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    Thank you for your support!

    Quote from Junokaii

    Only way I think... any kind of path you want to make will be destroyed or you'll be knocked off because of ghasts shooting you. I tried to do it many times.. But because a lot of the time it involves making floating bridges across a giant lake of lava...

    I agree it's cheep a bit.. But.. The main reason is I don't want it taking a week to make when I could do it in 2 hours or less o peaceful.

    Okay, guess I will try that, I just wish there was a less cheap way.

    Quote from X_crafter

    I am fine with how it is, the only reason that I would like this to get implemented is because... GHASTS ARE SO "#"#$%" ANNOYING!!! Seriously, when you hear a ghast for a long time it becomes irritating, but when you hear 4 or 5 at the same time for a loooooooooong time... oh man

    Aww I kind of like the sound of ghosts...they're so netherish. They scare the crap outta my dog though.

    Quote from GregNelson

    Ehh... I don't seem to have too many problems with that... I just remember to build walls around my paths out over lava. cobblestone is in abundance and doesn't get destroyed due to ghast fireballs, and as long as you have at least a 1-2 block wall on either side of you, it is very difficult for the ghast to knock you off your bridge, and their fireballs don't really do that much damage individually.

    My BIGGEST problem with Ghasts, I have to admit, is trying to harvest glowstone. Invariably, a large portion of glowstone would be available directly over a sea of lava... which makes it difficult to gather in the first place, but more so when ghast fireballs keep blowing it up and into the lave before you can build a platform to catch them.

    Used to really me off before Blazes were introduced, because glowstone was a limited resource prior to that point.

    Now.. I just make sure I take an enchanted bow with me, and if any ghast is truly annoying me, I kill it. If not, I wait until they are over ground that I can get too... or try to lure them to ground I can get to before killing them to collect their drops. remember, the more ghasts you kill, the less likely that a new ghast will spawn to replace it, and with a max MOB spawn cap in an area, you can work that to your advantage.

    I also bring a few stack of cobble with me, and when they start to crater the ground around me, I just patch it with cobblestone, it looks kind of patchwork when you get done, but becomes far more ghast resistant in the future as you go...and carpeting the whole ground in cobble just takes too much time.

    I honestly don't mind this because glowstone is meant to be very hard to get and each block drops several shards anyway. But I'm glad they made blazes drop them.
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    Quote from ahjfcshfghb


    Once username changing gets introduced, can I use this?
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    The XBOX is not as powerful as the PC meaning no infinite worlds. This is fine -- sure its a bit annoying but you get used to it. This applies to the nether as well, which again is annoying but whatever. However it appears that Mojang did not minimize the ghast spawn rate to accommodate this. By this I mean that in the computer I normally see 1 ghast max at the same time, MAYBE 2. In XBOX is averages about 3 but it is not uncommon to see 5 all shooting at you. This makes the nether impossibly hard because
    1: It destroys much of the nether
    2: Its hard to dodge all them let alone kill the ghasts themselves

    So what I am asking is they shrink the ghast spawn rate to be more appropriate. Not sure what a good rate would be but just make them way less common so the nether isn't a complete warzone. Seriously, if I don't carry a potion of fire resistance into the nether I die most of the time.
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    Have you ever wanted to express excitement in mine craft? Maybe you found your first diamond? Maybe you won hunger games? Maybe you beat the ender dragon? Until now therehas been no proper way to celebrate those magical moments. Until now. Presenting...


    To make confetti put one paper and one dye of whatever color you want the confetti to be on the crafting grid. You will get 8 confetti of that color back. You may left click to throw a single confetti up into the air -- however that isn't the special part. Put confetti in a dispenser and activate it. The entire stack of confetti in that compartment will be simultaniously launched up into the air. What perfect way to celebrate! You can also combine it with firework stars to make the fireworks "rain confetti."

    But it's useless!

    Damn right it's useless. Sometimes its the useless things that make minecraft special, from diamond blocks to dirt. This would follow that logic. There's absolutely no use for this, and yet I love simply love to have this is minecraft. I hope I am not the only one.
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    I just don't see why this needs to be implemented. And in addition, people can get potions earlier in the game than they are supposed to because of this. It also doesn't fit.

    No support.
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    posted a message on Fire/Lava Prof Boats (AND A TOPIC TO DISCUSS)
    Quote from PopuliMinistrum

    Mojang never adds anything from the community! Especially not Pistons, Smooth Lighting, the Anvil format, Horses, colored glass, and coal blocks! Mojang never added any of that stuff!

