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    Looks like an intresting mod! I don't know how to do any of this, but i still want to help. Maybe we can contact nd find someone.

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    Quote from easy555»


    You just wrote a very long post that took four days to get a reply.

    The idea sounds cool, though!

    Unfortunately, I have no experience with any of those so I won't be able to help.

    It was originally meant to be multiple mods, but then I decided to just put it all into one. Some of those ideas include:
    OVEN: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/requests-ideas-for-mods/2779062-oven-a-simple-mod-to-make-minecraft-cooking-much
    and Tinker Tool Making: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding-java-edition/minecraft-mods/requests-ideas-for-mods/2735841-tinker-tool-making
    and I also plan adding even more things.

    Even though you don' have exprerience, you can help just by clicking thumbs up, sharing it or submiting idea.

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    Good morning dear minecrafters!

    Today I want to show you my idea inspired by numerous mods that tried to make minecraft harder. Some, incopatible with other mods some for different versions and some are just not my cup of tea. I decided to collect those ideas, add some of my own and put them together in one giant mod. Enjoy!


    You just spawned in a brand new world. Start is the same, punch some wood and build a shelter. However, some things changed…

    Early game:

    Sawing wooden planks:

    To create wooden planks, you need wooden saw, and wooden saw is made out of wooden planks. That’s why I highly suggest using something like spawn chest where you will find wooden saw, otherwise, the game will be unplayable. If you somehow find wooden planks, you can make wooden saw tool head yourself with 3 wooden planks in shape of triangle and 2 sticks (original recipe). Saw can also be used to for cutting leaves to get more saplings and can be used to get ice. Then just put wooden saw in there with a log and you should get your wooden planks. However when you will find out that you just created lumbers. Creating lumber will give you achievment “Carpenter”. 4 lumbers together will create wooden planks (the block), and sawing lumber will give you 4 sticks (sticks are no more crafted like they used to). Lumbers can be replaced with wooden planks in any recipe except for tools.

    Crafting tools:

    When you create crafting table, you see 2 another inputs next to normal crafting grid. These 2 inputs are used for tools that you are going to need to craft the thing and some additional resources that are not in crafting recipe. Tools are Saw, Hammer, Chisel and Needle. Wooden Hammer like 2 axes agains each other (original recipe), Wooden Chisel is made with 2 sticks in vertical line in middle and 2 wooden planks in corners and Wooden Needle is 1 wooden lumber on top and 2 sticks under it (all original recipes). Crafting tools can be used to craft different things. Saw is used to make lumbers (but you already know that), Chisel is used Chiseled Stone, Stone Slab, Any Stone Bricks except Cracked Stone Bricks and Mossy Stone Bricks, Any Sandstone or Any Block of Quartz. For leather aromor you are going to need Needle and Strings. the amount of string is different for every piece. For leather cap, you need 2 strings, for leather tunic you need 6 strings and for leather pant and leather boots you need 4 strings. You can also make Nails. Wooden Nails are made with 1 stick under 1 lumber. This recipe will result in 2 Wooned Nails. Metal Nails are crafted the same, but lumber is replaced with ingot and stick is replaced with nugget. Carpenter’s Hammer and Nails are used for making furniture. You need 1 nails for Sign, 2 nails for Fences and Fence Gates, 4 nails for Bed, 8 nails for Chest and 10 nails for bookshelf.


    When you kill an animal, instead of dropping it’s belongings it will place there a it’s carcass. Carcasses can be breaked with a knife. Knife is made like sword in diagonal line (original recipe). Chicken Carcass drop 1 raw chicken (cooked chicken if killed with fire), 1 bone and 3 feathers; Cow Carcass drop 5 raw beef (5 steaks if killed with fire), 6 hide and 5 bones; Pig Carcass drop 4 raw pork (4 porkchops if killed with fire), 3 hide and 5 bones; Sheep Carcass drop 3 hide, 2 wool, 3 bones (and 3 raw button if there’s a mod that adds it, if killed with fire it will drop 3 cooked mutton). Destroying carcass with anything else than knife will result in just dropping the block.


    Now, let’s do some drying. That thing that you used to call “leather” is now called hide, and you can’t use it for anything that it was used to. To get leather, you need drying rack. Drying rack is made with 3 sticks in horizontal line. Drying rack can dry 2 things at the same time. Currently drying rack is only used for making leather (and there are no features coming since I have no other ideas). Put skin in one of the inputs and wait. After 1 ingame day the leather will be made and you can use it for whatever you want to. You can also make mud bricks. Mud bricks are crafted with 4 dirts in square. Then simply place undried mud bricks and wait again. After 2 ingame days undried mud bricks will dry and you can use them for building.

