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    posted a message on [New Server] [1.3] A Firm Cent [Survival] [Whitelist]
    Your in game name: Sir_Leo
    Do you know your ABC's?: ABC D...E..P VTS OUZ Now you know your ABC's. :D

    P.S. Just so you guys know I did try contacting you on the server you had up before this, but neither of you were on; then the IP changed. Luv Nick (<------ Me)
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    posted a message on Dragon Dance, Cartoon RPG (Updated 3/10)
    Actually really really love this texture pack so far. Once it is finished it might just be my default :D Great Job!
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    posted a message on Elysium Reawakened {Factions} [Iconomy] {LWC} Mature! Come join us!
    Knife and lag both know me, can you list me :P
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    posted a message on Community Creations - The Banner Contest
    Even though CorruptAngel's has a very nice looking banner, I'd have to go with Eli354's. However the are all good attempts.
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [Tower Control] || TowerChaos || (Beta) [No Whitelist] - Looking for staff
    In-game name: Do you have to ask!
    Why you want to be a warrior: I <3 you
    Iron or gold?: Gold, because that is the kind of pants I wear!
    Have you read the rules and looked at the guide?:
    Psh,rules...guides...Ima man i dont need those things >:D
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    posted a message on ★ Iriliath ★ The most unique RP experience around. 24/7. Custom classes. Custom generated map. Check us out!

    Minecraft username: Sir_Leo
    Age: 15
    What attracted you to this server?: Friend referred me (Hacker_Jacker)

    Characters name: Athanasius
    Character Age: 19
    Characters appearance: A shady character whose true appearance is only seen by the beings he has killed. (Mask, hood, and shrouded clothing)
    Was there a certain class you wanted to play? If so why?: When the thoughts of a man are only of death, he must be a Rogue.
    Goals for your character: To have the blood of innocence be spilled, and have all of my enemies perish in search of "purity."

    1. You find yourself in the jungle at night returning to your village, and two wild wolves emerge before you. They begin to circle to flank you, what do you do? I draw my blade ready to slay the friendly puppies.

    2. Two members of your tribe begin shouting at each other in the village center,. You are drawn to them curious as to what's happening, they seem to be arguing over a corpse of a fresh kill. Probably about which of the two hunters gets the first pick of meat. What do you do? I sit back watching the two quarrel. Watching them is a pitiful sight because they are making themselves look like small children fighting over candy.
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    posted a message on MCX360 - The Good, The Bad, The Awesome
    Borders... :(
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][Forge/Survival]Silvania: Ultimatum - WE HAVE RETURNED! ☢CUSTOM ATL MODPACK☢PvP☢ECONOMY☢FTB-STYLE MODPACK INSTALLER!
    Silvania Wins
    User name*: Sir_Leo
    Age*: 15
    Location/Time Zone*: GMT -7 hours
    Did someone refer you?: No, I saw a banner when looking through Bukkit.
    Minecraft Version (eg 1.8.1)*: 1.2.5
    Land/Town: Tennebrae
    Job*: Tool smith
    Race: Battle Mage
    Age*: 19
    Bio*: Abandoned as a small child I grew up with a spark of fire in eyes and darkness in my heart. I was put in a small foster home in the town of Harfang. I could deal with the day to day abuse from my "brothers" and "sisters" for years but one day I had enough. A kid older than myself at the time, threw a rock at me. This drew blood which dripped down my face, enraged I stared at him hatefully wishing he would burn for what he had done. The ground below him started to radiate a warm orange color, and then poof he went up in flames causing a burning flesh smell that I will never forget. Knowing I was in trouble I ran and ran until the soles of my shoes had been completely warn. Confused and tired I fainted on the loose gravel beneath my feet. The following days I continued to walk this path of exile. Still comprehending what I had done. I tried multiple times to reenact that event, with no success. So I made it my mission to learn about this power, which was locked inside me. This was a big task for a child of fifteen years. Where was I to stay, to eat? I found a small farming family and helped out with everyday tasks for a place to live and feed. When I turned nineteen I said my goodbyes to this kind family and left. When I stepped foot into the next town I knew I needed a job. I liked to work with my hands and objects so I found it easy becoming an apprentice in the art of tool crafting. Currently I am at the town of Tennebrae, where the rest of my story has just begun...
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    posted a message on [DTC] Breaking and Entering (SSP) (SMP)
    Hey guys, I made this map so that me and my friend could make a Youtube video. I decided heck why not release this map to the public.

    Video demonstration:
    1. No breaking/placing blocks
    2. No mods/plugins
    Map link here:

    Singleplayer Important:
    Double check to make sure difficulty is on hard!

    Multiplayer Important:
    Bukkit Is required to play multiplayer, no plugins required!!!
    For multiplayer you must set the difficulty to 3 and change the level-name to match the world folder in server.properties.
    In the bukkit.yml change "spawn-radius: 16" to 1.
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    posted a message on Mojang, Yogscast In Dispute
    agreed :)
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    posted a message on Mojang, Yogscast In Dispute
    I hadn't even heard of yogcast until 3 months after I bought the game, and I never liked their videos that much.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 360 Sneak Peek
    Of course i want it but if i have to pay for an xbox one as well as the minecraft one i have already payed for. Then too bad :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on [May 23, 2012][ModLoader]Muserae's Modding Tutorials
    Amazing and helpful tutorials :smile.gif:. Would you think about adding redstone, gravel/sand physics, gui's, and particle effects? Thank you.
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    posted a message on [1.8.1]Brainader's Appliances Mod [v1.0] [12/10-11]
    All blocks are only for decoration to spice up your home! ^^
    They have absolutely no other functions!

    LOL <3
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    posted a message on [Surv] Skyblock
    My tree didnt drop any sapplings :| what im i supposed to do ?
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