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    posted a message on Almost completely vanilla server looking for 1 more!
    Hey there if anyone in interested in a nonmodded server I am looking to add one mature individual.

    We do spawn items but if that's not your thing you can always play legit!

    PM if interested (or add me on skype user is SoDarkened)
    We are looking for someone who plays more than 4 hours a day!
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    posted a message on Need 2-4 People For Non Modded Server
    Hey everyone me and a few of my friends host a server but only 3 of us (out of 7) are really active. The server is up 90% of the time (not between the late hours of 12-6am) but can be left up 99% of the time if needed.

    We're looking for 2-4 people who would like to join a non modded server with white list. We DO spawn items it is a small server as there aren't that many large things.

    Since it is non-modded we hope to find non griefers yet it seems that may be a challenge.

    If you are interested at looking at it leave your username here and I will pm you the ip address.

    If you plan on breaking things then please, do not join.

    We are searching for active, honest people so our server is not so lonely :smile.gif:.
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