    Tool heads:

    Ok, now you have wooden planks, but you still can’t make the tools. You must create a tool head. Tool heads are crafted like normal tools, but without sticks (wooden button is made with lumber). Now when your tool head is completed, just put it in crafting grid with stick and combine them. To make sword you also need leather for the handle.


    If you don’t want to eat raw meat for rest of your life, you need to bread. And if you want bread, you need flour. You will make flour using windmill or waterwheel. First place rotor, and attach 4-8 Sails or Waterwheel Blade to it.Than you connect it with axels and angled gears to millstone. Windmill, Watermill, Axels and Angled Gears are all made in Carpenter’s Table. Carpenter’s Table is made with 7 wooden planks in upside down U shape and Saw as a tool. In Carpenter’s Table, you have multiple techniques. Techniques are: Split, Carve, Drill, Plane, Saw and Join. Put Saw into Saw Slot, pick what you want to do in Plan Selector and then use techniques in right order. Axle requires 2 lumbers, Angled Gears require 4 lumbers, Rotor needs 6 lumbers, Sails require 3 sticks and 2 wool. Millstone is crafted like trapdoor but wooden planks are replaced with cobblestone. Then right click on millstone and GUI should pop up. Put wheat in input and after the millstone will finish grinding flour they will be thrown. Using mods like Hopper Ducts you can build awesome windmill where every floor has it’s own function.

    Cooking and Baking:

    Ok, now when you have flour, and now you can bake! But wait, you can’t cook in furnace and items like bread can’t be made in crafting table. You have to make a Oven. You will use Oven to cook Cake, Cookie, Pumpkin Pie, Bread, Cooked Chicken, Cooked Porkchop, Steak, Cooked Fish, Cooked Salmon and Baked Potato. Oven is crafted just like in “Oven” idea thread. However Oven got some changes. Now instead of crafting inside the Oven you can craft semi-finished products in crafting table and then bake it in Oven just like in furnace. Semi-finished products can be eaten, but they barely fill 1 hunger bar, and unbaked cake can’t be placed. First you craft dough. Dough is crafted with 1 egg, 1 milk and 2 flours. By baking dough you will get bread. Then add cocoa beans to the mixture and you will make cookie dough. Textures of unbaked pumpkin pie and unbaked cake looks like they have molds on them and are also lighter to indicate that they haven’t been modified by heat yet. Unbaked pumpkin pie is crafted like a bowl made of dough and pumpkin in center. Unbaked cake is crafted like bed but wooden planks are replaced with dough and wool is replaced with sugar. Things like meat and fish are cooked just like normaly. You can also boil. Just put Clay Pot in Clay Pot slot. With boiling, you can create sugar from sugar cane (sugar isn’t crafted like it used to be), boiled wheat from wheat (boiled wheat low hunger bar food).

    Making Charcoal:

    Recipe for charcoal was also changed. If you want to make charcoal, first place logs on ground in any pattern you want. Then cover them with any solid block (dirt is a good example). Then light up the logs and cover the last part. After some time, come back, destroy the blocks covering the logs and you will find bunch of layers of Charcoal. Then get it with shovel and that’s all!


    Pottery is very important in this mod. First let’s craft some pottery. Clay bowl is made like normal bowl, but wooden planks are replaced with clay, Clay Jug is made with 4 clay around center of crafting grid, Clay Pot is made like clay bowl with 2 clay in top corners and Clay Vessel is made, well, Link Removed, and Flower Pot is made with 7 clay in U shape (flower pots can’t be made with bricks anymore). Clay Bowl can handle twice as much stew as normal bowl (but you will also need twice as ingredients to make the soup),since there is nothing like thirst in Minecraft (and I don’t plan on adding it) drinking from Clay Jug will give you 1 hunger bar , Clay Pot is used for boiling and Clay Vessel can store 4 items. Why use Vessel than when Chest got way more storage? Well Vessel is like Shulker Box, that means you can also transport items with it, and you can also melt ores in it and then make tools using molds. Basic Mold is made like clay bowl and then 2 clay in down corners. To make Tool Molds try make normal tool head, then fill every place where you shouldn’t place anything, and where actually should place the material leave empty. The empty space should be the place where you will place where the melted metal should go. Then fire them in kiln or furnace. To make Kiln, dig 3x3x3 hole in the ground. Then put 3 Hay Bales at the bottom, then put pottery down by right-clicking in center of cube and place hay bales all around them, and then place wood above. Then just fire it with torch and let it burn. Fired Pottery can be then colored with all 16 glorious sheep colors.

