About Me
I am Sweet,Loving,Caring,Loyal,Honest and Trustworthy
I Can be Shy at Times
I Mostly Dont lie. I Tell The truth and I am always Honest
I am A Open Book c: You Can ask anything about me.
I never Judge
I Like Giving and Receiving Hugs,cuddles and snuggles at anytime anywhere c: (some may say Im obsessed with it lol)
I Can Be Affectionet at times ://3 <3
I do Enjoy Chatting to people, But Im Mostly a Listener hahah
(IRL) I am a sheep >.< I like to follow my friends about.. Otherwise I feel awkward being By myself
I do Like sitting on people and things heheh, I also dont mind friends sitting on me heheheh
I Act weird/strange (In a good way I think) especially around my friends :)
I like to share my Opinions and thoughts
Even Tho I dont drink, Just for fun I like to act Drunk sometimes with the non alcoholic drinks I like sometimes lol
I like to Show who I am and What I Beleive in and not afraid to show it.
I dont care what people say or think about me, They Generally Jelly of me ahah (well I like to think that lol)
I am silly at times hehe
Im not smart ;w; nor am I dumb.
Im not great at everything nor am I perfect, But I do try in what I do.
Sometimes I like to try new things :)
I am DragonBorn
I like to mew sometimes (even in real life), Yes Dragons can mew ahahah well atleast I can
I Draw PG Stuff unless told otherwise
I respect people, I am Nice and Kind (well Try to be hehe)
I like to Keep others happy, I dont like seeing my friends upset, it makes me upset if they are upset.
I Like to be who I am. I dont like to be some1 im not.
I am Easy Going :) I am Easy to please I guess heh.
I try not to be annoying.
uhm.. I am Mostly A quite guy (mostly IRL heh).
Im Boring to talk to ;w; (again mostly IRL)
-OutBack/Country side
-Guns,weopons and armour
-Pasta,Fish and Chips,Noodles,Chocolate,Bread,Wheat-Bix,Cereal,Seafood,Fruits,Sweets,
-Love Dragons
-Moter Bikes
-Beaches,Surfing,Swimming,Building Sandcastles,
-Coke,Creaming Soda,Pasito,Mango Juice,Apple Juice,Orange Juice,Some Cordials and Lemonade
-Guitar and Piano/keyboard
-Water Fights in a Hot Summers day
-Snow, Snow fights
-3D Glasses 8D
-Trolling People
-Neon,Glow Sticks,Glowy Stuff,
-Vore (dont Mind it)
-Paws (dont have a fetish for it, Dont like Human paws hehe)
-Role Playing
-Swings,Flying Foxes,Rope Swings/Tyre swings,
-Thunder Storms
-Belly Rubs
-Color Blue
-Making New Friends
-Small Dogs
-Tickling. (if you must, you can tickle me XD I dont mind it from time to time, but mostly dont like it lol)
-Glowsticks. I just Love them :D
-Colorful Things :D
-Vegetables (except Carrorts and cucumber)
-Jerks,Mean People,Bullies,Ass Hats,Trolls,Bitches,
-People ahahahah.. People scare me ;w;
-Spiders,bugs,Insects,Creepy Crawlies,
-Scarwy Movies
-Vicious Dogs and cats
-Being Alone,Being Ignored
-Liars,Cheaters,Dis-Honest people,People who nag
-Drugs and Alcohol
-Judgemental People
-DarkNess (yes, Im afraid of the dark, especially when im alone.)
Location Australia

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