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    Welcome To My Star Wars Project

    (You can skip this intro to get right to the point) Let me start with a little bit of a back story. There is nothing I have loved more in my childhood that Star Wars. The first way I was sucked into Star Wars was by watching the Clone Wars with my dad, and I had a huge crush on Natalie Portman. Eventually, (three days later), I watched every single other movie by marathon. I was immersed, nothing was more interesting that this- and it was not over. Over the course of years I would play outside like a jedi or clone trooper with my neighbors (corny stuff huh?) and played all the games as they came out. After Episode III I did not know what to do with myself. That is when I went back and played the KoToR games. They were absolutely incredible, and now the first one is my favorite game of all time. Revan is my hero. Now that I look back on it, I understand the opportunity I have been given to make a roleplaying project beyond epic proportions with Minecraft. I played one a few years ago and it was very fun, but there was no future, nor a goal. It lasted maybe a month. That was a few years ago. I have up Minecraft for a long time and now I wish to come back to it in order to bring the community KoToR, a story continued from the alternate ending to the first KoToR.

    (If you skipped, continue here for the main point) My plan will take some time, yes. I want to make a server (most likely with realms) in order to recreate the universe from KoToR. I am no avid Minecrafter, my building will be limited. My focus will be on the lore and figuring out how the server will work while also recruiting the correct people. I want those who are as interested in this as I am. I have nothing really figured out as of now, I just need to know I will have dedicated workers. I need people who can use plugins and what not, builders, and players as well. This is an effort for all of us, but I will host the server.
    So far all I have figured out is that it will take place after the Battle of the Star Forge, in the eyes of Revan- a sith once more. There will be four sides- Sith on Korriban, Jedi on (Ideas? Maybe Coruscant?), Republic on Manaan, and there will be other classes to choose from! There will be a balance of power, only those who truly help a lot will be granted with high status characters, although you can always work your way up by playing! There will be plugins for force powers, lightsaber/blaster use, NPC's, and hopefully we can get working ships for flying around and swoop racing. I want classes such as Jedi/Sith, Smuggler, Bounty Hunter, Soldier, Salesman, and many more. It will be harder to become a high profile class. The currency will not be part of a plugin- I want to use items as credits.

    So, enough plan making for now, who wants to join? Leave your IGN's and your thoughts/advice as well! Everyone is welcome. Even for those who never played KoToR, you will learn. This thread will become more formal as we go on.
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    Quote from syvs

    Sirbonzai, Accepted! Hey Sir, good to see another oldie roll on in. We will not be having guns on the server though, so the service rifle is a no-no. Welcome to the party, Mr. Iron. See you very soon.

    Thanks :) And guns were always a problem in the first place, better without em.
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    Quote from SpartanlaserX1

    Accepted, we could use some more robots roaming the wastes ;D

    true that

    Everyone stop the fighting and enjoy kitties
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    Quote from Zeze1225

    Ignore this

    I couldnt help but notice this postHere is a funny picture to lighten the drama a little bit
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    uniloc t(-_-t)
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    Something weird for me- Other people are playing on servers and I can see that from the Multiplayer lobby. How can some people play but others cant?
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    This was a fun server and all but in the end I was really mad with the outcome. The server was corrupted by this kid DeathGaurdElite who is the biggest ****ing douche Minecraft may ever see. He has no idea what the **** he is doing... Some of the people I will remember, such as zelnok, c011in,xxworldsendxx, spartan, a few others [sorry if i forgot you :3]. Was fun over all though :D . Don't try to contact me or any other ****, im quitting minecraft overall. Its a big ****ing waste of time. Bye :D

    Oh btw Zelnok, Machina is yours now. Treat it well
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    Minecraft username: Sirbonzaiatak

    Age: 16

    Time zone: Eastern (New York)

    What experience do you have in roleplaying?: I have been on many rp servers

    Have you read and accepted the rules?: Yes

    Did you read the lore?: Yeah

    Name at least 5 races on this server: Dwarfs, Nord, Wood Elf, Dark Elf, Ogre

    What do you imagine this server will be like?: Very fun

    Where did you find this server?: Minecraftforum

    Why should you be let in?: I like to rp and will be of good service to the server

    Screenshot of your skin: http://5493-planetmc.voxcdn.com/files/resource_media/preview/SnowElfSkin_minecraft_skin-925281.jpg


    Name: Bonzai

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Race: Snow Elf (new race, approve if you like the bio)

    Appearance: Tall, bright blue eyes, bald, robes

    Personality: Hardy

    Ambitions/dreams: To restore my race

    Biography/Story(More than 2 sentences long): I lived underground for most of my life in a sanctuary with the only Snow Elves I ever knew, and at that age I believed the whole world was populated by us. But I soon learned the cultures of the outside world when we were attacked. Bandits, hundreds came in and started enslaving us and murdering the women and children. Me and a couple of my class mates were in our "secret bunker" as we called it back then. We would practice the art of swords and certain forms of magic. It was forbidden though in our stronghold. We stole books from the secret library, but all of this turned out well. We had all the skills we needed to fight off enough bandits to escape and find new land to live on. We, unfortunately, did not have any females accompanying us so I am afraid there is no way for us to repopulate, unless we can find another group of us still alive. Now on to me, I am a decently tall Elf man. I am very talented with swords and the skill of archery. I am the leader of my group of people. I am bold, but I have a sensitive side. I am a people person, I help out those who are friends of worthy of help, but I do not assist anyone corrupt.
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