    Mid Game:

    Support Beams:

    When you try mining underground, due to gravity it will most likely crush you between the stones. You can stop them from crushing you with Support Beams. Support Beams are made with 2 logs in vertical line and use saw as a tool. Then build them in upside down U shape, and it should carry the stones. Happy mining!

    Prospector’s Pick:

    If you have trouble finding ores in underground, try using Prospector’s Pick. Prospector’s Pick is crafted like crafting recipe for Pickaxe and Axe combined together (original recipe). Then right click on some block and Prospector’s Pick will scan 25x25x25 area around. Depending on how many ores it will found it will tell: Found nothing of interest. Found traces of, Found a small sample of, Found a medium sample of, Found a large sample of, and Found a very large sample of. Clicking with Prospector’s Pick on Ore Block it will tell Found.

    New Ores:

    There are few new ores that come together with this mod. First, there’s copper. Copper can be usedfor making tools, aromor, anvil and alloys. Then there’s tin. Tin is kinda worthless, since it’s only used for making alloys. Copper and Tin are quite easy to find. There is also Zinc, Bismuth and Nickel. All Zinc, Bismuth and Nickel are only used for alloys. Silver is also added. Silver cannot be used to make Tools, Armor or Anvil.


    If you want to make tools, you need to heat them into workable temperatures. First, you need to make stone pot. Stone pot is crafted like Flower Pot but clay is replaced with stone bricks and clay in middle. Then put bellows next to it (not a necessary but it will keep it warm). You can either just keep clicking on Bellows or connect it to Windmill or Waterwheel. Bellows are made in Carpenter’s Table with 4 lumbers and 3 leather. To activate forge, put some coal (ore coal or charcoal) in Stone Pot. Then put 5 or less ingots on coal and light it up. Ingots closer to center will get warm up faster. Ingots will also appear on the block, so you can see if they are warm or not. As they warm up they will change color from it’s original color to orange, yellow and finally white. Forge will slowly consume the coal, so you better keep adding it. However, if it will rain or snow, the forge will become nothing more than Stone Pot filled with coal and cool ingots.So you have to protect it! You can just put a block above it, but if you like aesthetics, try building a chimney Link Removed.


    Making tools using molds, you can also use Anvil! The very first anvil you will use will be Stone Anvil. To make Stone Anvil simply right-click with Hammer on Stone (not Cobblestone).Then use Stone Anvil to weld 2 ingots and flux to make double ingots. Flux is made by putting Cobblestone into Crafting Table and use Hammer as tool. Anvil can also be made from variety of metals. Anvil is made like the original anvil recipe, but everything is replaced with double ingots. Now when you got updated anvil, let me show you more features. The anvil interface has been completely redesigned. Just like in Carpenter's Table, there are also techniques in Anvil. The techniques are Hit, Light; Hit, Medium; Hit, Hard; Draw; Punch; Bend; Upset and Shrink. Don’t worry you can still rename things, but things made out of metal need to be in working temperamenture. For smithing, you need Hammer, for naming you need chisel and for welding you need flux. Just like in Carpenter’s Table, to smith anything, go to plan selector and use techniques in right order. For renaming and welding you don't need any of the techniques. However, anvil can only make tools of the teir anvil is in. That means you can’t make steel tools in copper anvil.


    Making armor changed as well. To make armor you need metal sheets. Metal sheets are made by smithing double ingots. For making Helmet and Boots you need 1 metal sheet, for making Chestplate and Leggings you need Double Sheet. However, this will only make the first stage of Unfinished armor, you have to keep adding metal sheets to finish the armor.


    Copper is great metal for early game, however, you need to contuinue. So, let’s make some alloys! Find some Kaolinite and Graphite ores and mine them. Then use Kaolinite and Graphite to create Fireclay. Fire clay is made with 1 clay in the center, 4 graphite around the clay and 4 kaolinite in corners. Smelting fire clay in furnace or kiln will end up with Fire Brick. Fire clay is also used to make Crucible which is then used to make alloys. Crucible is crafted with Fire clay in U shape. In order for Crucible to work put it under a forge, which will provide heat for it. To start making alloys, place anything made out of metal in the input slot, wait until it will melt and then pour it inside any mold. To make Bronze, put there 88% - 92% of Copper and 8% - 12% of Tin, to make Bismuth Bronze put there 20% - 30% of Zinc, 50% - 65% of Copper and 10% - 20% of Bismuth and to make Black Bronze put there 50% - 70% of Copper, 10% - 25% of Silver and 10% -25% of Gold. All these alloys can be used for making tools, armor and anvil. Then there are additional alloys, used for making other alloys. Brass is made out of 88% - 92% of Copper and 8% - 12% of Zinc, and Rose Gold is made out of 15% - 30% of Copper and 70% - 85% of Gold.

