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    An eerie shriek breaks the silence of a thousand dreams as the dirt starts to crumble and shake!
    A hand breaks the surface, grasping in thin air, trying to free the body that has been laying dormant and still for what seems like eons.

    Greetings to anyone still present on this forum!

    I must admit i haven't visited these forums for ages and ages and had long thought that Elme's was long gone and that only the fond memories remained!

    It would seem that i was somewhat right, but also glad to see that i was wrong and that the server until recently actually was still alive!
    When i received a message from Elme about this thread i was very surprised, but also excited. I think there is a part of me that never wants to see the server die and that i somehow think that it will come back in one form of another.

    I am also very glad to see so many familiar names still loyal and fond of the server that so many people spent countless hours on and called their home for so many years!
    This community is the only community that i have had such a close and solid relationship with for such an extended period of time!

    Nate, (the player formerly known as Eggo, as i will from now on still refer to as Eggo!) your memories are a great example of how great the server was and how closely knitted the community was, and in some sense still is.
    I think its amazing to think about that you now are 18 years old and have started on a path that might just have been inspired by our shenanigans on Elmes by studying engineering.
    This for me is the highest reward for being an admin on the server and devoting my time to ensure quality and stability for the players that called Elmes for home.

    Not many players remain from the golde age of pre-alpha and alpha from when Elme first started his server, but the ones that remain are still here because of the great times we had together and the adventures we made.

    I hope that most of you also have fond memories from your time on this amazing server.
    The time we spent together will forever be in my memories and i am thankful for each and every player (even the griefers and trolls) that came by and made it the special place it was!
    I have made some great friends on this server and met people that i came to love and adore for more then just the blocks and TNT!

    SkyCity, Ygdrasil, Wookie city, Parthenon, Bender, the Taj Mahal, Muhas maze, the floating city, the pirate boat, the miles and miles and miles of railways, and all the crazy redstone contraptions....
    The list of amazing builds that have been made (and destroyed) over the years is too long to list here, but some things are still fresh in my mind!
    Raise hands if you can remember the burning of SkyCity....!

    I guess im a bit sentimental when writing this, but that is ok because the time spent and the memories gained and friends made are simply unprecedented and impossible to put a price on!

    So in a sense i am sad to see that the server is going down, but all good things must come to an end!

    The amount of work, time and energy needed to maintain a server can overwhelm anyone and is not to be taken lightly!
    Many people have tried and most have failed one way or another, but we must recognize their attempts and efforts as to not let it all be in vain!

    Even if this server goes down for good this time, i will for ever have my memories and friends from a time when thins were blockier and filled with creepers and wonderful people.
    If by some sort of miracle and the server would get a (small) revamp i would love to come by and witness it and to play a game of nostalgia and sentimentality :)

    Finally, if you are still reading after all that sentimental stuff, i want to extend a personal expression of gratitude to everyone i crossed paths with over the years.
    You made my time on Elmes unforgettable!

    And last but no least i have to extend my greatest thanks and respects to the main man himself, the one and only Elmegaard!
    Your efforts, time and dedication is the foundation of everything and everyone on your server.
    Thanks to you we ha this wonderful time to lock back on and remember with fondness and happiness!
    Thanks for everything buddy, it has been an honor and a privilege to be an admin on your server!


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    Hello people of Elme's... or whats left of you anyways :P

    Progress in restoring the server has halted for reasons still unknown to me.
    The things that need sorting are a bit tricky and needs the right people to be taken care of.

    There has also been some mess with permissions and communications have been affected also.
    It is true that we first had some challenges getting time in between work and school, but those issues should be mostly resolved now.
    However, there is still the issue with summer vacations and thus we still struggle with getting all hands on deck!

    I do hope the right people sees this soon and we can start working on getting the server back on track.
    I am really sorry for the inconvenience this has caused so many of you!

    I also want to thank Sparky for his time and effort he put into the server, his help has been most valuable! :)

    If you have any questions regarding the server or anything else, please send Elme or my self a PM and we will come back to you as soon as possible.
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    Great job Sparky :)
    I have been googling some too and found similar results as you did.

    I think that the server crashing is related to our economy/shop plugins.

    We are in the works now with reinstalling the server, but since every admin except me is busy with schoolwork the progress is kinda slow.
    I hoping to hear from Magicul and Sierra soon :)

    Keep up the good work Sparky, its great to see such devotion to the server :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    Hello everyone :)

    Im checking in here every now and then even thogh i rarely see any MC-action.
    Was looking to join in on the server again, but i cant seem to connect.

