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    The guy in the second pic next to Jeb has a Minecon boner. XD
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    Quote from Luvitus

    Camping is just a fancy name for sniping

    AGREED! BTW I like your avatar. =D
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    I have to say, that's how they play and have fun. It's their way of playing and we should just take into knowledge that the game doesn't care, and it is a strategy. So, all of you haters, just deal with it. We've all camped and WE KNOW IT. Tbh, I camp and rush, whatever I feel is necessary.
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    Listen, you obviously know nothing about the definition of Beta versions of games. It means that the game isn't fully finshed yet, and is being tested. (Beta testing) And the full game will be released on 11/11/11, Notch is only releasing it in parts due to the fact that he chose to let people play it during Beta. And, in order to keep people playing it he must release things. And Pre-Releases are early versions of the actual version. Don't cry to us on how you can't wait for it to be finished. Keep this crap to yourself. You bought the game AS IS, you should be grateful he lets you even play it in Beta.
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    Okay, please do not say bad things about this mod! This is my first mod! I plan on adding much, much more. But, for now, only a few things have been done. Here's a changelog:
    Bettercraft Changes V0.5:
    Redstone now drops 6 units per ore.
    Made Chainmail craftable.
    Made all tools last longer.
    Bettercraft Changes V0.4:
    Lapis now drops 6 units per ore.
    Obsidian, and Redstone mines faster.
    Glowstone now drops 1 Glowstone Block.
    Mobspawners now break faster.
    Added Modloader compatibility.
    There's the changelog. I would add screenshots, but there's really nothing to take screenshots of, Lol.
    Anyway, here's the classes you put into the minecraft .jar. You don't need ML atm, but add it anyway!
    You can get ML from Risugami's post here. And as for my mod, you can get it here.
    DO ME, AND YOU A FAVOR BY BACKING UP YOUR SAVES AND BIN FOLDERS!To craft Chainmail, all you gotta do is make armor out of lava buckets.
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