    End game:


    Coke is very good fuel. It is the only fuel that is able to make steel. So let’s make it! Use 4 fire bricks in a square to make fire brick blocks. Build a coke oven Link Removed. Then, use 8 iron plates in O shape to make Coke Oven Door and Link Removed. Open coke oven door, place coal (not charcoal) into the coke oven, light it with torch, close oven door and wait. After some time, open coke oven door and mine all the coke.


    And the last thing, steel, Steel is used in almost all end game. First, start up by crafting Fire Brick Furnace Chimey Link Removed and Fire Brick Furnace Section Link Removed. Then, build the Blast Furnace Link Removed (except Fire Brick Metal Molds are replace with Pottery one). Then throw in the chimeney 36 coke and 24 iron ore and light it up with torch. After some time the liquid steel will start to pour into the mold. And you got Steel!

    Steel alloys:

    The final alloys are steel alloys. As the name suggest, they are made out of steel, and are used in the end game. Black Steel is made out of 50% - 70% of Steel, 15% - 25% of Nickel and 15% - 25% of Black Bronze, Blue Steel is made out of 50% - 55% of Black Steel, 10% - 15% of Bismuth Bronze, 10% - 15% of Silver and 20% - 25% of Steel and Red Steel is made out of 50% - 55% of Black Bronze, 10% - 15% of Rose Gold, 10% - 15% of Brass and 20% - 25% of Steel.

    Some crafting differences:

    Here are all the differences in crafting that haven’t been mentioned yet. Shears are no longer made in crafting table and instead need to be made in Anvil, and just like Needle they can’t be made using molds. Arrows can still be crafted like you currently do, but if you want a little bit better arrows, smith arrow head and use it instead of the flint. Metal arrows give bigger damage and also get further. Minecart is now made just like before, except iron ingots are replaced with iron plates. Gold and Diamonds can’t be used to make Tools, Armor or Anvil anymore. Flint and Steel can also be made from steel as well as iron.

    NYAQ (You can’t put there FAQ if no one have asked anything http://imgur.com/wJDKigp):

    Q: Which version is it going to be for?

    A: 1.7.10

    Q: Don’t you think 1.7.10 is little outdated?

    A: I have my reasons.

    Q: Will there be 1.10 version?

    .A: (Mysterious voice) Maybe……….

    Q: Where are the early game features (like stone tools and stuff)?

    A: There are multiple more mods that add these things that I think are worth checking out, but if community will really want we could possibly make an add-on for this mod.

    Q: Where are all foods/plants?

    A: I won’t add foods and plants to this mod since I already have idea for my own mods that will add this stuff. Sure it won’t be like in TFC but inspiration will be there.

    Q:Will you add things from addons into this mod?

    A: Most likely yes, but I didn’t got the time to look at any of some addons for TFC, and I don’t even know if Vintagecraft and Geomastery have some addons at all. Maybe we could make a another mod in style of Better With Addons.

    Similiar mods:

    Reasonable Realism by Draco18s - While this mod adds blocks and items from TFC, Reasonable Realism mainly focuses on gameplay.

    Realistic Torches by ChaosTheDude - Adds torches that burn out, similiarly to how torches in TFC work.

    WoodStuff by ganymedes01 - Things from diffirent types of wood have different textures which is another TFC feature.

    I would also suggest playing it with Though as Nails and Better with Mods but I can’t really do that since those mods are for 1.11.

    The team so far:

    Sionw - the man behind the idea

    IvanSteklow - programmer

    Who we need?

    We already have one member in the team, but we need more.

    At least another one programmer

    An artist because I don’t want to steal anyone’s textures.

    Probably a modeler for many machines and animator to animate the models.

    Special Thanks:

    Bioxx - for creating TFC, without it this mod wouldn’t exist

    TyronX - for creating Vintagecraft, a great inspiration for this mod

    Jay Avery - for creating Geomastery which was the last great inspiration

    Minestrappolation Team - for creating (you guesed it) Minestrappolation which was kind of inspiration

    VaporDrive - for creating Magnanimous Tools which gave me idea of making tools out of pieces

    einsteinsci - for creating Better Beginnings which gave me “Oven” idea

    and most importantly You - for supporting this mod

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    posted a message on [1.11.2] Geomastery: A new mod for more difficult, realistic survival mode - now with JEI support!

