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    Quote from Molle»
    Well, at least they look pretty nice. Doesn't help that it's still MCreator. That alone makes it not worth putting up.

    [quote=ShinyMew1256;/members/ShinyMew1256;/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2252989-rusty-tools-mod?comment=3]1) Made with MCreator
    2) All it does is add tools
    3) The idea is far from original

    So if you are going to make a mod at least put some tiny bit of effort in it.
    [quote=Seikikai;/members/Seikikai;/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/2252989-rusty-tools-mod?comment=2]Guys...Did He Said MCreator?

    Like I said... it's my first mod. I also don't know how to code. At least I have the capability to make a mod, even without knowing how to code.
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    Rusty Tools Mod
    Hello,this is my first mod, the Rusty Tools Mod. I made this mod with MCreator, an application that allows you to create mods easily without programming or having to know Java Script. Tell me if anything is wrong with this mod please.
    Download Links
    (I do not own MCreator, I am just using it to make my mods and just wanted to give you guys the link incase one of you guys need help moddinng.

    Update Log

    1.0.0 - First version nothing added.


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