7+

    Description: Continue On my order with the TF2 Weopons and items. - all the TF2 Default weopons (Primary, secondary and melee) and optional for fun: throw in couple the other tf2 weopons.

    Link: no link :3

    Comments: This might be fun for the both of us :) cause I test em for ya and such and i can say what to add and such and throw ideas :3
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    posted a message on coterie Craft
    Quote from GM_b3ast

    Easy download the idownloader download it open it in ifile zip view it find for terrain.png copy/link it go to applications in ifle open minecraft then delete the terrain .png that is in the minecraft then replace it with the one you downloaded then thats it

    that doesnt really help..
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    posted a message on Can YOU Design a Minecraft T-Shirt?

    I was just looking on the interent and I thought this would be a good t-shirt design :D
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    posted a message on Nether Idea
    true but I think its a good idea, gives the nether a little more challenge
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    posted a message on Anyone not Playing MC?
    i am done with it
    Name: get_a_Credit_card_and_have_money_on_it3456
    Pass: BuyItYourself,Its$20
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    posted a message on Happy 3rd Birthday Minecraft!!

    Creation 1.

    Creation 2
    (mobs in pic 2: Slime, Ghast, Sheep, Magma Cube, spider, cave spider, blaze, zombie, cow, skeleton,pig, mooshroom, zombie pigman, oceolot, cat (Siamese), and wolf (he has turned black for some reason). I tried to include all the mobs XD

    Anyway, I just want to say a BIG Thankyou to Mojang to create a such and awesome game we call Minecraft. Alot of stuff has appened over the years (from infdev/invdev all the way through to 1.0!!+ other updates)
    and I Love the game (to show how much i love it, i pre much play 24/7 everyday lol)
    and its just been amazing of what The Mojang Team has been doing for minecraft and especially a Great BIG Thank You to Notch Who started This Truly Amzazing game
    Feel Free to comment about This and Your experince in minecraft and what you think and what not.
    If i think of anything else to add to this topic, i will update my topic.
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    posted a message on About zombies
    This never happened to me b4 but i do agree with u. Zombies should not Break down doors if a player/villiger is not on the building.

    +1 for u :D
    Reason: for posting about this, for trying to get your point across,I agree aaaanndd because everyone is and idiot by not understanding what your trying to put out.
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    posted a message on 1.2.5 Black Screen?
    Quote from kalvaxis

    i was working on my secret evil lair too

    it its not secret anymore xD
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    posted a message on NEW COLOR CODE DISCOVORY
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