    Huh didn't know some of those were community ideas. Learn something new every day.

    May I also add the mesa and savannah biomes to this post?
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    posted a message on More Chest Loot
    You have to admit the chest loot right now is pretty barren. There's horse armor, name tags, and saddles but that is it regarding chest exclusive items. Plus they all have to do with living creatures, two which are horses. This post is about improving the loot.
    (note: this is not a wishlist. this is no different from "more biomes" or "more mushrooms", both of which are successful ideas (more biomes even got partially implemented.))

    Dona Berries:

    Dona Berries are a new food intended to restore health. Dona berries can be eaten alone, in muffins, or in juice. Let me explain -- alone they cancel out for 1.5 seconds -- this can be poison from any source. However it just prevents it from draining any hearts during the time period -- it doesnt restore health. Berry muffins, made with one berry and two wheat, does the same as eating straight up dona berries except it also restores 3 meat pops.You can make healing juice -- made with 3 dona berries and 1 apple. It grants you regeneration l for 6 seconds as well as neutralizing poison for that amount of time, making it a valuable tool for combat. It also restores 3 meat pops. It has a unique recipe -- drop 3 dona berries and 1 apple into a cauldron filled with water. With every ingredient the water will turn more red, finally turning bright red. Pick it up with a bottle and bam -- you got healing juice. (thank you McTime50 for recipe idea! :))

    Dona berries can make the potion of charisma. Made by combining dona berries with an awkward potion, you have a 25% higher chance of taming animals when using it, and villagers require you to give them 1-2 less items, or give 1-2 more items. So dona berries are a valuable ingredient in brewing as well.

    It takes a rather long time for dona berry plants to grow but when you grow them you never have to replant them again -- similar to pumpkins. What I mean is that after 3-5 minecraft days, the seeds will turn into a plant -- however the plant will grow dona berries on it. It is a 1.5 block tall vine like plant, with room for 3 dona berries on it. It takes 1-2 days for the berries to grow onto it. Once 3 berries have grown on it, no more can be grown on it until all of them are picked. They are small red berries, similar in look to cranberries.

    Found in: Dungeon, Mineshaft, Jungle Temple, Nether Fortress chests.
    Chance: 13% (jungle temple), 10% (nether fortress), 5% (dungeon/mineshaft)

    Glow Bow:

    Glow bows are incredibly awesome, and not just their name. They are a very important item for cave exploring -- whenever you shoot an torch out of a glow bow, they release the same light level as a well..torch. So they are great for checking the bottom of ravines, lighting up big rooms, etc. However they cannot be collected -- arrows shot with a glow bow stick in the ground forever. They also deal one less heart of damage to mobs than normal bows, so they are mainly just useful for caving.

    Found in: Dungeon, Stronghold chests.
    Chance: 19% (dungeon), 5% (mineshaft)

    Bottle O' Enchanting:

    I honestly don't see any reason why these puppies cannot be found in chests as well. They're somewhat underpowered to be requiring emeralds, even for the low price of 5 to 1.

    Found in: All
    Chance: 12%

    Carrots and Potatoes:

    Finding the veggies can be a difficult process -- if there are no villages nearby than your only hope is to hope for the best when killing zombies. They shouldn't be THAT hard to get.

    Found in: Abandoned Mineshaft, Both Temples, Stronghold chests.
    Chance: 20% (mineshaft and stronghold), 15% (desert temple), 10% (jungle temple)


    I don't see why cobwebs shouldn't be found in chests either. I mean it simply makes sense.

    Found in: Dungeon, Abandoned Mineshaft, Stronghold chests.
    Chance: 35% (stronghold), 25% (dungeon and mineshaft)

    All the disks:

    It's insanely annoying to get disks other than 13 and cat. You either have to get insanely lucky, or make a certain kind of mob grinder. One is rare and the other is tedious and useless for many.

    Found in: All
    Chance: 100% (11 in stronghold) 12% (other)

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    posted a message on charged creeper spawn egg.
    I don't see why not. I support.
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    posted a message on Name-tagged Hostile Mobs Should Not Despawn on Peaceful
    I support, this is insanely annoying. But just for the time you are on peaceful they should be neutral.
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    posted a message on Mushroom Stew Using Potion Drinking Sound
    It would look more realistic as if you are slurping the soup as opposed to chomping on its wooden goodness. I hope I am not the only one bothered when your character "chomps" soup.
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