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    posted a message on SMP's Revival - [October 20th, 2014] - 1.8 (sans CTM)
    Quote from SMP

    Going to wait for more info on exactly what the new blocks / items are so I know what to texture them as.

    I think I have a good sense of what they are:

    From left to right:
    Cauldron top, cauldron inside bottom (and cauldron tub bottom)

    Enchanting table top, cauldron side, cauldron legs bottom, brewing stand base, brewing stand side, weird stronghold portal block 1, weird stronghold portal block 2

    Enchanting table side, enchanting table bottom, ender sand (not used atm).

    As for items:

    Fermented spider eye, normal spider eye, empty bottle, potion (this graphic goes right behind the bottle graphic and gets colored, so leave it grayscale)

    Ender eye, cauldron icon, blaze powder

    Brewing stand icon, magma cream

    Ta da!
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    posted a message on How to fix your chests
    I've noticed that a lot of texture artists have been having difficulty with their chests having a strange flicker on the rim of the body. This odd flickering effect doesn't happen with the default textures, so it seemed unlikely that it was a bug.
    After looking around at the files and playing with the chests in-game, I realized what the problem was. The lid of the chest now intersects with the body of the chest on one pixel. If you look at the textures, you should notice that the bottom row of pixels on the chest lid is identical to the top row of pixels on the chest body.

    All you have to do is make sure that these two rows of pixels are identical in your textures, and nothing will flicker.
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    posted a message on What is the difference between ModLoader and ModLoaderMP?
    Yeah, that's true, but it makes it a lot easier.
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    posted a message on What is the difference between ModLoader and ModLoaderMP?
    ModLoader fixes loads of compatibility issues between mods by making it unnecessary to overwrite (many) original files.
    ModLoaderMP adds easy multiplayer support for use with ModLoader (hence the 'MP'). ModLoader doesn't require ModLoaderMP, but ModLoaderMP requires ModLoader.
    Hope that clears it up for you.
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    posted a message on How do I get what the player has in hand?
    ItemStack itemstack = entityplayer.inventory.getCurrentItem();
    if(itemstack != null && itemstack.itemID == Item.ingotGold.shiftedIndex)

    Fairly straightforward. Make sure you check that entityplayer exists.
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    posted a message on Error on recompiling.
    Ok, you'll need 4 lines total to make a new item, as well as the item's class file (not really required unless you want it to have special properties).

    This is what you'll need:
    public static Item whatever;
    whatever = new ItemWhatever((999)).setIconCoord(0, 0).setItemName("whatever");
    whatever.iconIndex = ModLoader.addOverride("/gui/items.png", "/MyPngs/whatever.png");
    ModLoader.AddName(whatever, "Whatever");

    These need to be inside of your:
    public class mod_MyModFile extends BaseModMp

    Hope this helps.

    Quote from HazardousJoh

    I don't like to post pre-made solutions when you don't understand it... just learn Java before anything or you won't understand a thing at modding...Google it !P.S.: I don't want to blame you, just to help you

    Not true at all. Minecraft modding requires little to no previous java experience. Besides, you have to learn somewhere, right?
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    posted a message on Bucket of Holding
    Just poking a bit of fun at minecraft's bizarre water physics.
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    posted a message on Endermen to ruin minecraft ???
    There are no videos of endermen. That was fake.
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    posted a message on PlacingNPCs
    Just spawn them when the village or whatever is generated. You can figure out how to do that by looking at the mobspawner code, and the slime code I guess if you need to.
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    posted a message on The way you get regular stone and cobble...
    Quote from Adde961337

    well we can all agree on that this dosent make sense

    :Sheep: + :Furnace: = :sponge:

    Mmm, sheep spongecake.
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