    May I ask how to get Poles? There's no information I could find about how to get them.

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    posted a message on [1.11.2] Geomastery: A new mod for more difficult, realistic survival mode - now with JEI support!

    I just got idea, what if clay pot was used to make soups. Like Mushroom Stew and Rabbit stew.

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    Quote from stormix890»

    How anout dehydration aspect? It a real life need!

    Though as Nails adds thirst, so you can use that, but it will probably damage the textures.
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    posted a message on [1.11.2] Geomastery: A new mod for more difficult, realistic survival mode - now with JEI support!

    Totaly looks intresting, but is there any documentation or mod showcase out there? Thing on the picture seems cool the wiki doesn't seem to give me enough information for me to understand. Pages like Recipes and Crafting devices were the only pages where I could find help. When you look at wiki of TFC for example (very similiar mod) you see documntation for almost every item. Mods like VintageCraft doesn't have much pages, but atleast they help, and oficial videos from the author and many let's plays and mod showcases out there from many diffirent youtubers make it easier for average players to understand. Maybe if someone would give it a shout-out...

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    posted a message on The Future of Minecraft Modding: The Law of Supply and Demand

    This thing would easily kill all the simple mods. If this would be true, why not just make giant open-source game. I don't think having a minecraft as some kind of "template" is really good idea. Sure, mods like TFC or AoA are cool, but having actual companies like ActiVision or EA working on modpacks seems kinda absurd.

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    posted a message on Tough As Nails - Difficulty through realism. Seasons, thirst, body temperature, and more!

    I want to suggest few features. The first one is the that crops can be only harvested once in year (Wheat and Melon - Summer, Carrots and Potatoes - Spring, Pumpkins - Autumm etc) and can be only planted in specific biomes. Hope you are going to like them.

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    posted a message on Psi backport to 1.7.10 maybe?

    I would like to downgrade some mods myself, but I'm still just aning to Java, so it probably won't be anytime soon. Probably the first mod I'm going to backport is Roots, Roots 2 or Embers, because I want to prove elucent wrong that any of his mods aren't going to be for 1.7.10. He decided to use MIT license, not me, so I can do whatever I want with it.

    There are lot's of mods that may never be downgraded. For example Gany's mods and M&B: Battlegear 2. Gany's Mods are most likely not be updated because Gany's Surface adds MC:PE beetroot,, and having 2 types of Beetroot (one from vannila and one from Gany) would be weird, and if one mod from Gany's mods isn't going to be upgraded, then other mods won't be updated too, and M&B adds 2nd hand, which is also one of the features from 1.9. I actually find it kinda funny and ironic that 1 or 2 people do that 2nd hand thing better than entire company.

    Another mod that is most likely not going to be upgraded is TFC, even if they would skip all the versions after 1.7.10 and start making it for the newest version, by the time they would have it done there will most likely be MC 1.20.

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    posted a message on Repose - Walkable soil slopes. Give your spacebar a break!

    If I can now normally walk on one blok tall soil blocks slopes without jumping, it would make sense that I can now jump on two block tall soil block slopes.

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    posted a message on WoodStuff - Decorative wood blocks compatible with several mods!

    Could you support Tropicraft?

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    posted a message on Ban MCreator mods?

    Ok, sorry for necroposting, I wanted to post my toughts.

    I actually started with MCreator and now I'm learning how to make mods using things like Eclipse and NetBeans. People are evolving.There can be many good MCreator mods. I have seen one really good tech mod made with MCreator but I couldn't rember it's name. Another cool mod made with MCreator is Vegetarian Food (not Vegan Option) which adds some food that you can get without killing animals, and I tottaly think it deserves more attention than it has, unluckily it's creator deleted it. I took the time to look at your mod, and I think it's much worse than one MCreator made. From what you are saying we should ban litteraly everything on this site because it was made by "something". Oh no! I can't use eclipse because it was made by someone other. I have to make my own program. Oh no! I can't Windows because it was made by Microsoft. I have to make my own OS. Oh no! I can't use this computer because it was also made by someone else etc. So please stop. I agree with Sniper_Delta_02 that we should add a whole new tag for MCreator mods.

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    posted a message on [FORGE] TooMuchTime - v2.5.0 - Control over Minecraft's day/night cycle

    Can I ask, how do I make infinite nights?

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    posted a message on The Vegan Option (adds vegan alternatives for all mob/animal products in Minecraft)

    What does that rew ender thing is used for? I coudln't find it on github and/or wiki.Can someone please tell me?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found it.

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