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    posted a message on 30 New NATURALLY spawning SEED-SPECIFIC structures in Vanilla Minecraft 1.11+! Dynamo Release IP 4.2

    Now that is insane. I've tried this a bit and it is brilliant! Choco, you've done it again. :)

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    posted a message on EscapeRestart ★ Lava Survival | Creative | PVP | SMP

    The thing I love about this server is that it offers fun servers but there's no pay to win at all on them! The servers survive purely on donations. It's brilliant! That's my personal opinion.

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    posted a message on WearMC - Full character customisation! []
    Great mod - could I have advanced access please? Username: SirComputer
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    posted a message on [1.7.2] NEI in Eclipse
    Quote from allout58

    I think I have found the new location: %USER_HOME%/.gradle/caches/minecraft/net/minecraftforge/forge/FORGE_VERSION/unpacked/conf.

    Hope this helps!

    You think you have - I think you have too. Tested and it seems to work. Maybe if @MrrGingerNinja updates this people would really benefit from this. Apologies for necroposting (posting outdated posts), just saying and giving this a bit of a bump.
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    posted a message on [1.1] Blender Model: Minecraft Player – Compatible With Blender 2.6
    Guys, the solution to everything is to read through the main post with the FAQ, all the posts through the thread, then if that does not solve it or something doesn't seem to exist, UPDATE YOUR BLENDER.
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    posted a message on [MINIGAME] [1.5/1.6+] Team TNT Bow Spleef
    Anyone? :( If this is my second failed project, out of the two projects I have attempted, I will not be happy. :(
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    posted a message on [MINIGAME] [1.5/1.6+] Team TNT Bow Spleef
    So, we know TNT Spleef. We know TNT Bow Spleef.

    I present to you...

    Team TNT Bow Spleef
    Spleef that involves teamwork (sort of)!

    Shoot down the TNT underneath the other team to make them fall out of the world! Once your opposition is gone, war against yourselves! This map is always being worked on, because of my imagination, new updates to Minecraft, and of course, your suggestions, may you want to suggest. I suppose you'd want to download the map and see what it looks like and play it, since I haven't got any pictures. I can't get any pictures of the game in action either, since I developed this on my own. However, I will soon get some pictures on the post. Have fun!


    • Enable Command Blocks
    • Default Gamemode is Adventure
    • Peaceful Mode
    PS: Adventure Mode and Peaceful mode aren't neccessary, but recommended.

    Spectators Mode
    Does spawn need fixing?

    PS: Versions of this map will be released in the format of Major Version Number.Update Number (e.g 1.0)

    • SethBling - Dispensers to Droppers Filter. (saves about 5-10 minutes of deleting and replacing)
    • Codewarrior - MCEdit, a livesaver.
    • Mojang - For Minecraft
    • All the staff and community at - Allowing me to post this for all of you!

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    posted a message on How to easily make a language pack in 1.6+
    Quote from iScream

    The part about this being a resource pack is not true. You also don't need mcmeta file for language in lang folder right now.

    Source: http://www.minecraft...i/Resource_pack

    Eclipse is an integrated development environment, not ideal to get just for translating Minecraft. Windows' Notepad can't do Unix style newlines, not sure if language files have Windows type or not, but if not, then Notepad is a bad choice too.


    This is flawed because of what the wiki states and also practice, language in resourcepacks folder was not picked up by the game, but it was not deleted from assets either. I hope this is going to be solved soon enough (as in resourcepacks directory for everything, languages included). Lack of languages.txt is good because one less thing to check, and multiple custom language files made that have to be edited manually. Also no need to delete META-INF folder now.

    This is intended as constuctive criticism, and for others to know all this too. May change in future.

    If you're talking about a good thing to edit with, Notepad++. I've not yet looked in to resource packs. Could you select a texture one and a language one at the same time?
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] References Language Pack [(some) Achievements!] [WIP]

    How about Pleather for leather?

    Where's that quote from?
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    posted a message on I'd like to fix French Canadian language
    You could get the language pack in minecraft.jar then fix the errors up, then replace the wrong pack with right, and maybe then post the right here?
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] References Language Pack [(some) Achievements!] [WIP]
    References is now updated with CavemanFilms' bone and BajanCanadian's boobplate and lingerie! V1.2, download it at
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] References Language Pack [(some) Achievements!] [WIP]

    The References language pack, as said above, is a language pack with lots of references to YouTubers, such as SkyDoesMinecraft's budder, BajanCanadian's boobplates, lingerie and chicken nugget budder, and Caveman Films' clubs and club dust. I also put my own touch to it - irony, and the pack also contains Companion Plates/Weighted Companion plates.

    This pack is highly work in progress, and please suggest other references for me to put in!

    (PS: Do I need to fix up this post? Please tell meh.)

    CavemanFilms (Bone = Club)
    BajanCanadian (Chestplate = Boobplate, Chain = Lingerie)

    A nice banner at the top and for different sections of the post.

    The link is for a download counter, so I can see how the pack is doing. Otherwise, it is a normal Dropbox link, not an ad-filled MediaFire! (No offence MediaFire/MediaFire lovers)

    V1.2 - BajanCanadian (Chain and Chestplate), CavemanFilms (Bone)

    V1.1 is missed out due to an epic fail of me naming files.
    V1.0 - Budder, Chicken Nugget Budder

    Navigate to your Minecraft jar (there are plenty of tutorials on it. Google it if you want.) then with a program like 7-Zip or Win-Rar, copy the contents of lang into your folder, overwriting languages.txt.

    If you want to use MultiMC, place the raw zip as a jar mod. If you are using Magic Launcher, install it like an ordinary mod.


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    posted a message on Colored Light! (originally the 'Colored Glass!' topic)
    Quote from Galactic_Muffin

    Snippity snip snip

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone mail Mojang/Jeb this! This must be implemented! Supporting this FTW! And this makes sense. An image program can change hues without lag while you drag - so why can't Minecraft do it without lag? I think if there is more of a majority of a colour, the game darkens, reds or brightens (Blue, Red, Yellow) or the game reds, greens or blues (RGB) in case there is 3+ colours.
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    posted a message on Access to /lag, /mem or /memory commands
    Your moderator or plugin? For your moderator you should just add it to his rank. If it is a specific mod, add it to the user using the bPermissions WebGUI. I think you click on the user then add it. If the rank go into the rank aand add it. If you don't have the GUI get another guy to give you the command. :P I can't clearly remember so I hope I helped.
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    posted a message on The Original PotterCraft - The Wizarding World, Recreated in MineCraft
    This is epic! Unfortunately I can't donate since I am in Britain. (Sooo close! :P) Keep building - you can do it!
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