    I have been away from the whole Minecraft thing for so long i have lost track on everyhting with the patches and updates and all.
    Is the server still alive with a community or is it more of a random thing ?
    Are you active still with hosting the server Elme ?
    Hit me up on facebook if you need some help or something :)

    Erador: great to see some old names still on here :)
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    A little good news for you folks out there :smile.gif:
    Bukkit has finally released a new build and we are now only waiting for the plugins to update before we can do the same :biggrin.gif:
    Hopefully they do it fast enough before x-mas :smile.gif:


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    Quote from deegroll

    does it have factions sinn ? that would be awesome.

    No it does not have factions and it never will :wink.gif:


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    Welcome to Northern Mining & Beer server (20 slots)

    Welcome to our community,please take a moment to read our server rules

    We are now accepting donations,please follow this link:

    Please remember to add your email to the information so we know who made the donation

    1. Respect the rules
    2. Do not argue with the mods/admins
    3. No stealing what so ever!
    4. Griefers will be banned on sight
    5. Players cannot place water/lava/fire
    6. Players are not allowed to use TNT or water/lava buckets
    7. Flint & Steel (lighters) are not allowed
    8. No verbal abuse / No swearing in chat
    9. English only in the main chat
    10. We reserve the right to kick/ban without warning.
    11. Appeals are made to the person responsible for the kick/ban
    12. Do not advertise other servers ingame or the forum
    13. No sign-griefing!
    14. English only in the main chat,use /msg for other languages

    TeamSpeak 3:

    We are a community of players that enjoy what minecraft has to offer both in the creative aspect but also the friendly aspect.
    The main goal of this server is to present players with a safe and enjoyable place to be creative and have fun.
    It runs a number of plugins that are designed to keep griefers at bay and also to give admins and mods an easier way to combat these threats.

    We also consider this a vanilla/survival server,meaning that every player needs to collect all recourses necessary for survival.
    but we also encourage and help players that are looking for that grand and epic build they have been planning for ages.

    When joining the server for the first time you will be considered a visitor and therefor will have no building rights.
    this is to ensure that we dont get visits from random griefers or other types of unwanted behavior.
    Contact an Admin to get your building rights.

    All players are encouraged to use TeamSpeak 3 as it greatly improves the games playability :smile.gif:



    We have finally upgraded to 1.8 after some discussion.
    Everything is still not at the 100% mark,but we are working towards that goal as fast as time lets us.
    For this purpose we also need testers to try out and tweek plugins to make sure everything is nice and safe for the rest.
    If you are interested in participating in the staff you can PM Sinn_Ah_Taggh about it.
    Only serious applications will be considered,so think twice before applying!


    Final preparations complete and server is now open to the public :smile.gif:
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    Hi boys and girls :biggrin.gif:

    So im finally back home now,and i must say that im kinda bummed out,the vacation was really nice and sorely needed!
    But,now things are soon returning back to normal and there should be some time to game some with you guys :biggrin.gif:

    Ive been reading the forums in secret throughout my vacation and are aware of the flamewar and alot of other unwanted activity on these forums.

    Im not going to be addressing this right now,but i will be typing a post about it and hopefully get a stop to it.

    Annywho,just popping in to tell you guys that your Puppet Master is back and that it is time to polish them strings :wink.gif:

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    New years eve is soon upon us and before we all stuff our faces with food and drink before we go out to blow some **** up, i want to thank everyone who has played with us on the server :smile.gif:

    It has been a wonderful time with highs and lows,but mostly highs!
    We have created a lot of wonderful stuff and structures this year and im hoping to see a lot more in the year to come :smile.gif:

    I also want to send a special thanks to all you griefers,asshats,hackers and general assholes :smile.gif:
    Some of you have been a delight to ban and you also enriched my life by posting stupid **** that i have laughed of :wink.gif:
    You know who you are..!

    So,to every player of Elmegaards server out there, HAPPY NEW YEAR :biggrin.gif:
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    So we did the nuke,and i was MASSIVE :biggrin.gif:
    This picture is only about half the size and if you look very closely you can see two players in there :wink.gif:

    We are now open for business with a new shopping and marked district where players can get their own griefproof lot to build on :smile.gif:

    Contact Elme or me for a lot or get on a list by contacting a MOD.

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